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"There are brilliant insights...  Even one of them could dramatically change your life."   Deepak Chopra, M.D.

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New book from Greg Goode and Tomas Sander: Emptiness and Joyful Freedom. E-book edition now available click here for excerpts, review by Scott Kiloby, and ordering info.

Natural Rest for Addiction

is Scott’s new book on recovery from addiction. 

The book is full of instructions on how to rest as non-dual presence in each moment and let all thoughts, emotions and sensations be as they are. 

This simple resting is a powerful way to dissolve addiction as it arises (including addiction to spiritual seeking itself).

In the book, Scott also explains how the Living Inquiries apply to addiction. 

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Fred Davis

The Book of Undoing: Direct Pointing to Nondual Awareness, by Fred Davis, encourages immediate recognition of our shared true nature. It is an experiential journey, wherein the reader follows a mock client's Direct Pointing session with the author. These sessions have helped people around the world come to Nondual realization. It's suggested that the reader actively participate in the question and answer sessions which form the bulk of the book. Fred extends the invitation for you to awaken right here, right now. It's Here or nowhere. It's Now or never.

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Non-Duality and the Twelve Steps

Beyond Recovery is a “bridge book” for those of us who’ve found ourselves seeking a deeper level of spirituality. We may be recovering from addiction, our war with life, or both. One way or another, we’ve come to notice that the spiritual viewpoints from which we’ve been operating are not taking us where we intuitively feel we are being drawn. We know we need “something else,” but we’re not sure what, why, or how. Beyond Recovery will help to answer all of those questions, and then suggest many more.
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by Jackson Peterson

"...a transformative journey that conclusively reveals one's own "enlightened self-nature" directly, leaving no room for doubt or uncertainty. For those who are serious about self-realization, this book offers explanations, insights and practical methods that can easily be applied without prior knowledge or experience with meditation or Eastern practices."

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The author has spent over forty-seven years in pursuit of the wisdom teachings that can bring about enlightenment and liberation from personal suffering. As a result his travels to meet actual masters who were themselves accomplished in this path, took him to India, China, Nepal, Japan, Korea, Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. This book represents the essence of those teachings yet are presented in a completely generic and unique approach that anyone can benefit from.

  "1000" by Ramaji...
you will never look at enlightenment and the spiritual path in the same way again!
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I call Jerry the forefather of modern, internet nonduality. ... Your book gave me context to know that this is a truth that's been around a long time and somewhat of a basis of major religions, which helped me to relax into the inquiry a little bit more, because the mind in the beginning was resisting figuring what is this all about: Where is it coming from? Will I go insane? Will I die? -Scott Kiloby

This is without doubt the finest collection of Nonduality-flavored writings available today.
-Jeff Foster

To bring [nonduality] down to public consciousness is in many ways an absolute gift. Thanks for writing ONE. ... Thanks for opening my eyes to nonduality ... We hope to talk to you again. --Rollye James, Coast to Coast AM

A very readable overview. True freedom arises through the discovery that separation is an illusion and that everything is, quintessentially, only One. This book can be an opening. Very well done and highly recommended. -Chuck Hillig

ONE is a clear and concise guide to the most universal truth of all: that the world between our ears that we call "me, myself, and my story" does not actually exist. When we see this, when we actually realize our true, nondual nature, conflict and suffering leaves us, and peace and joy prevail. -Jim Dreaver

"Shows beautifully how ... ancient traditions have pointed RIGHT HERE." -Greg Goode

Clearly written, highly accessible, and extraordinarily insightful. -James Braha

Jerry Katz had me from the first sentence. -Alice A. Chestnut

I am grateful for words which help me remember what we all are. -Jemille Hardy, M.D.

An "I can't put it down" book that is the best single collection dealing with Nonduality that I have ever found. -Bob Rose

Beautifully written, well crafted, literary experience. -Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

A major step in increasing our understanding of Nonduality. -Gary Crowley

a fine work, comprehensive and well presented. It is both an excellent introduction to Nonduality and a useful reference. -Alan Mann, The Nowletter,

Katz has brilliantly drawn on lively passages from major traditions such as Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. This unique selection of writings paints a vivid picture of nonduality for the reader; bringing an ancient philosophy into the modern world with striking relevance. A fascinating read from beginning to end and every step along the way. -A.Walker

The book is dedicated "to everyone I ever met on the Internet", and as one of those people, I reply with a bow and a Namaste...for you have enriched my life. -David Hodges

I love the title and the simplicity of the book's design. The simplicity extends itself throughout the text. -Vicki Woodyard

You will find a ‘language of the spirit’ which points beyond language itself, which points to the deep heart of all understanding - deep in the realisation of ‘ONE’. -Roy Whenary

Yours is a great book, and your commenting shows great sensitivity. Your presentation of the material goes straight to the heart of the matter. I especially loved the texts by Dattatreya and Ibn Arabi, but also appreciated the part on psychotherapy, on how it could be impacted by the notion of non-dual truth. This book stands out as an introduction, and furthermore serves to remind, in so many ways, how all ideas about 'One' are barriers to its recognition. Nathan Spoon

This book is in a class of its own as the clearest and most helpful introduction to nonduality. -Orva Schrock

The e-Books of Colin Drake

Beyond the Separate Self
A Light Unto Your Self
Awakening and Beyond

"If the world of nondual spirituality ever seems muddy to you, take a swim in the crystal clear waters of Lake Colin Drake. I love Colin's work." -Jerry Katz

Thanks, Colin for another fine dissertation……you are speaking the unspeakable clearer and clearer.- Paul Bedson.

Superb article. Fantastically well put. So simple any 'one' could get it! – Piers Mooreede

This clear recognition was brought about by a particularly radiant pointing by Colin Drake - Hanumandass

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*By "independent nonduality site" I mean that it was not founded in the name of any nondual sage or specific tradition. The site (now defunct) was founded in 1992 and was dedicated to Ramana Maharshi. I felt that there was a great power to the people in not dedicating such a site to anyone at all. (Okay, I dedicated it to my late wife Dolores, but such an acknowledgement doesn't oversee or anchor the vision or content in any way. Dolores persistently predicted my public involvement with the teachings of nonduality even when I would all the while deny the possiblity of it happening.) 

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