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every once in a while I would send him a note about the continued evolution of the Self-abiding experience, and he would always respond with a blessing and to always abide in the non-dual Truth


by Pieter Schoonheim Samara

I was noticing in Jerry's list of non-dual advocates that the name of Yogi Bhajan is missing. While many may have interesting words regarding their experience or idea of what non-dual means, few can provide a means through which the body mind can become adequately purified to recognize their inherent non-dual link or substratum.

There are also not too many where when you meet with or happen to see the advocate you are caught into an upward rushing streaming or polarized pillar of live light that disengages your thoughts from the content of consciousness, leaving you in an unparalleled non-dual nirvakalpic consciousness (as happened to me a few times, in recent years, when I happened to glance at a video image of Yogi Bhajan).

It's clear that the 10 Sikh Sat Gurus and 11th eternal Guru Granth Sahib is all about the non-dual reality of the Sat Nam, and that Yogi Bhajan emanates the living essence of That - Siri Wha Guru.

In chapter 26 of the Ribhu Gita, verse 43 Ribhu states: "The endless textbooks of spiritual instruction have already prescribed meditation for attaining purity of mind. In order that those who have become pure in mind may easily attain liberation and, realizing that they are absolute and boundless Bliss, remain still like a stone in the undifferentiated and all-comprehensive Supreme Formless God, the nature of this immaculate state has been expounded by me."

Providing a means (of a very scientific and all encompassing Yoga) and framework (Satsangat) through which this purity can be realized and the Non-Dual Truth recognized, without imposing himself as a Sat Guru, but always to emphasize that this is one's own inherent birthright and Truth is what Yogi Bhajan has been teaching since arriving in the US back in 1969.

Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Puri Yogi.

My own view on this is that, back in the late 60's and early 70's when I was practicing Raja Yoga in Monasteries, which I learned from Baba Ram Dass, and having many psychic and superconscious experiences, with very little guidance, apart from books (Upanishads, Bible, the life of Milarepa, Vivekananda's Raja Yoga and others), several momentous circumstances brought me to Yogi Bhajan. After he explained what was happening and what to do next I went off to a small village in France to practice again for many more months, after which, upon happening upon and reading about the Life and Path of Ramana Maharshi, the Hrdayam opening and began to radiate and the Atma/Para nadi began to pulsate "I" and "I" outshining the body/mind.

Of all the numerous people I would turn to to ask what was happening and what to do next at each stage, especially the dramatic revolution in consciousness when the attention to the mind was severed from the "I" and Hrdayam and Atma nadi began to radiate and pulsate, Yogi Bhajan was the only one that completely understood what I was talking out, had very clear explanations of what was happening and gave very clear direction, guidance and instruction.

What I discovered was that, even though Yogi Bhajan doesn't overtly represent himself as a Guru, he may be the only person I have met that is a True Guru in every sense of the word, or someone that is there for you and with you at every stage, and as you progress from an earnest seeker without a clue to a very evolved being abiding in the Truth, at every turn of the Path, when you're not quite sure what is next, he is there to welcome you and to guide your way on.

On the one side there is this complete knowledge and fearlessness and on the other the permeation of absolute humility, caring and patience. Neither does he flaunt his state or raise himself above others, nor does he allow the people around him to promote anything but the most practical aspects of the instruction, practices and guidance.

As time passed, even when I was not in contact with him for many years, every once in a while I would send him a note about the continued evolution of the Self-abiding experience, and he would always respond with a blessing and to always abide in the non-dual Truth.

Interesting that his early yoga classes always ended with singing a refrain from the Electric String Band: "May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you. May the pure light within you guide your way on. Guide your way on." Then a long "Sat Nam" From the reminiscence above, one might get the idea that Yogi Bhajan is the "Long Time Sun"

Even though my own mind pulsates with the radical rejection of all images, here is an image that seems to prevail even in the outshining light.


I don't know if there is a student teacher relationship, but for whatever reason, he has always been willing to freely guide me along and continue to be supportive. I would take what I needed from time to time and go off to work on that.

We can read a lot and practice what we understand from the teachings of Saints and Saviors, but some transformation has to emerge out of the dross in the heart. The realization has to awaken from within.

It's like climbing a mountain where you don't really know the path and you cannot see the top through the haze, and yet you hear that there are others that have made it to the top and you have some instruction to guide your way, tools and methods of discerning the path.

You start off on your own, as we all do, and then as we ascend we happen to meet guides along the way.

It may be that you will not be prepared to hear the message from just one teacher and may need to have someone else provide the direction you can hear, but in my case, when significant realizations occurred, leaving the question "what now?" I discovered that Yogi Bhajan was always there waiting with the answer and encouragement.

The amazing thing is to discover that all along the Path, however high and steep - you traverse a stretch where you can hardly see or breath through the brightness and pureness of the atmosphere, then you emerge and see that the one, just waiting there for you, to greet you and encourage you on, is always Yogi Bhajan.

Sort of unobtrusively there to say, "Ah, here you are, glad to see you, 'Keep UP!' follow this way up - and - see you when you get there."

Abiding as the Singularity of one's own Self, the identity of the "I" to the objects seen dissolves and the mind is outshined, the atoms of the body seem to disengage and, a one's corporal substance seems to fade, one abides as spirit and light, yet a prevailing image remains to give encouragement from time to time.

I remember him, and he seems not to forget me.

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