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Nonduality Salon (/ \)

double edged sword

"The real 'I' casts off the illusion of the false 'I'
and yet remains as the only 'I'.
Such is the paradox of Self Realization"

Sri Ramana Maharshi

urge to enlightenment
double edged sword
how does an ego get rid of itself?
imperative, yet impossible
like slaying an apparition
it only seems gruesome
before you actually do it
cut through the illusion

slay the one who wants enlightenment

the plain truth is
edges don't exist


gives a damn


I am

whoever thought of the concepts
"i" and "that"
de-serves what it takes to get rid of them

it's just a crying shame
to put something
so vast
so ubiquitous
so eternal
into a skin and call it "me"

we've read all the sacred books about
getting rid of the ego
but maybe they meant some other ego
there must be a way to lobby and overthrow
that silly rule
whether suffering pushes
ecstasy pulls
there is no way around it
i must go through it
like being eight and a half months pregnant
or death


your own sharp mind
is the sword that cuts
through the illusion
and in the process

destroys itself

we can never know the magnificent truth of who we really are
while taking for granted that we are a
we don't like words like "
destroy" or "slay"
in reference to our
own some body

perhaps we feel more comfortable with words like
or "vaporize"
how about "
make obsolete through non-use"?

the wonderful thing is
clearly seen
the ego is
in the manner of
never having been there!

without the slightest trace of definition




i alone exist i alone exist

I am 



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