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issue number two - October, 2000

Nonduality Salon Magazine



by Jerry Katz

This second issue of NDS Magazine is intended to reflect the diversity and sense of freedom of NDS website and email list.

Noticeably absent is the very lengthy discussion on the experience of being German and dealing with national shame, which was held on the NDS email list. I had intended to include a selection of posts on the subject, however there were nearly a thousand from which to choose. The topic requires a magazine issue unto itself, and even that will not capture the experience as it unfolded on the list. A person had to 'be there'.

Still, there were scores of powerful and superb posts on the German subject. Many outstanding writers came forth. The next issue of NDS Magazine will pay tribute to the subject and the contributors. I ask for people's patience as I go about trying to include all the worthy writers.

Everyone is invited to join the Nonduality Salon Email List. It offers an ever-changing and challenging environment.

Thanks for being here.