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issue number two - October, 2000

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by M

We should always try and understand that all religious models are of the body of Lord Shiva and not only should we tolerate them, but see Shiva in all of them, in all things...even if
these religious bodies are dualistic and preach a contracted view...even this limited understanding possessed by them is by Lord Shiva's grace is by the Supreme Will that the various levels of understanding exist...He alone measures the level of understanding or of ignorance. The experience of life, and inner realization, is in gradations, and we should appreciate this in the various religious bodies. For myself, I hold the view that Kashmir Shaivism is a lofty and sublime road...however, there is no need to convert the world...each religion serves its own purpose and serves the Lord to His Will. This is true understanding. This is the difference between a religion that thinks it is supreme and one that is...the supreme master of the lofty path knows that in school the 10th grader does not make fun of the 2nd grader for being a second grader, nor does he consider all other grades that are not like the 10th grade to be false and no, the master of the lofty path knows that Truth permeates all spiritual paths as their foundation, and rejoices with all people and all paths, and gladly shows others his path that are truly interested.

M moderates the Bhairava list.