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Nonduality Salon (/ \)

issue number two - October, 2000

Nonduality Salon Magazine



by Michael Read

Embryo Flavors

The play of the I AM is often bittersweet.

Who is rescuing the lost, I AM.
Who is destroying the innocent, I AM.

Who is the addict with the needle in her arm, I AM.
Who is dispensing insulin, I AM.

Who is the hero of the day, I AM.
Who is the weak-kneed coward, I AM.

Where is the abject fear, in the I AM.
Where is the peace if mind, in the I AM.

All acceptance of the I AM is the I AM.
All rejection of the I AM is the I AM.

Who answers the questions of life, the I AM.
Who knows nothing, nothing at all, the I AM.

The sins of our fathers/mothers are not our sins. Their deeds are not our deeds. Yet we are affected most deeply by those sins and deeds.

To offer a personal perspective on this, I offer my own life. Raised by an abusive Mother and an absent (non-support paying) Father life was extremely frightening and at times hideous for my siblings and I.

When I became a father (two beautiful and now grown daughters) I vowed to break the chain of abuse and neglect. This I did with determination a supportive wife and therapy.

Last year my sister, brothers and I were there when Mother died. During that time we had many close and heartfelt talks about the way we were treated as children. My siblings asked why we had to live like that with a mother like that. (No, you don't get the details - just take my word for it - it was very bad.)

When I opened my heart and looked inside for the answer the others were asking, this came out. "We would not be the strange, beautiful and wonderful people we are today if we had any other person for our Mother."

My dear German Sisters and Brothers, you would not be the strange, beautiful and wonderful people you are today had you been born in another land. (You would have been some other kind of strange, beautiful and wonderful people!) :-)))

I love you without question, without end. Now, I offer this. Love your parents and grandparents. They were/are only playing out the roles given by God. They are the catalyst for your being.

And for cryin out loud! Drop all that shame as soon as possible! It's quite as unbecoming as a booger on your finger! heeheehee

On another topic - USA's shame for Vietnam. When our fighting forces came home from WW's I and II they were treated like heroes. When our people came back from SE Asia they were totally ignored.

We had not only lost the war, we had murdered women and children in the process. All because we feared communism! While it is/was legal to be a member of the communist party, this country felt it had the 'moral imperative' to stop communism in other countries.

We also have the burden of 400 years of slavery. This has caused such a deep wound on the American psyche that it is only now beginning to heal.

All over the world (and on other planets as well) this is the eternal
script. To grow from barbarism to awaken to the infinite beauty of the universe.

I for one am so happy that the Universe never tires of the play.

In that moment of total concentration
Performing that action without thought
Mind body energy melded as a seamless whole
There is a taste of transcendence

Dream becomes reality
Reality becomes dream

Thunder is the gateway to silence
Silence is the gateway to ....

Who am i?
I am god. No, really.

I just appear to be a fifty year old male of anglo saxon descent. I just happen to appear about 6 feet tall, 195 pounds, blue eyed, brown hair and so forth. But i really am god. No kidding.

Don't ask me for any big miracles. Don't even think about it. I don't do any big miracles. If you want wine, buy some. If you're dead, get buried. I have done those things and more. But that was other times, other needs. Besides, raise one person from the dead and you get a name and it doesn't matter 'cause the person is still going to die sooner or later. Feh.

If you want little miracles ok. Just smile. Just be kind. Just learn how to change a diaper full of diahrea! Help out a stranger. Give without asking for a reward. Volunteer for something.

So why did i come here as this person? I wanted to! I also came here as you and you and you and you and you ..... and you and you. Whether i believe me on this point or not doesn't matter. Nope, not at all.

Now i look around and everything and everyone i see is me. But i do not expect anyone to believe me. Most of me is not aware that i am me. And you know what? That is just the way i like it!

Every once in a while i wake one of me up just to take a look around. This is a damn fine cool place. Glad i made it! Heck, i am glad that I AM it!

Now you may be asking why i made this place and what the meaning of it all is. The short answer is - because i could and it means what it means - it just is!

There is more to this than i am going to tell you. But i will say this about that. There is nothing you can do to wake up. It's just something i do to me for random kicks. So, if you know you are me, enjoy! If you do not know you are me, enjoy!


Do not look directly at me.
You will not see me,
Only my appearance will be there.

Look out of the corner of your eye.
Where sight is not possible,
I am there shining like the sun!

Step outside of yourself to see yourself.
What you see is only a shell,
The illusion is itself perfection.

Rise far far above the earth.
Glancing down you see a mere speck,
Gazing about see your true self in all its glory!

Shall we dance?

Woof woof woof and whine!
What's that Lassie? Timmy fell in the well?

Woof bark woof woof and whine!
Oh! Too many nds'rs keep trying to figure it out
with their minds! Hardeharhar! Fetch me a beer girl.

Woof! (Get it yourself Nothing Boy!)

Growl bark! (I AM THAT)

Michael Read is active on HarshaSatsangh and Nonduality Salon email lists.