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Nonduality Salon (/ \)

issue number two - October, 2000

Nonduality Salon Magazine



by Tim Gerchmez

Kickin' back,
Chillin' out...
Done lived 500 years
In the past 36.

Done some shit folks wouldn't believe.
Seen some thangs blow yo' eyeballs out.
Done been homeless,
Doin up them drugs, even
that rock cocaine.
That shit sometime'
make you crazy fo' a few days
after y'all done smokin it.
It don' matter here none.
It's all good.

There ain't no word 'problem' in my vocabulary.
I could have a good time in a jail cell.
Let them po-lice come an' get me.
Lock my ass up in a closet
See, I STILL be chillin'.
Y'all may think I crazy
But I ain't motherfuckin crazy.
Unless y'all wanna call it sane crazy.

It don't matter where I am
What I'm doin'
Who I'm wit'

Done chillin' out.
It's all good.
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere baby.

Even when things be goin' bad,
It's all good.
People done pay too much attention
to THANGS an' all that shit.

Things come, things go.
It's all good.
Who da hell too stupid to see dat shit?

Sometime I kick back
and close my eyes
The world be gone.
Done gone.
Never was no world, really.
If I want som' world, I just
done open my eyes again.
So who give a fuck?
Y'all feelin crazy,
Jus' shut yo eyes.

People runnin' aroun' like chickens
wid their heads cut off...
That's all good too.
Everyone be at where they at.

Y'all be askin' me,
I don' give no good goddamn
Cuz I just passin thru.

See, shit done may go down
Shit ALWAYS be goin' down
Even wid' them clean cut
tie-boy motherfuckers.
But shit don' mean shit.
People be too tied up
wid' all dat bullshit,
Y'all know what I mean?

Jus' passin thru this world.
Thangs be comin an' goin.
Bad, good, what dat mean?
Dem words don' make no sense.
Fuck all y'all, I be chillin.
Y'all don' hang wid' dat,
Then y'all ain't my peoples.
Some folk jus' too dumb
But that all good too
Cuz most folks done wise up
one way or the other.

Passin' thru this world,
Enjoyin' the ride...
What else y'all askin fo'?
See, it's them motherfuckers
think they be deservin' mo' than that
They the ones done be fucked up.

Y'all listen up now.
Nothin' last but a second.
It come, it gonna be gone right quick.
I's all good, even the bad shit be good.
I's all goin' change in five minutes.
Y'all think dat shit you plannin this mornin
REALLY goin' go down the way you thinkin?
Y'all better wise up.
Y'all think about chillin'
Cuz even when you trippin, you chillin.
Y'all just don' know it.
Dat's the kind of shit you learn
when your body be 36
But you done lived 500 years.

So if you trippin, that all good.
Cuz y'all really chillin but for
some reason you done think you trippin'.
Open yo motherfuckin eyes!

Peace.... OUT

"When comes that great lovely cessation of all thought, only pure being remains, beyond all specifics, peace beyond understanding."

Tim's website is


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