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issue number two - October, 2000

Nonduality Salon Magazine



by Yogajyotrii

[email protected] (Bodhisattva)

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

May I offer that it is good that one forgets how to walk the ways of one's conditioned thinking and behavior, but why *imitate* anything ? Granted, the novice Seeking Insights to *follow* tends to Imitate some Wise Sage or Teacher *thinking* that perhaps the *doing as another does* IS somehow Awakening. But we find that *imitate* is simply short for *imitation* and so no Awakening is forthcoming. We most often attribute this lack of Awakening to the fact that the one we imitated was not the Sage we thought they were. And so in our disenchanted confusion we look elsewhere for another to *follow* and to *imitate* in our never ending search for The Guru. But alas, though we may make up ourselves to look like a duck and waddle like a duck and even make sounds that ducks make, we can not be a duck. We can only BE who we really ARE. And how could WE be who WE are if we are only imitating another ? Are we not simply trying to change one belief system for another ? Though we Realize this shortcoming, this should not Blind us from Recognizing the Insights offered by the one we tried to imitate and become disenchanted by it getting us nowhere. Insights are Insights, regardless of where they are Realized or who offers them.

May I offer that there is no choice between "devotion" and "knowledge", for they are but two pieces of cloth cut from the same bolt. For in essence we only *devote* ourselves to what we *know*. And to what we *know* and not Awakening. Awakening is what we Know-Not. Awakening is the Realization of What-IS, AS it IS, from Moment to Moment -- and this can not be *known*, but rather Directly Experienced at that very instant Moment. It is in the Emptying of the Vessel of what is conditioned as known so that we can be filled with whatever Insights a given Moment holds. If we do not project what we *think* or *know* into any given experience, we can experience whatever IS. Devotion lends to *practice*, and *practice* is but a preliminary to Action. Yet if we cling to the practice or the devotion, we stifle our Action for we never make it past the preliminaries. Practice and devotion and knowledge are marvelous resources to use in our Awakening, but it is not our Awakening. Too many become so obsessed with the practice that they miss What-IS in the Direct Experience of the Moment. Or they mistake the practice for the Awakening. An example of point is Ananda, Siddhartha's brother, who was with Siddhartha for some time and even with him during his physical death, yet did not attain Awakening until latter when no longer with Siddhartha. The same can be said of a number of the disciples of Jesus. We do not Awaken through osmosis, we Awaken through Openly and Honestly Looking at ourselves IN the Mirror of Truth and discarding our conditionings.

Ah yes, conditioned thinking at it's finest. Though personal contact with one who IS Awakening is of paramount value, it is not the most necessary element in our Awakening. Neither the Scriptures nor Wise Sages nor Gurus can be much more than Pointers for others. No one Saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may, others can point to the Path, but we ourselves must Walk the Way.

And what is Brahman if not our own Inner Divine Nature. Indeed, Awakening our Inner Divine Nature IS the Guru of Gurus. Real Gurus, that is. The Gita, as well as most world Scriptures, tell us to Dwell IN the Source. And where is the Source but Within. The bottom line is that our greatest Guru is Within. Others such as Siddhartha and Jesus as well as many others have said that we must be lamps unto ourselves. But being "a lamp unto thyself" comes with a *qualifier*. Before we can Dwell IN the Silence of the Moment we must discard all Veils that block our Awakening. Jesus called them "influences" and Siddhartha called them "causes" and others called them "social mental contents", and what these people were talking about was none other than our conditioned thinking and behavior. We can not Dwell IN the Source, we can not Realize Brahman or Divine Nature as Guru, if we are encumbered with these conditionings. If we do try to be Gurus to ourselves and yet still conditioned, we will merely reinforce our own conditionings. This is not Awakening, but rather convincing ourselves that we are while still Sleeping.

God is not outside you. For what we Seek, will always elude us. For what we look for, we will never See. All Awakening is the Realization of Truth Within. No matter where you go, there you are. So I offer to look or go no further than where you ARE right NOW this very instant present Moment. For this is where you will Realize Brahman, god, Guru. May I also offer that that fleeting glimpse was perhaps your own projection of a preconceived notion of what you wanted to glimpse. If we discard the conditionings and Dwell Within IN the Moment, Moment to Moment, the *glimpse* will be Eternity.

Return to where ? Return to what ? It is good to know where we have been, and good to know where we are going, but Reality rests in neither the past nor the future. There is but one Moment of Reality, and that Moment is this very present instant Moment carried on IN the next Moment, Moment to Moment, establishing Reality as a continuous Realization of What-IS. Again, I bid you look not further than where you ARE.

Nothing mysterious or esoteric about this. If we can start to recognize our conditioned notions we will be aware enough to contrive ways to discard them. For once recognized for the control and manipulation we Suffer as a result of clinging to these conditioned notions we reject them almost immediately. It is almost an autonomic response to the recognition. As more of a general rule, it is all about Observation. Observe our activities, or thoughts our reactions and responses. Observe these as and before we do them and what as well as how we are programmed to think and interact the way we do. When we Observe any conditioned notion that has been *installed*, with that program there will also be an *un-install* feature. Some are quite easy to get rid of, others are to dear to us and it will take more effort to *let them go*.

I always suggest that people study conditioning and behavior modification, their techniques and practices, AND how this vast field can be applied to each of us and in a global sense to humanity as a whole. Most everyone has ran across the study of how Pavlov was able to make a dog salivate without having any food present, but few have ran across how it came to pass that we react in predictable ways to particular stimuli. Much conditioning is quite overt (monkey see, monkey do), but there is much that is quite sneaky and subliminal (so much harder to recognize).

It has been said, figuratively of course, that on one shoulder sits an Angel and on the other shoulder sits a Devil -- could it be the illusion most call *conscience* that urges us to play a conditioned judgement game of what is *good and bad* ? The "trickster in motion" indeed my Friend, for IN Awakening there is no *good and bad* but rather whatever the Direct Experience IN the Moment IS. When there is no more memory of what is good and what is bad, when there is no projecting of our likes and dislikes into/onto What-IS IN the Moment, when we respond IN Compassion rather than react in opposition, THEN there is Love. The Compassionate offering of Help due to the Recognition of Sleep IS Love.

When there is separation, there is separation, and perception has very little to do with it -- unless one is Sleeping, of course. Then it would have everything to do with it. Awakening, perception and/or perspective and/or interpretation is seen as the Masks of the Grand Trickster and has little use in offerings of Compassion and Empathy for the plight of those struggling to begin their Awakening. Indeed, we must usually *read between the lines* and not focus our True Attention on the words spoken. For to focus on each word is to distract us from Realizing that which is behind or beyond mere language. So I would not be correcting choice of words or grammatical structure, this, as you said, would be of little concern when the Intention is Communication. Statements or offerings from here are but Pointers, and it is hoped that one would focus one's attention on where the finger Points and not on the finger itself. If we Point our finger toward the heavens, and we gaze in that direction, we can See the Wonders of Life unfold before us. But if instead, when we Point toward the heavens, and we focus on our finger, we see nothing but the finger.

Is not our whole life "personal experience" ? Some helpful and some not so helpful, some useful and some not so useful, but all are our personal experiences. For one writing his own biography would require dwelling in the past, and fooling oneself that the past is somehow as much a Reality as this very present instant Moment. Mentally constructing the past which is not Real, convincing oneself that it is Real, *believing* that such a construct is not an illusion of the conditioned mind, would, it would seem, be quite cumbersome. May I offer that the simple IS or IS-NOT is taxing enough. The past is but real only in our minds, so IN the Moment there is no past as there is no future, there is only the Moment from Moment to Moment. What has been Unfolding in the past has indeed established the Reality of this Moment, but there is but One Reality and that Reality IS right NOW. So it is only NOW that we can relate Realizations and Recognitions, and we can only relate the Realizations and Recognitions that we Directly Experience NOW. All else is but an Illusion of the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind.

The Wise Awakening Sage would identify with nothing -- not Source, not God, not ground of Being, not personal experiences or research, not anything, save the Reality of What-IS IN the Moment, Moment to Moment. That is, the Wise Awakening Sage would simply BE, projecting nothing into/onto the Direct Experience IN the Moment. There is no security to this, but rather that it simply IS, as they simply ARE.

The foundation of Passion is not nuclear (physical) Dear Friend. The foundation of Passion is a State of BEing or even a State of Mind. It is our Drive to Embrace What-IS, our Will to Embrace What-IS, Embrace Truth, Embrace Reality, Embrace our Awakening, Embrace Life, and to Embrace ourselves. THAT is Passion. We seem to direct it toward some physical realm object or idea or image or meaning, but we lose the Inner Acceleration or True Passion. We lose the Passion that Jesus spoke of. Sleeping people speak of passion in terms of lust, and this is why they do not understand Inner Passion to Embrace our Divine Nature of Awakening. Once this Inner Passion is Embraced it spills over into every aspect of our lives, in everything we do or say. And leads to much confusion for the Sleeping. They do not understand this, so it is up to us to understand that they can not understand this and simply BE ourselves and *show* them rather than concentrate on *telling* them what we mean. Family member or not, friend or not, loved one or not, if they refuse to fathom True Passion we must simply let them BE as we want them to let us BE. Perhaps one day they will Wake-Up. It is not our responsibility to Wake them Up for they themselves must Walk the Way, we can only be Pointers to the Path.

YOUR story is YOUR story. Do not defame others in it's telling, but it is YOU expressing YOU. YOU are YOU. THEY are THEM. Passion is not about *what was* or even *what will be*, but rather *What-IS* right NOW this very instant present Moment. And it is so, Moment to Moment. They dwell in the past and so they are strangers to you Dear Friend, for YOU must Dwell IN the present. The past is not Real for it is done and gone, as the future is not Real for it is not yet. Ah but the present is What-IS, and so the only Reality that we have at our disposal. If they do not dwell with you in the present, they are strangers not only to you but also to Reality. You are not obligated to dwell in their past, for it is your obligation to maintain dwelling in the present. If they are unwilling to dwell where you ARE, smile and bid them to return when they are willing to. It is their game Dear Friend, and you only feed it by reacting to it. React not, stay in the present. When they give a war, do not go. Would there then still be a war ? If so, they will only have themselves to war with.

Remain steadfast IN the present and do not be shaken to react to a past that is not Real. A mere Illusion of memory, which is not Real nor can be True. When they play their game, treat it as such -- a game. That you can not play because the rules are their rules that are founded on Illusion. You do not understand Illusion for you do not dwell in Illusion. You dwell in the present. Illusion is not Real, and you can only understand what is Real. Smile and bid them to return when they would like to dwell *with you* in the Real present. It has been said to "be in the world but do not be of the world".

Sword of Truth

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"Let There Be Light -- Always in All Ways"

reprinted with permission


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