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issue number one - September, 2000

Nonduality Salon Magazine


A Walk Down Nonduality Street

David Hodges
selections from his daily journal

Tuesday, August 29th, 2000

11:31 pm Today's Top Five List

1 . Moving Robin into her dorm. It was nice to see her after a week and a half. We met at my place and packed up her stereo and computer. She had already packed her fall clothes, books, and things. We drove over to the dorm on the other side of town. There were students with their parents everywhere, carrying boxes and suitcases and stuff. We met Robin's new roommate who seemed like a decent, friendly girl, and I set up her computer. Robin seemed happy and I didn't feel at all sad leaving her
there since she is just 10 minutes away and I expect to see a lot of her during the coming year.

2 . Yoga Class:
3 1/2 hours during which I drank over a liter of water. We worked on ankle/foot alignment a lot in the various postures. I got really good help in triangle pose and learned the inner visualization that helps with the twist. Basically, I learned from one of my classmates to see it as a spiral starting in the root of the spine and twisting up through the abdominal cavity to the neck. By entering into that spiral the twist lengthens and extends. We also did handstands. Like most in the class I still need help with these but it is exhilarating once you get into it.

3 . Lunch: Hot pastrami sandwich at Johnny Salami's. YUMMMM! After settling Robin in, I needed lunch before returning to work. So I went to Johnny Salami's, a wonderful gourmet deli on Long Wharf. The hot pastrami sandwich they made for me was one of the food highlights of the entire year. I do not make this claim lightly. I still can bring back the taste and aroma of it. Sitting at their counter, drinking a coke and listening to owner address each female customer as "dear" or "honey" or "young lady" (that to the older ladies!) added to the singlular charm of this sandwich.

4 . E-mail from Jerry, Marram, Ani, Rebecca, Polly, Angela Jerry suggested drinking more water to combat the headaches. That is good advice which I intend to follow. Marram thanked me for sending her "The Woman in the Dunes". Marram is a singular young lady with a passion for sand dunes. Ani told me about her magazine, "Intimate Exlosions" and I intend to buy a copy. Rebecca is a special friend from camp who told me about how, at the end of the day, she writes at least 5 things in her journal that made her happy. She calls this her "Happy List." She says it helps her to keep a postive attitude. That seemed like such a good idea that that is what I am doing here.

5 . Phone call with Jonathan. He asked for help with a personal issue and I was glad to provide it. (Comment on this)

10:37 pm Ginnie (my Yoga teacher) says... "Most problems with balance start with the feet." "If you can visualize the movement in your inner body, then your outer body can do it."

Wednesday, August 30th, 2000

10:40 pm Today's List

1 . I walked to work this morning. I love walking through Wooster Square - the elegant old brownstones, the old-fashioned streetlamps, the flowers, the park with its early-morning dog walkers. I got to work feeling grounded and alive.

2 . As a result of a chance reference in something I read about the tv show "Survivor" I got interested in what is called the Prisoner's Dilemma, in which a person is forced to choose between the greater good of others and their own self-interest. There are many good articles on the web about it, and it gave me a lot to think about. I might write about it soon.

3 . Robin came home for dinner (after being at college for about 24 hrs!) She had made guacamole when I got home! It was so good!

4 . Robin and I went to see Cecil B. Demented. It is a marvel to me how we share the same tastes. The movie was vintage John Waters. If you don't like John Waters movies you won't like this one. But we found it pretty funny.

5 . At our staff meeting today, Jake was talking about some of our corporate customers, and he said, "the Sargents, the Marlins, the Bayer's" to which I replied, "oh my!"

Thursday, August 31st, 2000

9:33 am A Walk Down NonDuality Street

On my walk to work this morning I came upon a construction site at a busy intersection. A big piece of power machinery was digging a trench while about five city workers in orange safety vests stood around and watched. The friendly policeman who was directing traffic greeted me and stopped the cars so I could cross.

Then I passed the fire station and as I did so, the firemen were scrambling into their trucks for a fire alarm. I watched as the trucks pulled out, sirens blaring. I felt like a boy again, inhabiting the pages of a children's book full of firemen and policemen and dump trucks! It was fun!

Then I passed through Wooster Square. I stopped in the center of the green, leafy park for a drink of water at the fountain in the middle. The water tasted so good and I felt it descend all the way into my stomach. I stayed there at the fountain for a few deep breaths and looked around. There was no one in the park except for a woman jogger who had stopped to stretch by propping first one leg then the other on a bench. She didn't seem to be too into her stretching. She seemed to be as amazed and gladdened as I was by the astounding givenness of this new day.

Every day, every moment (for it is all one Day and one Moment) is given by God, and yet there is no God but the Day and the Moment and the resounding silent gong of Conscious Presence.

Friday, September 1st, 2000

9 :46 pm Today's List

1 . Outside Modern Pizza - a mother, father, and daughter waiting to get in. Their faces were extraordinary - full of happiness. My heart was tugged for a second and I said, "oh!" as I walked past.

2 . Running into C & M outside a liquor store on Orange St. - we had an absurd little conversation about Suzanne...and then they were gone.

3 . A good day of programming - I wrote a nice little script that parses a text file and uploads it to a temp table. A few challenges, a neat solution...that's why I like my work!

4 . Realizing from these lists that my daily walks are high points of my day, and I should never NOT do them.

5 . Seeing the Logic Puzzle magazine that Robin left on the couch. At 19 she likes to do these puzzles. She is so unique! She reminds me of my father more and more. How I treasure her, my only child!

Current Music: Jerry Garcia Band

10:36 am A good place to be alone Thoughts on going into the three day Labor Day weekend...

When I lived in the suburbs I used to feel, going into such a weekend, that the suburbs were a kind of warehouse for office workers, and that their function was to store the workers until they were needed again. I think I had this image because it didn't seem to matter, in the suburbs, if anyone saw me from Friday at 5 until the Tuesday after the holiday at 8. I could stand up in a closet, facing the corner, with a big ON/OFF switch in my back switched to OFF, for all anyone cared. (Of course I was married at the time and this is a sorry comment on my marriage).

In the city I don't have this feeling of disappearing, unnoticed, into my dwelling. There is lots to do, people to see, streets to explore, and the major problem is finding enough time to spend by myself.

I think it was Greta Garbo who, when asked why she chose to live in New York City, replied that New York was a good place to be alone.

I agree, the city is a good place to be alone.

12:19 am Today's List of things that made me happy
(Briefly, because I am tired)
1 . Walking to work this morning, standing in the middle of Wooster Square, feeling the rightness of all that is.

2 . Walking out after lunch for a few minutes by the harbor, feeling the sunshine, seeing the blue of the water.

3 . Big night on the phone: First, a conversation with C...interesting as always.

4 . Then Mark called me with the news that he is marrying Carla...which means maybe a trip for me to California for the wedding in a few months.

5 . Then I called Angela to wish her well on her trip to Maine this weekend.

6 . Then Cindy called me and we had our usual fun conversation about computers and relationships and her usual teasing since she knows me so well.

7 . Nice message from Epiphany, who I have added to my friends list. Hi, Epiphany!


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