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issue number one - September, 2000

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A Tribute to Frank Maiello
by Harsha

After coming back to town this afternoon and scanning the e-mails on Advaitin, I discovered that our friend and brother Sri Frank Maiello will be somewhat limiting his internet contributions to the Advaitin list due to certain conditions of the body. Sri Frankji had told us before in some posts of the horrific pain he has experienced at times, but many were not aware and did not suspect the extent of it. This is particularly so because there is a wonderful quality of reasoning, wisdom, and acceptance in Frank's posts. And Sri Frankji, always with the purest intent and awareness and gestures of profound love, points at the highest Truth.

Frank is a brother devotee of the Sage of Arunachala and holds a special place in my heart. I love Frank dearly even though we have never physically met. Some time ago, Frankji told me of a video tape he had of Sri Ramana and offered to send it to me from Florida where he resides. He said I could watch it as many times as I liked and then could send it back at my convenience. I was moved by the gesture and at first was reluctant to accept such a precious gift which is so dear to my brother Frank. I also did not wish it to be lost in the mail or anything as well. Finally, I accepted the gift. You can imagine my delight to find the video tape in my mailbox a few days later with a beautiful handwritten line from Frank.

Well, how I watched the documentary video on the Sage Ramana with rapt attention many times over again with tears in my eyes and thought of Sri Frank's kindness and generosity.

I pray that Sri Frankji's suffering and pain and that of his wife at seeing him suffer be minimized. We send our love. I know others join me in this prayer as well.

Frankji, you are always in our heart, forever.

For those who do not know this modern day sage and the leading exponent of clear and radical nondualism, the following URL will take you there. You will see there Sri Frankji's face glowing with light. There is also a picture of Sri Frankji with his beautiful wife.

Love to all,


This letter originally appeared in HarshaSatsangh


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