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issue number one - September, 2000

Nonduality Salon Magazine


On Hemispherical Dominance, or Factor X

Part One: transmitting our corporate experience as the attractive pheromone which materializes the Other Ideal Dancer

==Gene Poole==

Marcia, your question:

"I have been pondering what it means to not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. In this context, I see the left hand as day to day ordinary consciousness and the right hand the silence you address in your post; The I Am. How I experience it is this left hand (personality, the machine as John Duff puts it) just runs and if pointed in the right direction, it does a pretty good job. "Hello, how are you? Do you want butter on your toast or just jam?" It just gets into trouble when it tries to take over. Good servant but terrible master. But you can't let it know that it isn't the master. That is where the trouble starts. The real master, the left hand, is silent. But then what is the right hand doing? Does it work for the Good? This is where I believe there is more to this game than the mere recognition that who I Am is not the left hand. Does this make sense? Speak to me."

Marcia, in your capacity for pondering details, have you looked into the 'theory of hermispherical dominance', which is stated to be what is responsible for 'handedness'?

According to (certain people, among them neurological scientists), our 'wholistic consciousness' is the product of the interplay of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which itself is conducted through the 'corpus collosum, the bundle of fibres which connect those hemispheres.

It is stated that the left hemisphere is equated with 'intellect' and the right with 'feeling'; in your own parlance, that would be 'head' and 'heart'.

Between these spheres there is an ongoing conversation, and in that conversation, there is one who is 'dominant' and one who is 'passive'. The left or 'male' aspect is usually the 'dominant' one, thus the prevalence of 'right-handedness' among humans; the right, 'feeling', 'heart' aspect is seen to be 'passive' or 'female'.

In this ongoing conversation (between thrusting Siva and receptive Sakti) is the kernel of our personal and collective 'realities'; and neither aspect can rest, as long as the other is moving. If Sakti moves away, Siva must follow, and if Siva moves, Sakti must move away. This brings to mind the 'Tai Chi' symbol, the Yang always chasing the Yin, into which the Yang longs to plunge for the extinguishment of its ardor, finally to rest. And the Yin is ever reaching for the light of Yang, yet always retreating from it. It is the nature of each aspect to both remain pure, and to long for union, at the same time.

And who is the one who sees all of this? This one can observe, but can observe only what is inside of that one. I offer that there is nothing outside of that one, and that if that one perceives an 'outside', that it is right looking at left, or left looking at right. It is Day looking at night, as night eternally recedes before the onslaught of day; and it is night looking at day, fleeing that stark light which would excite darkness to boil away into nothingness.

You are the child of Siva and Sakti; those two, when interacting, create a third: One plus one make three. And as that third, you exist in the realm which is a blending of those two, which is (in physical corollary) analogous to the tissues which connect the left and right hemispheres, the 'corpus collusum'. You are the product of the conversation between those two, and you embody both aspects, Being both pursues and retreats, pursues that which retreats and retreats from that which pursues.

Woe be unto that one, who seeks refuge in the stability of resting on the flat side of nature.

If you draw an 'X', you can visualize the X as the intersection between four squares; the X is the detail of their points touching. Stepping back, we can see that the four squares are themselves one larger square, arrayed like a 'diamond', points up and down and left and right, and projecting further, we see this square to be a cube. This diamond is poised, balanced on a point, and is blessedly unstable; it is this blessed instability which is our exquisite sensitivity, our ability to respond, and also our vulnerability to 'tipping over'. Woe be unto that one, who seeks refuge in the stability of resting on the flat side of nature.

Our movement is the rapid spinning of this cube on its point-axis, glittering reflection of moving rotating facets appearing to be a sphere; and our conversations are the interaction of those jewels, connected through this net, each apparent sphere a living node, jewels balanced at the intersections, the whole net alive, yet in itself nonliving, without each precious jewel-node. Our concern for each-other, is our need to manifest a complete array of nodes, thus to make the web whole and complete.

Wave after wave of influence sweep our net, each spinning node swaying in response, and then regaining balance; wave after wave of neuropeptides sweep the brain, each synapse firing and then regaining poise, ready for the next wave, and the next, and the next. As the child of Siva and Sakti, you are able to move to the left (away) and the right (toward), and then to regain poise; you 'have' both aversion and desire, and in that dynamic, are able to negotiate whatever comes as each wave.

This complex net, this cubed intersection of many glittering points, appears of itself as a moving object of three dimensions; within this large invisible non-living net, at each intersection, the sway and spin each node, and
in their interrelationships, describe a movement which gives the impression of a body of flesh; together, corporate and apparently corporeal. It is easy to imagine this as a moving body of colloidal (gelatinous) protoplasm, but more difficult to imagine it Being arrayed on the ancient bones of its own experience. So arrayed, it is able to step out of our model, and take its place as a whole participant in this ongoing Grand Ball. As it does so, it imagines a Grand Ballroom, and reaches for the hand of the Other Ideal Dancer.

dead cubes rest on flat sides, inert and unmoving.

Crystalline bone structure memory-crystal replicates and transmits, with each shock, as a piezoelectric transducer, and many such transmissions equal the corporate wave-structure of the world-dream specific to our species-dream ballroom; we dance, poised dynamically, as wave after wave of neuropeptides wash through the air, our projected orchestration, and we imagine a Great Conductor waving a Baton Of Causality. This is the music of the spheres, the joy of the spinning cubes, a gift of life, without which, dead cubes rest on flat sides, inert and unmoving.

Left and right, left and right, left and right we go; toward and away, up and down, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly, lines and circles, seldom pausing, in a broth of passion, breathing the vapors which are boiled
from the densities of momentary union, and this is fine, this is 'just how it is'.

Each spinning cube, itself an 'X', compounded as the net of jewels, moving as a corporate entity, is itself the Grand Soul which we seek, but which We are, and none is greater, and only All is This One, resting lightly on this skeleton of crystalline experience, transmitting our corporate experience as the attractive pheromone which materializes the Other Ideal Dancer, which of course is the Other, our fate and destiny of union, for this is our purpose, to be alive and dance, and to be competent, and to thus prove in our mating ritual that our individual cubes themselves, our very genes, are themselves competent, for a competent whole is representative of competent parts; and in this dance, is spoken and enacted the two voices, the active and passive, the pursuit and fleeing of Siva and Sakti, and in this dance of negotiation is the negotiated union which gave you the existence which you are; your parents danced, as did theirs, and this dance is the intersection of every 'X', the meeting of the up and down, left and right, in and out. See X?

Seeing is Exceeding.

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