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issue number one - September, 2000

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On Hemispherical Dominance, or Factor X

Part Two: The Left Is Running Away: A brief treatise on hemispherical dominance, immunity, and survival

==Gene Poole==

Human Beings are subject to automatic shift of attention; any signal which may be interpreted as 'danger' brings the left hemisphere of the brain into full operation.

The emphasis here is upon _automatic_. Humans cannot resist this shift of attention! This must be understood deeply and completely, in order to use this information in a remedial way.

Given that our 'wholistic consciousness' is the product of the interplay or conversation between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, ask yourself this question; what does it mean, that any signal which may be interpreted as 'danger', automatically biases the left hemisphere into higher activity than the other (right) one?

An interesting interpretation of this situation, to which (IMO) we are all subject, is that the natural analytic function (the process of observing and then reducing to particles and then reducing to smaller particles, ad infinitum) or what has come to be known as 'intellect', has gained the 'upper hand', and is thus dominant in most individuals, as shown in the dominance of 'right-handedness' among the human population.

Mind-Function VS Knowing:

I have referred to the 'mind' as the 'difference-engine', the natural comparitor, the calculator of very minute gradations of 'difference and sameness'. It is this 'mind' which has come to be known as the 'soul', the verifier of the existence of the 'Me', the 'proof that I am' ("I think, therefore I am"). Like it or not, this is the situation that we find ourselves in, personally and socially, and it has been 'this way' for so long, that if there is a memory of 'another way of Being', it is as good as inaccessible.

It is thus interesting to note, that the entirety of human culture is thus built upon a foundation of the unavoidable and completely automatic reaction to _perceived danger_. To see and understand this 'factoid' is an awesome glimpse of the buried-in-flesh skeleton which is the armature around which our very survival and immunity is wrapped.

I do not advocate a critical attitude in regard to our automatic immunity; and I am not pointing to this automaticity of reaction as a further 'danger' to be avoided. I am doing what is the same, as if I were to say to you, that if you touch the pointy hind-end of a frog, that it will inevitably jump. I am pointing out a reflex which is built-in to every person, but I am doing this pointing for a very specific reason.
How has it come to pass, that 'normal consciousness' is essentially the same state of brain-state as is that which results from exposure to danger? What is going on with humans, that 'normal' is actually a state of HIGH ALERT?

Automatic Survival:

I am alive today, "because" certain of my ancestors were able to run away from danger. And I thus have the same capability; I am able to flee from from danger, thus to survive, to avoid harm, to thus pass on my own genes, thus
to "perpetuate the species". The avoidance of danger and death is indeed a very powerful survival reaction (if not skill), but it has unleashed the full power of the left (analytical/fleeing) side of the brain, to the virtual suppression (in ratio) of the right (knowing/attractive) side.

Physics of Brain-Function:

Left-hemisphere brain electrical activity is 'normally' in the range of higher-frequencies, as measured by the EEG. This 'normal' brain-wave output is known as 'Beta', and represents 'normal waking consciousness'. This is as opposed to the lower frequency ranges, known as 'Alpha, Delta, and Theta'. How has it come to pass, that 'normal consciousness' is essentially the same state of brain-state as is that which results from exposure to danger? Is this not at least slightly suspect? What is going on with humans, that 'normal' is actually a state of HIGH ALERT?

Many studies have been conducted, which have shown that the EEG-measurable brain activities of 'normal' vs 'experienced meditators', reveal a remarkable difference. Specifically, 'normal' (hyper-vigilant, self-protetive humans) output high-Beta brainwaves, while in contrast, 'meditators' output low-range Beta and high-range Alpha and even Theta brainwaves. Exactly what is it about the 'meditator' which makes this radical difference? Enquiring minds want to know!

Protection VS Nurturing:

The left (analytical-reduce-it-to-particles [weapon] validating/invalidating processes) side of the brain has 'obviously taken over the show'; defense strategies (weapons of disintegration), the assumption of separation as 'normal', the establishment of complex hierarchies of power and permission, and the assignment of the Female as 'passive/inferior' are symptomatic indicators of this dominance. Our survival can show us that this state of affairs is not altogether a bad thing, but I am pointing out that it has gone 'too far' and for too long. Remedies are now available. In fact, remedies for this overblown state of _arbitrary protectiveness_ have been available for at least as long as recorded history.

Overly protective men alienate women; when a woman is alienated from a man, she may (typically, historically) seek another man, and this has been the trigger for much misery and violence.

In The Meantime:

No matter that 'She' has been relegated to inferior and passive status, Woman is still faithfully with us. It makes 'perfect sense' that we would all behave in a manner which would preserve our very portal of life, the living female womb. And it also makes perfect sense that in the schemes of the world-dream, that control and ownership of women has been a major feature, to this very day. To ensure human survival is not really a matter of male dominance, but it has traditionally been treated as such. We should not forget that women also have the left brain hemisphere, and
that men 'have a right'.

Ask The Machine:

What is troublesome in this historical picture, is the dominance of automatic reaction not only to actual danger, but also to anything that SYMBOLIZES danger. Overly protective men alienate women; when a woman is alienated from a man, she may (typically, historically) seek another man, and this has been the trigger for much misery and violence. For an overly protective man (one in whom the Beta-waves are 'normal' (high), the advent of the moment of 'rejection' by a woman will inevitably trigger a self-protective reaction, which may emerge as violence against the very portal of life, which in fact that man is assigned to protect. Knowing this, women may live in denial of their own range of possibility as PERSON, to the detriment of all, especially young female children. The act
of submissive passivity to which girls are conditioned, deprives us all of the natural power of nurturing, which is the special gift of Woman. When protection runs amok, everyone suffers.

The Conditioned Human; Actual Danger VS Symbolic Danger:

Given the 'normal' state of affairs as I have outlined above, it can be seen that we are all in 'danger' of being swept away in a hurricane of protective reactions. Given the roles we are assigned by human tradition, this play and
its intermediate conclusions are all rather predictable. And it looks like simply "more of the same", a repetitious drama of human VS human, with woman always being the natural foil. But we can do something about this; we can, each one of us, understand our own mechanical automaticity. We can appreciate and be grateful for life, and we can work diligently to know the difference between what is REAL DANGER and what is merely symbolic of danger.

The 'cave of treasures' which is the world dream, will hold out to you, endless temptations, to prevent you from discovering its horrible secrets


Who is pointing, and what is the motive? Is it a charging lion, a falling tree, or is it a gay person, or a communist or a liberal? Are you afraid of being eaten by gays or liberals? Every politician who would be seen as a "strong leader" paints the 'opposition' in the colors of the enemy. Danger is defined as being the opposite of what YOU want; this is the trickery of the one who does NOT want you to awaken TO the dream, because you are much more useful as a dreamer, who defends values as life itself, even if those values are actually eroding the foundation of life, itself.

Freedom, choice, and possibility are what makes both defense and nurturing possible, yet, overly protective individuals would (and do) remove those foundation-stones, in their zeal to protect. We, as a human population, are expected to make 'sacrifices' for the 'greater good', even if this includes the sacrificing of our own children to the gods of social expediency. And we are all kept 'in line' by the threat that we, as individuals, will be targeted for disintegration (social humiliation or banishment), if we go against the 'way things have always been'. It takes genuine courage to go against a survival instinct which is itself, deadly.

Natural Remedies:

The world-dream as it is, foments more of the world-dream; it is a hierarchical bureaucracy whose 'job', is to perpetuate itself forever. Author Phillip K Dick**, refers to the world-dream as 'the black iron prison'*. It is your assignment to see through the bullying facade of this automatic-analytical-disintegrating reaction to perceived danger, and to use that same tool of analysis to discern what is actual danger and what is memetically conditioned assumption of danger.

The 'cave of treasures' which is the world dream, will hold out to you, endless temptations, to prevent you from discovering its horrible secrets; be forewarned. The price
you pay for entering reality, is the liability of the Creator; yet, the compassionate intercessor has already taken that burden and has given you Grace. You may leave, and you may enter... enabled by compassion.

*From VALIS: The Black Iron Prison

" What a tragic realm this is, he reflected. Those down here are prisoners, and the ultimate tragedy is that they don't know it; they think they are free because they have never been free, and do not understand what it means. This is a prison, and few men have guessed.

Once in a while, one of them discerns the truth ...


There are two realities, he said to himself. The Black Iron Prison, which is called the Cave of Treasures, in which they now live, and the Palm Tree Garden with its enormous spaces, its light ...


I still have only a partial vision. I am occluded, too.


A beam of pink light blinded him; he felt dreadful pain in his head, and clapped his hands to his eyes. I am blind! he realized. With the pain and the pink light came understanding, an acute knowledge... This was not a real world he was in; he understood that because the beam of pink light had told him that. This world was a simulation, and something living and intelligent and sympathetic wanted him to know. Something cares about me and it has penetrated this world to warn me... "

** (website may no longer be functioning.)

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