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issue number one - September, 2000

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On Hemispherical Dominance, or Factor X

Part Three: The normal state of the human Being is that of paranoia

==Gene Poole==

The Physics of Brain-Function, revisited:

Previously, we visited the laboratories of neurological science, to discover that 'normal' consciousness in (ordinary, untrained) humans who inhabit the world-dream, is the equivalent of a state of 'high alert'. Beta-waves predominate, to the exclusion of Alpha-waves; and the left hemisphere of the brain dominates the right one.

I have drawn upon these metaphors to illustrate a simple point; which is, that the normal state of the human Being is that of paranoia.

World-Dream Inhabitants Paranoid, Reactive:

Various 'masters' and teachers have advocated 'relaxation', but who can relax? Yoga instructs, but who understands the conditioned base-state into which Yoga would intrude? Who among us can grasp the magnitude of our frenzied state of 'normal'?

In our paranoia, streams of images stutter past, glimpsed only in hair-raising moments provided by momentary lapses of self-hypnosis; only in nightmares is the 'normal' state of human affairs portrayed with utter honesty. And such is our denial, that mass violence, meaning wars and riots erupt 'unexpectedly', from the fertile soil of continual alarm and reactivity. World-dream affairs demand taking expensive and exorbitant risks, a girding of the loins of vulnerability with the armor of insensitivity. Given this continual battle for supremacy, who is not a casualty? Who has not taken aggressive action upon the helpless, in a moment of defensive reaction?

We all wish (it seems) for a world of love and kindness, but who of us has purged this frenetic scanning? Is not the taking of offense expected, and is not the harbor of resentment, the human breast? Is not the compacted misery of the ages, coiled and ready to spring forth, to snap cobra-like, at the least hint of provocation? Is not our alarm-threshold set to minimal, so as to open our eyes at the slightest whisper of danger? And is this not the way it has always been?

Civilization, Ha!

Our veneer of culture, our learned and practiced ways of civilization, dispel like a fart in a hurricane, if the legions of the 'enemy' are imagined to be ranking against us. Our pitiful attempts to regulate our own individual personal energies, to master our emotions and the reactions to which they are assigned, to thus bring the peace which we crave, having no basis in practice, fall like the prices of last year's PCs. And like those PCs, lock up and crash, for the operating system therein is a pathetic kludge, a mishmash of superstition compiled from the very worst of the consensus-reality called the world-dream. Nowhere in the dream is a hint of what will disassemble it, no escape hatches are signed, no detours are allowed; suffer one, and suffer all, and woe unto one who dares set foot into reality, for that one shall feel the wrath of the standard-bearers of the world-dream.

These words are meant to stimulate you to feel your alarm, to sense your boundaries

Dominance and subordination are forced, taught, learned most early in life, and enforced throughout; and those who cannot 'make the grade' in the 'school of hard knocks' are relegated to the has-bin, disposable except in the hands of the rare saint, Mother Teresa and her ilk. Human compassion does exist, but it is seldom extended to humans, only to imagined images of the 'better future' which our obedience is proposed to buy. We think we can afford to make this expenditure of sacrifice of today for a 'better tomorrow', yet in reality, without the love and pleasure of today, our account is at zero. Idealists write checks and expect others to cash them!

Transactions, Values, and Expectation:

Agreement is the enacting of transaction, and result is expected; those who read this, may expect an outcome which 'repays' the effort extended in the reading. And the writer, he may expect the agreement that his efforts of writing such diatribe, be somehow 'repaid' as a shift of understanding in those who read.

Similarly, we have agreements with and expectations of ourselves, but from whence have arisen these values? How is it that we are saddled with this burden of moral righteousness, and carry it proudly? What is guilt?

These words are meant to stimulate you to feel your alarm, to sense your boundaries, to be able to know the shape of the maze of criteria which serve as your map of the world-dream, and further, to lead you to question how ordinary are such thoughts and reactions, and now deeply we bury them.

What are the consequences of burying our fears? What will we do, if our expectations of ourselves and others are not only unmet, but also then denied, covered over with every available rationalization? Do those buried still stir, shambling about in their subterranean vaults of forced separation? What price do we pay, for enacting the scripts of the world-dream, as we turn our backs on our own nature, to thus 'fit in' to a system which is certain to devour us?


Is it any wonder that we are paranoid?


World-Dream v.2000

Our involuntary shift of attention
At dangers signal, real or imagined
Gives rise to projection
Gives rise to protection

Futile though it is
In the face of death
Is the reaction
Which underlies every breath

Unless and until
We own our own denial
We own our own mortality
We own our own morality

Delusions abide
In unexamined mind
Polished exterior shines
While cowers the unlearned within

Nightmare reality
Leave me alone
Give me peace
respect my frailty

How can I glimpse day
Apart from my own darkness?
How can I have peace
When I contain my own violence?

It is exceedingly easy to tell
Others what to do
If it has no word
To apply to myself

No insight mars my demeanor
I am as good as the best
As the best I naturally reign
Let not another covet my throne

Judged in this contest
I must support my judges
Least 'til I win
Thus to take their places

Then to rule justly
But to make sure
Those others
Do not have it too easy

For I suffered up the climb
Thorns and battle did I endure
To top ranking ape
So not a care to have

Asleep at last
All agreements aborted
For who can contest me
In my winning?

Peace is at finally mine
As the vanquished toil
To offer me fealty
Which I may accept

Only if such offerings
Contain the blood of suffering
Will such be gold to me
As such gold I have paid

To attain this rank
Whereby I control what thoughts
And words might mean
Or not, at my whim

Thus to govern others
From the inside
To implant my own values
As I have learned,

Even as I now pluck forth
From my own breast
Those arrows I bore
As badge of rank of seeker,

Now it is their turn to suffer
As I fire these ancient arrows
Which they gladly accept,
Awarded by my grace...


X: The Unknown

Last word:

If 'normal' is paranoid, it is no wonder that we can 'tip over' so easily, into 'frank paranoia', to inhabit a true living nightmare.

If 'normal' is paranoid, what lies beneath that level of agitated alertness? Is there an inner realm, in which peace and love prevail, beyond that of mere hoped and imagined?

The answer is this: To experience the 'regular old world' in a brainwave state of Alpha, is to see not the world-dream, but to instead see and feel our own living tender flesh, to care for ourselves, to have compassion for oneself. Only then are we able to have compassion for another; only then can our desire for a 'better world' come to pass in the flesh.

Relaxation is good, but know what you are relaxing 'from'. Make this relaxation your way of Being, and soon enough, the annoying and/or deadly foibles of human social consensus-reality will be seen as what they are; mere noise in a vast system. You were born to master this system.

Ideologies, criteria, and methods of attainment conceal our suffering; do not try to awaken from the dream of another, but instead, awaken to the dream which is your own. If you live to solve the problems of the world, you betray yourself; a world of those living in betrayal of themselves, certainly has problems aplenty.

Rescue the world by rescuing yourself; rescue yourself from the world-dream by awakening to it, rather than from it. If you do not enjoy the tune the piper is playing, simply stop paying, and he will go away.

Identity is grounded in habit; specifically, in the habits of evaluation which we are exampled by our parents, as our parents were exampled by their parents, into the mists of history. Identity will evaporate like morning fog, if the chill of self-protection is dispelled by the light of awareness. A better world is ours already, unseen beneath the clamor and chaos of competitive strivings.

"The meek shall inherit the Urth"

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