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Nonduality Salon (/ \)

issue number one - September, 2000

Nonduality Salon Magazine


What is Enquiry?

Melody Anderson

Enquiry is the means (any means)through which my perspective is shifted from that of 'doer' to that of 'observer' and ultimately to that of 'nonentity'.

In my practice of hypnotherapy a lady once came to me who wanted to have an experience of being 'centered'. She had heard that term often, and although she understood it intellectually, she wanted to know what it felt like to BE 'centered'.

I guided her into a trance state in which she found herself walking into an Indian teepee. Once inside the room began spinning as if a tornado had entered. She became very excited as she began describing the chaos in the teepee....everything being tossed and strewn about.

I asked her, "Where are you?"

She replied, "I'm sitting in the middle of it all".

"Are you spinning around too?", I asked.

Immediately an expression of calm came upon her face and she began to smile.

"Why, no! I'm simply sitting here watching the room go crazy. But I'm still. Perfectly still.....simply watching it all."

[And then moments later.....] " Not only that... but from where I sit, I can look up [thru the top of the teepee]....and I can see forever."

Enquiry is the process that helps people remember they are not the chaos, the struggle, the destruction in their lives..... but rather the Eye watching the movements of Life.

And once that observation....that witnessing.... becomes so complete, so single focused....

the sense of identity, the sense of there being a 'you' and an 'I', falls away.

And 'Practice' is simply using the same process for that 'shifting of perspective' over and over again....
simply because it works!


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