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Nonduality Salon (/ \)

issue number one - September, 2000

Nonduality Salon Magazine




Read this, Where does it register? In this very 'now' it is in my head. Is it not? There is no distance. This IS. It has always been, there was no stopping it. This IS and stopping it was impossible. I WILL understand this, because it is written. If I turn off my computer now and forever, I WILL understand this. I AM!

An interesting and difficult question: Without all the words that we're supposed to say, using the memory of what it was really like, how did "I am that I am" feel like to you in its first moments?

The sacrifice of the true Nondual Guerilla is that (s)he must precariously leave one foot in the dual. It is an honor, and a lesson that is absolutely neccesary for his/her final liberation.

One of my highest held truths has always been "I AM", and it's always been the source of my quest. ... it was an experience that I had guarded unto myself for many many years, not knowing that there were so many others who had experienced it. It was a key truth, but left nothing but questions. Answering those questions did not change "I AM", but gave it greater depth, removing the "I". Obviously different, but strangely the same.

One's acts have power, to find the opening to freedom. Any one of these acts may be your last.

I am here in front of this screen. And if I raise my eyes, I can see that the only place that we are is here. Although clouded by the poor and limited sense of our past. Enlightenment is a personal quest. It is for those of you there. You find us here, and look up and you know now it is for THAT. May your enlightenment be for THAT.

Those who have awakened, have come to the realization, at least in part, that what they see in front of their eyes is a miracle, within which any burning bush would be commonplace.

For me anyways, lucid dreaming has been an excellent tool in the expansion of the consciousness. It develops the disciplines required to examine consciousness limits, and it opens one to the similarities between dreaming and waking states, which is a key to the process of awakening.... slingshotting one from the "limits of reality" in dreaming to the "limits in reality" in waking. There is a tremendous similarity after all between those two, and it is that which points to THE reality, by contrast.

I've actually gotten to like the imperfections! It's such a wonderful mystery.


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