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Nonduality Salon (/ \)

issue number one - September, 2000

Nonduality Salon Magazine


As I see it, the teaching
is for whoever shows up for it.


People are fond of saying
There is no such thing as Realization
There is no such thing as Enlightenment

Why single them out?
There is also no such thing as words
movies and popcorn
little green frogs
rice and veggies
e-mail conversations


so what?

To me this non-existent non-process of non-awakening is
just too intimate to think about the fact that
it isn't happening.

Otherwise, why do I feel so grateful?


This is how I discriminate in my own gradual
process. Am I trying and struggling or am I
allowing? Effort is the sign for me to stop
whatever I am doing in my mind and rest in
Self. Then whatever is done is done, but not
by Me.


And in each moment of clarity comes the insight..."I need do nothing."

Love, Kristi

~ Kristi, I always heard that line in my own heart as
"If there's one thing I need do, it's nothing."



I am not mocking you, my friend,
but noticing the shine of your new
hammer could be a mirror just for you.
You do seem to try so very hard.


All my foolishness arises in the Silent IAm. I would be
even more of a fool to turn a blind eye to it. I am
particular alert to the mind's capacity for self-deception. It is a core element of my 'practice' to be vigilant in this way.

It is walking the razor's edge to be watchful for mind's
expectations, projections and judgements while absorbed in/as Silent Heart. I find that willingness to see, and seeing through my own bullshit leads to deepening and expansion of awareness.


We don't trust because we have forgotten what it is. We have come to trust our intellect which does not, in its nature of limitation, know the infinite. The intellect can 'know about' it and that understanding is a step toward trust. But there is no real letting go without direct experience, given by Grace.


Greetings all.

This is my report from a 7-day silent retreat with Gangaji.

For those who are not acquainted with Gangaji, she is an American woman in the lineage of Ramana Maharshi and Poonjaji - Papaji. As a personality she is a powerful presence, beautiful and gracious with incisive intelligence and a playful wit, all used in service to truth.

Arriving and leaving on two Saturdays, we were in silence from Sunday morning to Friday evening except for two satsangs meetings each day and some singing.

Being with her and the group of about 200 this time was yet another excursion into self-honesty and through that into deepening awareness of/as Self. Self-inquiry for her leaves no thought, emotion or identity fragment unturned. She said again, "Never forget the mind's capacity for self- deception, as long as you are in the body."

During the first satsang she laid out a framework for inquiring through and past the veiling mind. In duality, all the "doing" that the mind does is toward or away from forms and situations which are believed to produce experiences one either wants or does not want.

We reach *toward* by desiring, hoping, acquiring, achieving, clinging, grasping. We move *away from* by avoiding, rejecting, judging, defending, denying, resisting. I observe these in myself as a sensation of pushing or trying.

Seeing these movements of the mind, one can stop in the neutral wholeness of the present moment where nothing is sought or avoided.

One way that self-inquiry can be practiced is by observing oneself down through the layers of these movements which comprise the stories of our daily lives. First notice the Story then move awareness
down below that to Body Sensations under those to Emotions beneath these to Energies sinking through that to ..............

I find that recognizing the activity of my mind as
simply energy continues to depersonalize and free it.

I was also reminded that underneath anger, fear,and all
negative emotions is helplessness - the one experience that humans avoid the most. Over this we layer all sorts of stories and "doings" and distortions of power. Attack occurs when one feels s/he has failed in trying to get or get rid of and covers the underlying sense of helplessness.

The self-inquiry of feeling directly into helplessness and
down through that can be a straight route into essential

I came home gracefully discombulated and expanded.


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