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The Nisargadatta Gita by Pradeep Apte - Part 14

read by James Traverse

The Nisargadatta Gita
Pradeep Apte

14.The I am is the permanent link in
the succession of events called life, be at
the link I am only and go beyond it.

Conception, birth and infancy, these are the beginnings
 of your being where the I am lies dormant.

 Then there is the spontaneous appearance of the non-verbal
feeling I am around say three years of age.

On this foundation of the knowledge I am is built a
large structure of words, ideas and concepts and very
soon it is I am so and so and so forth.

The pure I am is contaminated and it piles on right from
childhood to old age, but in all the succession of events,
 the I am lies at the base and has always been there.

The I am is an unbroken link throughout your life, so
 come back to it, abide there and try to transcend it,
 for there lies your True being.