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The Nisargadatta Gita by Pradeep Apte - Part 22

read by James Traverse

The Nisargadatta Gita
Pradeep Apte
  22. Your only capital is the I am,
 its the only tool you can use to solve the  riddle of life,
 the I am is in all and movement inherent in it.

You may have earned a lot of money, you may have
 established an empire but its all worthless compared
 to the value of I am.

 In fact the knowledge I am is the only capital and
 the only tool you have to crack this puzzle that life presents,
 at times completely baffling you and making you miserable.

The knowledge I am is present in all and movement inherent in it;
the type of activity or expression depends on the combination of the five
  elements and three qualities.