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The Nisargadatta Gita by Pradeep Apte - Part 65

read by James Traverse

The Nisargadatta Gita
Pradeep Apte 
 65. This is no joke, you can become Parabrahman right now!
 You are Parabrahman right now! Just focus your attention on
 the ‘I am’.

 The concept of being born as an individual with a body and mind has been
 so strongly hammered into you that you simply refuse to accept anything
  that challenges it.

  In such a state of being, the truth that you are the Absolute ‘Parabrahman’
in this very moment may sound too far-fetched, or like a joke.

You can even become it right now by simply focusing your attention on the ‘I am’.

The moment you do so you stand apart from the ‘I am’ as a witness to it.

Now, who is this witness?