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The Nisargadatta Gita by Pradeep Apte - Part 92

read by James Traverse

The Nisargadatta Gita
Pradeep Apte 

 92. Recognize the Atman by understanding the knowledge ‘I am’, the Atma-jnana,
 which is all pervading, limitless and infinite.

  A very important statement was made earlier where the knowledge ‘I am’ was said to be ‘Brahman’
 with the ‘Parabrahman’ lying beyond it.

Another important statement is made here where the ‘Atman’ or the Self is to be understood by
  understanding the ‘I am’.

The ‘I am’ is the ‘Atman’.

The ‘Atman’ with qualities or identifying itself with the body is the ‘Jivatman’ (Jiva=living being).

 The ‘Atman’ without qualities is the ‘Nirmalatman’ (Nirmal=pure).

The ‘Atman’ which transcends both is the ‘Paramatman’ (The ultimate transcendent Self).

As you abide in the ‘I am’ you will know the ‘Atman’ or Self in all its aspects, and this is Atma-jnana or

 It is the knowledge of your True being as the Absolute which is all pervading, limitless and infinite.