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The purpose of this section of the Nonduality Salon website is to recognize, encourage, elaborate, clarify, and organize a movement I would call nondual activism. This is done by encouraging people to talk about nondual activism, however they may know it, by identifying nondual activists, publishing their writings, providing links to their websites, highlighting them and their work.

Nonduaity Salon-A is dedicated to the founders of the Nonduality Salon email list, those who have contributed to its culture, and those who have created their own email communities and websites based on free nondual understanding. Each one is an activist for the expression of free nondualism on the internet. Whether or not they know or accept it, each one has contributed to a new way in which nondualism is expressed and offered.

Not only that, but they are activists for a new kind of activism, which is what NDSA is about. What they have done and what they do is the foundation for the work being done here, which is the elaboration of a new kind of activism, nondual activism. Like the word 'nonduality', defining and explicating 'nondual activism' is an ongoing process. A number of letters on the subject have been sent to the Nonduality Salon and Nondual Dialogue lists. They are included here.

For submissions of names that belong under Links to Nondual Activists, I will need a sample of the person's writing in the form of a link or a submitted text. If the person works in a medium other than the written word, then samples of their work or a link to samples of their work would be required. Send submissions to Jerry Katz.


What is Nonduality?

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Links to Nondual Activists

Dalai Lama. "No matter what part of the world we come from, we are all basically the same human beings. We all seek happiness and try to avoid suffering. We have the same basic human needs and is concerns. All of us human beings want freedom and the right to determine our own destiny as individuals and as peoples. That is human nature."

Leonard Ingram (Bhagwan Ra Afrika). "When one is truly in contact with reality, and not one's concept and abstraction of reality, no choices arise. Choices are created by the mind - not by reality! Reality is simply the case." Traditions: World religions, Psychology (anger management), African-American culture, Sant Mat. Location: Illinois. Access:see website.

Drew Hempil. "I assert and aim to demonstrate that sound-current nondualism is the foundational model for resolving the root theoretical contradictions of the global eco-justice crisis."

Charlene Spretnak. "Spiritually, ecofeminists are drawn to practices and orientations that nurture experiences of nonduality and loving reverence for the sacred whole that is the cosmos."

Masanobu Fukuoka was born in 1913, of a family that has farmed the Southern Japan Islands for over 1,400 years. Educated as a microbiologist and soil scientist, he is now a Mahayana Buddhist who practices simple agriculture as a spiritual path. He is the father and master teacher, the Sensei of the art of Natural Farming.

"On this planet we do not have something we can call Nature any more. We have lost it. We do not have Nature we can go back to. What we must do is search for Nature. But human knowledge cannot do it. We can only ask Nature. So we, and especially seed companies in the world, should collect all kinds of seeds on the planet, and offer them to God, Nature and pray. This kind of attitude toward Nature is necessary. Of course, even if we pray, God will not say anything. We may not be inspired, either. But the plants which start growing are God's answer. Nature will teach you."

Deepak Chopra. "From the beginning of time into present-day civilization--whether it's ethnic cleansing in Kosovo or in Sri Lanka--if there's been bloodshed, it's been into the name of God, and it's been in the name of a fragmented God, not a God of wholeness, not a God of nonduality."

Some Organizations Working Toward a Sustainable and More Equitable World