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Cultures on the Edge


OneDuality - NonDuality

Nee-Hai Bonsai

Transcending Duality: Sohan Qadri

Mystical Poetry Competition Underway

The Door of the Soul: Postcard from Tuscia

Krishnamurti: complete works (link could be unstable)

Gonzo Beats: A new email list for those with a little Kerouac in them. Read Message 11 and check out the files.

Kerouac speaks: Sounds of Jack Kerouac reading and singing his prose.

The Dark Night of Mother Theresa

The sin of the Golden Calf was in their attempt to attain divine closeness through an action dictated by their own logic.

The Wisdom of Kabbalah

Intentional Communities

What would Christianity be like if gnostic texts had made it into the Bible?

J.M.W. Turner: paintings

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's column

Earl McHugh on Dzogchen

"What is enlightenment, no, I mean really, like what is it?" by Steven Norquist

Barry Long: What it is to die (as I’m seeing it)

Kartoo: techno search engine found on Deep Quest

Neville Goddard: The Western Nisargadatta

Are media “weapons of mass distraction?” -- Commentary by Vision TV media critic Barrie Zwicker

Computers, Literacy, and Being: Teaching With Technology for a Sustainable Future
- Robert P. Yagelski, University of Albany, SUNY

Tibet, Tibet: a Personal History of a Lost Land

The World Would Change Overnight: Jane Goodall

Don't wait to be happy


Excerpt from My Invented Country by Isabel Allende

What would you choose: security or freedom?
Khushwant Singh

The Papalagi - translated from German Also see Elders Receive Apology

The making of a writer.

The Non-Dualistic Teachings
of Sri Nisargadatta

Some Teachings of Ramana Maharishi

The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment

Yanagi Miwa (b. 1967)
Elevator Girl House 1F (detail), 1997

Poems by Ilpo Tiihonen

The Pluralism Project

Girardian Reflections on the Lectionary


Norman Lear Gives Advice to Graduates

Clyde Butcher photography

Sonoma Yoga Ashram

Google answers: What is the quickest way to become enlightened?

Google answers: Subliminal universal energy

Ken Berman art | Ken Berman article

Wood of the Gods: TRP Agarwood Project, conference, and call for papers

National Geographic series of articles on the ethnosphere

Lientjie Blok

Northwest Exhibition of Environmental Photography - Galleries

Jewish Incense - no it's not the smell that hits you when you walk into Izzy's deli.

John Milton: Shaman

Walking humbly

Forming the New Church Mind - the perspective on reality given in the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772).

Dullest blog in the world - "I have a number of objects in my house. At one point in the day I looked around and saw some of them."

Wisdom of Spock keep reloading for new quotes.

The Panhala Experience

Astrid Fitzgerald - View over 100 works of art. Site includes artist's statement, bio, reviews, exhibitions, books by Astrid Fitzgerald, interviews, articles, links to philosophical geometry and contact information.

Meet Brian Qara -- Satsang in Santa Monica

Old Skool Track - Greg Goode's site dedicated to everyone out there riding their track or fix on the streets.

Spirituality Chicks Question Everything

Nondual Parent
This group exists to facilitate discussion and conversation related to parenting in the context of contemporary nonduality.

The Freeman Foundation. An online source of transpersonal therapy to overcoming psychosis. (View using Internet Explorer browser.)

Daily Dharma. Dharma quotes, primarily from Buddhist sources, are sent to each member twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the evening, US time, for inspiration and
encouragement in Dharma practice, and for the development of compassion toward all sentient beings.

The Work: Kundalini Yoga Meditation link no longer active

Sunrise at Two Lions"I was captivated by this book from Jeff Belyea. It has an easy, stunning depth. Jeff is a Guru open to initial email/phone contact." Jerry Katz

This awareness of ours, this consciousness of being, is the silence itself.

There is only this.

"Even today, in Japan, there is a strong relationship between nature, incense, poetry, and the human spirit."
Japanese Incense Website

Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can
Change Your Life
by Byron Katie, Stephen Mitchell (Contributor)

Nurturing the Now

Read portions of Sailor Bob Adamson's new book, "What's Wrong with Right Now Unless You Think About It?"

These dialogues reflect the teaching of Nisargadatta, with whom Sailor Bob spent time. Bob teaches in his own way, which is very 'clean', and free of his own personality.

The Matrix and Quantum Consciousness.

Nathan Gill's nondual book, Clarity, is online, free!

Incense lovers only! If you are fascinated with incense, how it is made, details about the acquisition, storage, blending, burning of ingredients. If you want to hear people speak with passion about incense and with regard for its history, politics, science, and art, spend a little time at Alice's Restaurant, and see if your room is filled transporting scents. 

Bob Rose has released his new edition of The Inner Traveler, the newsletter of the Meditation Society of America. The magazine is a vehicle for his work, which is teaching meditation to beginners and advanced people. He's a most patient, congenial, funny, smart guy. In case you live in the Philadelphia area, Bob's the guy to see.

Turning Up Ground, by Christiana Duranczyk, is a collection of excerpts in which the word 'ground' appears. All references were harvested from this website with use of the NDS Search Engine and keyword 'ground'. Sections include Ground of Being, Background, Ground of Relationship, Breaking Ground, and more.

Nonduality from the viewpoint of Kundalini, by Mystress Angelique Serpent.

Harsha Satsangh Magazine is now online.

Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing, by Jed McKenna. A forthcoming book. Read a preview and pre-publication reviews. Jed is an enlightened teacher in Iowa who has drawn students to his 'accidental ashram' for the last six years. He is a natural, gifted teacher whose ordinariness is striking. Jed's website.

Anagrams of Secrets. For example, 'Secrets of peace': perfect so cease.

Nisargadatta Page -- a simple webpage that shows a random Nisargadatta saying (taken from the Asmi document) everytime you load it. It can be used as a browser start page (after loading the page, this can be set in the browser options), reminding one of Nisargadatta's wisdom every time a new browser window is opened, or the home button is clicked.

Happy New Year! Paul Brunton's pages have been updated with new links, including ones to Wisdom's Goldenrod where one can access, from the postumous collections of Paul Brunton, the following (Adobe Acrobat PDF file reader required):
Ashtavakra Samhita with Commentary and translation of V.S.Iyer(435K)
Commentaries of V.S.Iyer Vol.1(2362K)
Commentaries of V.S.Iyer Vol.2(Advanced)(1968K)


Nonduality: What is Nonduality

What is Nonduality

Click here for Ramana Maharsh's Death experience and Yoga Nidra

Nonduality Home

Click here to Experience Nonduality | Nondualism via Yoga Nidra

Starting February 1, 2018, will operated by James Traverse.

All 5000+ pages on may be accessed here and here.

Copyright 1997-2018 by Jerry Katz & James Traverse