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"American Beauty": 
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Rick Waters

Hello friends,

On the front page of this website last year, there was a request for people's opinions of this wonderful movie. I have really been looking forward to a page devoted to some of the responses as there was on the Matrix. 

Was that project abandoned? Is there anywhere else on the web where the non-duality of American Beauty has been mentioned? Everytime i watch AB i am touched even deeper. I feel there is even more to it than i am catching. 

I think Ricky's camera symbolized the Impersonal Witness. What else did anyone notice?


I think Ricky's camera symbolized the Impersonal Witness. What else did anyone notice?

The scene with dancing plastic sheet and Ricky talking about the moment he realized there was nothing to fear.

Jody R.

The scene where Ricky describes his experience when taping the red bag is the most lucid expression of realization ever committed to celluloid, imo.

It's the scene where Ricky is showing Lester the video of the red plastic grocery bag blowing in circles. Ricky describes his experience of the taping of the bag, how he saw the inherent beauty in all things, and how he found he *never* had to be afraid again.

Michael Read

My favorite line from the movie came at the end.

"I'm grateful for every moment of my stupid little life."

Smiling Quietly

Peace - Gratitude - Michael

Tim Gerchmez

Ahh, indeed, a tremendous, tremendous movie. Absolutely deserving of every award and nomination it received. I didn't think it particularly "nondual" as compared to many other movies (any movie may be viewed from a "nondual" standpoint of one sort of another), but your mileage may vary.

For my review on the IMDB, go here: