Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression

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Here are over 200 individual blogs. New findings are added to the bottom:

Jerry Katz's Nonduality Blog

Stillness Speaks:

Iamom's "Awaken to Nonduality": You'll meet many nondual-type LJ bloggers via this community.

These other Live Journals: Zen Within | Buddhists

Jody Radzik's Guruphiliac:

Gilbert Schultz's "Nonduality Notes": and The Urban Guru Cafe:

Bob Seal's "Nonduality Cartoons":

Charlie Hayes's "Awake Now":

Dhammaleaves (Josesiem's blog):

HarshaSatsangh blog:

Seeing and Being, blog of Dr. Harsh K. Luthar:

The Wild Things of God: spiritual awakening and enlightenment in today’s world:

Soul Surgery: About transformational inquiry with Carol L. Skolnick/Clear Life Solutions, incorporating The Work of Byron Katie:

Floyd Henderson's Advaita Vedanta blog:

Elysha videos -

Indistinct Union: Nonduality and Christianity:

This is Presence: Jeff Foster's Blog:

This Quantum World:

Michael Gluckman's on Knowledge and Religion:

A Far Distant Howl:

Two Mystics: A conversation about enlightenment, awareness, and reality:

Asherton's MySpace:

Venu's book excerpts:

Nisargadatta's Message, by Mark West:

Brother Bob's Spirit Happenings:

Zen Buddhism Dogen and the Shobogenzo:


MSayer's Weblog:

Flatbed Sutra, by Ted Biringer:

Poetry Chaikhana Blog: Sacred Poetry from Around the World: - a group blog for friends and students of Waking Down in Mutuality:

The Atma Enlightenment Blog:

Awake by Katie (Davis):

Arunachala and Sri Ramana Maharshi (David Godman's blog):

Happiness of Being - The Teachings of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi (Michael James's blog):

Advaita Fellowship - Wayne Liquorman:

Earth Evolution 101:

Higher Truth:

Leaping Lanka:

Gather the Men - A Man's Approach to Enlightenment:

Enlightenment for No One - Maury Lee:

Luminous Emptiness:

Mount and Mountain - a conversation between Rabbi Rami Shapiro and Dr. Mike Smith, a Christian pastor:


The Cleaver - Distilling Knowledge, Unplugging the Matrix, Surfing the Eschaton:

Scott Kiloby's Roshi - Non-duality, zen, enlightenment, satsang, the truth and awakening:

Spiritual Messages Related to Nonduality:

Bjorn Clausen:

Gina Lake's blog:

Nirmala's Endless Satsang Blog - A place to stay in touch with being:

Dropping a Paradigm:

John Astin's Out Beyond Ideas, Reflections on the Non-Dual Nature of Reality:

Books by Steve Abhaya Brooks:

Rodney Stevens's Radiance of Being:

Alan Chapman's Open Enlightenment:

Steve Williamson's Non-Duality blog:

The Hidden Variable:

Meg Hitchcock Art Blog (and Advaita):

Frames / Sing:

Binaural Beats 4 U:


Liberation from the Lie:

Christine Wushke:

Degrees of Emotion:

Tao Wow / Zen Taoism:

Wending A Way Home:

Spiritual Adventures:

Spiritual Messages Related to Nonduality:

Nothing Exists Despite Appearances:

Oum Namah Shivaya!

Living in the Embrace of Arunachala:

Nisargadatta Maharaj:

The Tony Pinfold Blog / Challenge Your Perceptions:


The Rudra Chronicles:

Being is Knowing:

Gay Mystic:

Sat Sangha Salon:

Buridan's Journey:

The Center for Non-Dual Studies and Practice:

Suzuki Roshi:

Advaita / Neo advaitism & Enlightenment:

Ganapati-Advaita Ashram (Nathan Spoon):

Tami Simon, Sounds True:

Wasatch Advaita:

You Are Seeing Oneness:

Just Rest (Vince Flammini):

Ramesam Vemuri. Beyond Advaita:

Shelley Souza:

You Are Dreaming (Randall Friend):

That Which Always Is (JD Hazlewood):

Alan Jacobs:

Gary Blonder. Gary's Words of Wisdom:

Jean Latz Griffin. God Swimming in God:

Son Rivers. Awakurious:

Adam Daniel Stulber:

Dr. Pavel Somov. Eating the Moment:

Breather Yoga:

Michael Thielmann:


Susan Foxton:

Maury Lee:

Nicholas Powiull:

Win Borsboom. Free by Nature:

Santosh Kunte:

Resting Awareness Speaks Now:

Peaceful Self:

Hal Manogue:

Kelly Jones. This Is The Infinite Speaking:

Sarah Austin:

Shambu Shan and Six Faces:

Arunachala Grace:

Inner Traditions:

Frithjof Schuon:

Ramana Alert:

Atma Jyoti:

Living Unconditionally in the Conditional World:

Sri Ramana Seva Ashram:

Mystic Lady's Musings:

Gary Weber. Happiness Beyond Thought:

In Search of Self:

Celebrating David La Chapelle:

Michaela Friedrich. Die Before You Die:

Nimur. Wandering Mind, Wandering Soul:

Edward Muzika. It Is Not Real:

Stuart. Random Thoughts.

Institute of Noetic Sciences:

Jeff Patterson. A Blog of Joy and (Dis)Quiet:

Lake Minnetonka Meditation:

Yoga, Tantra, Advaita Vedanta:

Advaita or Nondualism:

The Broken Bokken:

Francine Kelley. Source is You:

Out of My Mind Again:

Journal of Advaita Vedanta:

Brent Robison. Ultimate Indivisibility:

Authentic Movement Community:

My Journey to the Infinity:

Daily Cup of Tao:

Sage Sarojini. Silent Stillness:

Doug McMillan. 1Yoga2Many:

Wending A Way Home:

Self Discovering Self:

Ownerless Mind:

Jackie O'Keeffe:

Nondual Comedy:

Phil Burton.

Life As It Is:

Charlie Morris. Sky Meeting Ground:

Advaita Talk:

Beginners Rope:

Attasarana. Conversaciones entre el Ser and la Nada: (not english; but makes good sense even when read through google translate)

Hare Rama Hare Krishna: (blog composed entirely of selections from printed material on Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sri Ramakrishna Parahamsa)

Nemo's Notes:

Radical Tao:

Ramana Maharshi:

The Broken Yogi Samyama:

The PreCambrian Corner:

My Inner Work Journal:

The Greatest Service:

Bhagavan's Promises:

Jacquiline Hobbs:

Awaken to Truth. Michael Hall Binghamton:

Jay Michaelson. Nondual Judaism:

Conversations with Chris Bernard:

Beloved Yoga:

Greek and Latin Roots English Word Shoots. Discussing the fascinating Greek and Latin roots of English vocabulary words.

Experiential Transcendence:

Deconstructing Duality:

Aloha Sangha:

Mahamudra of Marpa:

The Words of a Mystic:

The Aware Consciousness:

The Zen of Cancer:


Silent Stillness:

Beginner's Rope. Oneness Seeing Oneness:

Jed McKenna:

Liminal Space and Everywhere Else:

This Unlit Light:

The Awakened Eye:

Wonderingmind Studio:

End of Seeking:

Howdie Talks:

Truth Realization:

Finding the Buddha:

Jeff Keller's Welcome to Nonduality: A Helping Hand As You Investigate What You Are:

AbideInSelf - The Nonduality Blog:

Spirit Happenings:

Stuart Kaufman's What Is The Answer and What is Question:

Abe Cherian's blog:

Prashant About India:

Vicki Woodyard's Nonduality Now:

Unanimous Tradition:

Tony's Page: Spiritual Journey and Musings:

Panilenivadu - Permanent Self-Abidance:

True Small Caps: Religion and Spirituality Book Reviews:

On the Philosophy of and Daily Struggle for Happiness:

Elizabeth MccDonald's Living from the Heart and Flying Free:

Berit Ellingsen's The Empty City, a novel about silence:

Berit Ellingsen's Ninja Wizard:

Integral Postmetaphysical Nonduality:


Emerge and See: Waking Up in an Insane World:

Zen Mirror:

Beyond the World:

Nonduality Living: Nondual Writings by James Waite:

Bonnie Greenwell's Awakened Living:

On the Precipice, exploring living by dying to every moment:

Judith Blackstone blog:


Apple and Leo:


Gregory Tucker's Life in the Dream:

Gregory Tucker's The Recovery Process:

Arise - Awake:

Nassim’s Journal. Nassim Haramein - Director of Research - The Resonance Project:

Nonduality America:

Grace is Now. Reflections on non-duality:

The Peaceful Self. Playing infinitely in a finite world:

Nondual Obsession:

Natural Resonance Revolution:

Non-Duality Advaita:

Ramana Maharshi: A Student's Journey. The Practice of Self-Inquiry in Daily Meditation:

Gord Clements:

La Columna de Jesus: Human consciousness expressed artistically in a XXI century social media tool-style:

Death Deconstructed:

Buddha Video - dhamra teachers: