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Nonduality Salon (/ \)


David Bozzi

I've read of certain African tribes that participate in sporting events in which there is no winner (or loser). There is no concept of winning and losing, in fact, incorporated in these 'micro-cultures'. They just participate. That is an example of true beauty and wisdom, no?

Listening To Mimes

Sailing along on hard.


On a city street.

Where strangers meet.

There's a curious blend of surrender and control.

A mime submits to nothing there.

Trapped in a box.

Like a participant. Sacrificed.

Under an Aztec sun.

(Heart carved and trembling)

The way I've acted...

(that's the wound lashing out.)

Orbit decays.

And crashes into the sun.

No muse.

Just the news.

(just beyond detection)

There's Divine space...

No time waiting for a cool breeze in Hell...

Nothing gets wasted.

(and nothing dies.)

In the city.

Silence breeds forever.

I see.

While listening to mimes.


Do you ever experience fear, pain or doubt?If you say no you are lying, (to yourself).

But we can choose to be honest and claim responsibility for what we see...

All seeking dies with the world.

My method is I remember to Listen.(usually after I've forgotten) Be patient. Enjoy the results, but don't go looking for them.

You *could* resonate with Love and operate from This perspective. You would be a

potent teacher and people would learn. You'd never have to mention a thing from

ACIM or the bible or whatever.

Awakening is inclusive. The need for other isn't denied, but rather one

realizes one *is*other.

Some recent observations:

An arrogant man must always wage war.

An arrogant man must always be on the defense.

An illiterate man with humility knows more than an arrogant man with a


An arrogant man with a valid point will not be heard.

An arrogant man despises the fool yet he cannot prevent himself from

being one.

An arrogant man finds security amongst the company of 'fools' whom he


An arrogant man would rather 'be right' than know Truth.

An arrogant  man cannot respect Nature.

Arrogance is stagnation.

Arrogance is a wall that separates one from Love.

An arrogant man is all alone.

My conclusion from this 'experiment':

Humility is a worthwhile path.

May the warmth of Humility bless you All.



I was going to write a poem.

But there's nothing to say.

Staring back at me.

A white blizzard snarls on an empty white page.

In defiance.

I used to be creative.


Anybody home?

Gosh it's really quiet.

I'd start a riot.

But there's no cause...

Like with a big bang.

That comes from nothing.

And blooms space and time

And stars and planets.

To expand forever and breathe.

Into iridescent hues


And spinning.

To a symphony

Of madness and order.

No, there is nothing.

I am empty.

I am a void.


(nothing more)

Oh look!

Over in the emptiness...


think I see a poem now.

In this worldly dream We are Children.

That's Our role. Healing.

Our inheritance is to be Co-Creators.

(As the Father/Mother wills)

But who lay *this* Claim?

(not yet, I have a body)

Are we created lacking?

Or is this some kind of experiment?

Discover Wholeness!

(it's Our inheritance)

Hi Dan. Even in the face of actual world ending evidence I still say we

shouldn't worry too much.


(anyone got the latest sea level reading?)

What do Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, the sandman, and ego

all have in common?

Confusion is fertile.Wisdom is simple.

If I make it complex or am attracted to a confused view,

Whose to blame?

Nothing keeps the light from the sincere at heart.

Would a wise teacher have you believe he could lead you to enlightenment?

Wisdom Tree

Stealth is a virtue.

To teach without personality.

Like a wisdom tree.

Learn to be.

Soil womb.

Fertile host.

Plant understanding.

Watch it grow.

With a minimal of effort.

Nature does the most.

Archetype seed.

Grows so fast.

To roots, to stems, to leaves.

Thriving on light.

Into a tree that lasts forever.


Wisdom tree speaks softly in Silence.

You want Freedom. (or do you?)Anyone who asks to experience the "IAM" or


you wish to call it

doesn't know what one asks for.

And yes, the whole cycle of reaching for that something(Freedom) is crap.

(But you never know, you may just stumble upon It)

Or, It stumbles upon us.

Be still.

It's Here...

So again I say there is only the Enlightened One.

Transcending all persona, ego, or limit.

This drops this futile question of "Am I enlightened or not and how can I tell?"

Who is this Enlightened One?

A Dream of Integration

I am helium.

I am the Titanic.

I am little.

I am gigantic.

I am fun.

I am tragic.

I am mundane.

I am magic.

I am the sun.

And the rain.

I am wise.

And insane.

I am none of what I've said.

I am something else instead.

But who?

But who?

Who am I?

I could never tell...

(oh well)

So listen...

To the sound and feel and vibe of Us

We're here


(For eternity...)

Transcending time

Transcending space

Expand beyond the human race...



The alarm clock blares.

Wake up!

(time to go to work)



While We walk together through this world Our lot is to remove the blocks to the

Awareness of Love.

Our lot in time is healing.

Peace and more Peace to All


Journey to

Earth and stone.

All alone.

She said, "yes."

But I said "no".

Now there's nowhere else.

Left to go.

Empty bowl.

Before a fireplace.

Just say please.

To the goddess of the Mind.



The nature of who I am.

Water boils.

I feel the heat of the burning Lake.

Fire to air.

(nothing is there)

The world is a fleeting moment.

Eternal Sunrise.

No surprise.

(Been here all along.)

Still in the Silence.

I am the chameleon.

Resting on invisibility.

Grab me by the tail

And it falls off.

Forever I am yours

If you leave me be...

Us be.


This is my perspective.There is only one Enlightened One.

As long as there is some experience of some type of body there is

an experience of some type of ego.

Who is Fully Enlightened?

A Goddess On the Beach

Seagull over a sea of distortion.

Misery and pain.

The poisonous rain.

Blesses me.

At the alter of some sacred place.

A dove this time races toward eternity.

It is still.

Light waves beam through clouds of persuasion.

There's a woman.

A goddess I suppose.

On a beach.

She picks up another shell.

Inspects it for clues.

Shakes her head and tosses it aside.

She looks straight up at the sky.

Ninety degrees.

And says,

"On this infinite beach I've searched,

The life span of universes and

still found nothing."

Then a voice, I suppose from the voice,

Of the One whom I addressed.

Vibrates from within my body.

My soul.

"I am in here.."


There once was a snowman who lived at the North Pole.All this snowman knew was

coldness and hardness.

It was a brittle, empty, and lonely world.

He had heard tales of a strange world where Life was Everywhere

and even sprung up from the ground. That was towards the Center

where there was something called Warmth. He traveled in the only

direction possible for every direction lead South. He walked and walked

until the landscape slowly began to change and transform. He noticed

new and interesting things he had never before imagined. The mysterious

yellow disc in the sky that used to come and go for such long durations

began to increase its' frequency of coming and going. This seemed to

effect everything, including himself. The cold, brittle ground began soften

as he did and he began to feel lighter and lighter. His cold, hard form began

to melt until eventually he merged into the life sustaining ground. He knew

that he was now very different from what he had always thought of himself.

He become one with a powerful stream that carried him further and

further toward the Center. Until eventually he was released into the Ocean

of his very Essence.

That's not the real issue. That's really a trick to get your attention off the

real issue.

Embrace. Embrace. Embrace.

Love. Love. Love.

Perception requires existence.

But is Self bound by any perception?

It's known that death is coming now. (or is it?)

Need a lesson in detachment?

Get familiar with your death NOW.