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Identity and Compassion
Copyright 1999, =Gene Poole=. All rights reserved.


The world-dream is everything that happens. Thus, nothing happens.

The 'actual' is the Unchanging One. I Am That. (Thou art That).

In the world-dream, change is inevitable, and attachment is the cause of
suffering. The primary attachment is _identity_, which is made of pieces of
the world-dream. Because everything in the world-dream changes, identity is
either ever-changing (to 'go with the flow' of change in the world-dream)
or it is static.

Static identity exists like a rock in the surf of the ocean; given time, it
will simply disappear. In the meantime, every wave is a threat. Over time,
as the rock shrinks in size, there is always the chance to let go of
identity, but too often, the rock (identity) blames and resents the ongoing
erosion. Man, being worn down by change, curses the fates.

Every rock is made of many particles; these particles are pieces of the
world-dream, aggregated through sense-impression. Thus, man seeks to add to
his aggregation by using his senses, in an attempt to forstall his
disappearance. In this way, a person is constantly resourcing the
world-dream, in order to re-inforce identity. This dependency upon the
world-dream is the primary attachment, the attachment to the world-dream as
the source of the reality of "self" (as opposed to Self, the Unchanging

The form and function of self is called 'ego', which is always under
threat, like the rock in the surf. Conseqently, the 'work' of ego is
self-protection, or immunity. Ego serves to stabilize self in a universe of
instability. Identity is thus 'ego', and thus subject to extinction,
because it dwells in and of the world-dream, which is every-changing, like
the weather.

Identity is given, and later reinforced. Because it is given, there is
something for it to be given to; and this something is thus, through
introduction of identity, misdefined. The nature of the misidentification
is that identity is dependent upon the world-dream; thus, everyone who is
given an identity is inducted into the world-dream. This implies several
things; we are a tribe of identified identifiers, bound to ego for
identity, perpetually fighting the essence of change (impermanence),
perpetually 'mining' the world-dream for attractive particles (gold) to add
to self (wealth), or sheer size of the ego or 'dreamer'.

"If" no identity is given, or if Being-nature is so strong that no given
identity 'sticks', the Unchanging One is in charge. If identity is released
gracefully, the Unchanging One takes charge. It is permitted to play, and
to awaken so-called 'others' to the nature of Me. That is how Divinity
walks in the world-dream, never taking it seriously. If Divinity were to
take the dream seriously, Divinity would become mortal. The compassion of
the Sacred Heart takes mortality seriously, and thus always proves that
mortality is a mistaken assumption. Arising from death, the Sacred Heart
liberates us all from dependency upon the world-dream.

Everyone has been gifted with misdefinition (illusion) of self; thus all
existing Beings struggle under a veil of ignorance which obscures That
Which Is, which is God, the Unchanging One. All of this vast play or drama
of life happens within That Which Does Not Change; in this way, the
world-dream happens within Me. If I take it seriously, I become mortal, and
will thus die. But death and mortality are aspects of the world-dream, from
which I awaken, or, in which I dream. Having known the dream and the
awaking, and realizing the nonseriousness of the dream, I choose to
playfully awaken those who walk beside me, dreaming. I am thus a character
in the world-dream, and also I Am The Unchanging One, as are You.

Nonattachment is the chief characteristic of the freedom from compulsary
dependency upon the world-dream for the stabilizing effect of world-dream
'nourishment'. Unstable, attached self/ego is voracious of appetite,
rebuilding itself against the incessant poundings of the surf of change.
Thus, appetite signifies addiction to the world-dream, and the taking of
the world-dream as primary reality. Self is Primary Reality; there is only

Self and self may walk hand-in-hand, until self disappears. This is coming
to maturity in the context of growth or 'personal evolution', and is
accomplished by compassion. Thus, compassion is the enabler of growth;
those who lack compassion (either giving of compassion or receiving
compassion) do not grow. Growth is enabled by compassion.

The Sacred Heart is Compassion. The identified self is not the 'real self',
but will release attachment to the world-dream only upon knowing
compassion. The self dies gracefully when in contact with the the
compassion of the Sacred Heart; the self dies gracefully when it is
absorbed into the Sacred Heart as it dies. True love is compassion, and
true love/compassion thus subsumes all concepts; compassion
tolerates/abides all delusion (the world-dream) and identity thereof. All
are absorbed by the Sacred Heart.

As the world-dream and its dreamers confer and carry identity, so the
Sacred Heart absorbs or subsumes identity.

Identity is the primary attachment to the world-dream or mortality. Self is
compassion and the end of dream-identity. Divine Playful Presence awakens
dreamer to Self.

Attachment to world-dream feeds ego; voracious ego is devoid of compassion,
and is essentially appetite. Divine cannibalism is the play of immortals
among mortals; the mortal who is taken into the 'stewpot' of the Master is
thus food for himself; once he gets a taste of himself, he spits himself
out, saying "I am not that". So is identity lost.

Thus, the Spiritual Master in Divine Play feeds the identified dreamer the
taste of himself, which leads to awakening from the world-dream.

Suffering is the bitterness of the taste of the dream; to release suffering
is to awaken.

There is no remedy for the suffering incurred in the world-dream; the world
dream is essentially toxic by nature, and is designed to be a short-term
womb from which self is born to Self. Compassion is the Sacred Heart of the
Divine Midwife, or the Mother of God.
God is already-always, and is thus the ground upon which the world-dream is
enacted; burial of the dead in the ground, symbolizes the Ground of Being,
or God, subsuming self at the end of mortality.

Loss of dream-identity is enabled by the compassion of the Divine, which is
called Grace.

Grace is a gift, as is Being. Thus, all Beings exist by Grace, live in
Grace, and suffer in Grace. There is nothing but Grace; the world-dream is
Grace, and the awakening from the dream is Grace. To live in gratitude is
to accept the gift of Grace. Death of ego is the acceptance of the true
nourishment of Grace, as opposed to the toxic false-nourishment of the
world-dream. Suffering connotes the toxic nature of the world-dream, and is
the impetus for growth.

Evil is the momentum which seeks to make the world-dream 'come true', but
in the world-dream, evil is always defeated; thus, in the world-dream, the
world-dream always dies, and Good triumphs over evil.

The nature of the perishability of the world-dream is that of an actual
dream; the dream dies when we awaken. Our reality, which is consciousness
or conscious awareness, is reborn upon awakening, as the sun rises, and as
the dream dies. To make the dream premanent, is to never awaken; but no
person can forstall the cosmic movements of the stars and the planets. As
the sun arises, we awaken, and so dies the dream-world.

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