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Continuation of Discussion on Power Vs. Force

by Gene Poole

Power Versus Force : The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior
by David R. Hawkins

Paperback (June 1995) Veritas Publications; ISBN: 0964326116; Dimensions (in inches): 0.85 x 8.46 x 5.43

I'm almost finished with my first read of the book, "Power Vs Force". I call it my first read because I am inclined to begin rereading the book just as soon as I finish it the first time. I've never had this inclination to immediately re-read a book before. Four times yesterday when reading certain passages, my body responded as if it were being 'injected with' something that was 're-writing' its DNA. ( I don't know how else to try to communicate this.) --Melody Anderson

I am glad, very glad, that you are finding value in the book "Power VS Force".

I found the book at a crucial time in my life, just after my 48th birthday. I have incorporated much of the wisdom into my daily existence, and I feel that I am greatly advantaged by my practice of observing the events of life through the POV offered by the author.

Power VS Force is also expressed in the writings known as the Tao Te Ching. The ancient Shamans of Asia, including the practitioners of Bon Po in Tibet, seem to have been firmly grounded in understanding the relationships spotlighted in this book.

Recently, there has been discussion of the diverse 'ways' of mysticism, and personal studies which have led to understanding of the mutuality of seemingly disparate methodologies and practices. I have found that all of what I consider 'valid' approaches to understanding and exploiting the technologies of consciousness, all essentially agree with the premises outline in Power VS Force.

Since you are 'on a roll' with this understanding, perhaps I may recommend another excellent book, which in a sense, can be said to overlap the realities illuminated in Power VS Force: (and which I rate as another/supreme/excellent 'DNA-popper'!)

_Magic Dance_

(The Display of the Self-Nature of the Five Wisdom Dakinis)

Author: Thinley Norbu

A quote, so relevant to our experiences here in NDS:

"The Buddha says that whoever understands magic compassion and whoever practices magic enlightenment is the best practitioner.

"Through magic, we can play using the secret potential of our elements. When we concentrate too seriously, then all elements gather together in serious conception, inner space becomes very congested and narrow, and where space is absent, there is darkness.

"In dark crowded space, there is no room for unobstructed mirror mind whose natural luminosity has been suppressed by serious mind. If there is no playmind luminosity, there cannot be clear, discerning Wisdom Mind which is the support and source of all qualities and phenomena. "

-Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, Magic Dance

About the author: (link may no longer be working.)

It is available here:

<,517895 8/yid,92995119/userId,09934E10-AAC5-4981-827EE51031BA9784/>

And a mention here, by our own David Hodges:

The reason Hawkins puts forth his information in the way that he does, is because it is a means of proving, which the self can relate to and understand. His information is designed to be personally tested, and verified, and so it cannot be offered as scientific proof of anything at all. Only individual testing can show a person what is going on.

His hypothesis is only valid in the realm of the human individual, not in the realm of science, which demands replicability across individual boundaries before it can be verifed as 'objective fact'.

There are no 'longitudinal studies' which confirm his statements, but there are thousands of people who by doing the experiments outlined in his book, have found a way to transcend the context of obligatory social conformity. Once that door is opened properly, it cannot be closed again, ever.

For myself, the equation of 'your force is my power' says it all. This realization solves the primary problem of 'I and thou' or self and other. It is a way of Being.

I can choose to share power as power, or as force. I have learned how to do that. And because there is limitless power, I have nothing to lose, unless I employ force for personal advantage.

To be defenseless can be seen as being invulnerable to attack.

I know that the colors can smear, still. Perhaps soon, definition will be absolute. Let it be so.

Quotes from Power Vs. Force (contributed by Melody Anderson):

"If we analyze the nature of force it becomes readily apparent why it must always succumb to power; this is in accordance with the basic laws of physics. Because force automatically creates counter-force, its effect is limited by definition. We could say that force is a movement. It goes from here to there, or tries to go from here to there against opposition. Power, on the other hand, is still. It is like a standing field that does not move. Gravity itself, for instance, does not move against anything. Its power moves all objects within its field, but the gravity field does not move."

"Force always creates counter-force; its effect is to polarize rather than unify. Polarization always implies conflict; its cost therefore, is always high. Because force incites polarization, it inevitably produces a win/lose dichotomy, and because somebody always loses, enemies are always created. Constantly faced with enemies, force requires constant defense. Defensiveness is costly, invariably, whether in the marketplace, politics or international affairs."

"We may observe how throughout history society has tried to "treat" social problems by legislative action, warfare, market manipulation, laws and prohibitions - all manifestations of force. - only to see these problems persist or recur despite the treatment. Although governments. or individuals,
proceeding from positions of force are myopic, to the sensitive observer it eventually becomes obvious that conditions of social conflict will not disappear until the underlying etiology has been exposed and "healed".

The difference between treating and healing is that in the former the context remains the same, whereas in the later the clinical response is elicited by a change in context, so as to bring about an absolute removal of the cause of the condition rather than the recovery from its symptoms."

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