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Nonduality Salon (/\)

Heirarchies Tribal and Solar

by Gene Poole
with commentary from Susan Carlson and Christiana Duranczyk

Mind rages around us like a great fire, ready to burn our fables to ash. But we persist in making objects, which are conclusions or 'beliefs'. These too must be incinerated in the core of the sun!

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Our primate nervous system is anything but vestigial, and consciousness 'as we know it' is built atop the ancient bicameral mind.

The bicameral mind, as a gambit for species survival, worked so perfectly, that the human population increased to the point that tribal warfare became not only incessant, but deadly. At this point, was consciousness 'as we know it' invented.

Consciousness 'as we know it' is also called 'ego-consciousness', and ego is essentially a force of mediation or referee. Ego mediates between the arisings of the bicameral mind, and the criteria of identity. Identity is an assemblage of mutally cohesive memory fragments, which are acquired through life experience.

Consciousness 'as we know it', or ego-consciousness, intercepts the constant transmissions from the bicameral mind, or 'id'. 'Ego the referee' blows the whistle on foul plays, as certified by the criteria of of identity, which is learned social egalitarianism.

Chief among the residual aspects of the bicameral mind, is the persistent arising of the spirit of the alpha-male primate tribal chief, or as HE is otherwise know, 'God'. Primate tribal life as perpetuated by bicameral mind, provided for the appearance of Big Chief Alpha-Male God, even in the absence of other living Beings. We continue to have this hallucination, whenever 'consciousness as we know it' wavers or breaks down. Under those conditions, 'God' makes an appearance, issues orders, emits glamors, and generally compels obedience to the way of the tribe.

Schema of layers of consciousness: (hierarchy)

* (invisible space as receptive 'female' emptiness destination)

* Top: Higher Self, Self, Universal Spirit (Superego)

* Middle: 'Ego-consciousness' ('Ego', 'Do-er') =
= (Identity [ego plug-in] =
= acquired criteria for social regulation)

* Lower self: (substrata collectively known as 'id')

-Bicameral mind (survival strategy)

-Physical layer of Being (possibility of reproduction)

-Organisation of DNA (cohesion by ordering principle)


* Self (active ordering principle/ thrust/ 'male' issuance)

If you carefully examine the above list, you will see that Self rests upon Self; from Self, emanates the entire hierarchical structure, and atop of this structure, is poised Self.

As we do not see where we came from (Self), we also do not see where we are going (Self). We thus do not see what is in between the arising of everything from Self, into Self, as Self, and finally and 'eternally' as Self.

The beginning Self is emptiness, and arising in this selfsame emptiness, comes forth organized (according to periodicity) matter, and patterned flesh (bound by DNA), a mobile bit of food on the run, chasing other food on the run.

Now arises the bicameral mind, to spare the individual the fatal effects of individuality (ignorance) and share the collective (tribal) wisdom; the group survives, but the price for survival is to live always in hierarchy under the eye and hand of the Top Monkey/Alpha-Male/Tribal Chief or as we know him now... GOD.

Consciousness was invented in order to halt the incessant tribal warfare which was a direct result of the success of the bicameral mind!

Warfare became a way of life (holy war) between tribes SIMPLY BECAUSE each tribe had a unique God, as unique as each lineage of tribal Alpha-Male/Chief. It was the clash of the Gods, which compelled endless bloodshed, and which eventually necessitated the invention of consciousness, identity, and egalitarian social systems.

Ego consciousness means "ability to know the difference".

The human ability to cogitate/think/calculate depends upon or actually emanates from the bicameral mind. It is the eternal conversation between the two hemispheres of the brain, which is the basis for the cyclic interaction of the inductive-deductive phases of thought. It is this cyclic digestion of sense-data, also referenced to remembered information, which is generally called 'mind'.

We can become acutely aware of the internal conversation, and furthermore, we can attain veto power over any conclusion drawn by this ancient computer. We can choose to suspend any actions which would emanate from any conclusion. We have the power, if we choose to employ it in service of abiding, in abiding the conversation, and in abiding the impulse to react.

So recently have humans gained consciousness, that our recent history is peppered with records of purely bicameral behaviour. The deep-seated impulse to 'purify the race/tribe' can be seen in the actions of many cults, including the Third Reich of Germany under Adolph Hitler.

So recently have humans gained consciousness, that we have not yet learned to call in the referee in times of great tribe-ulation. Still, the shimmering and magnetic image of the God of the tribe is hallucinated by those who are in crisis, those who feel disenfranchised, those who have been banished from their own tribal lands. In the absence of an actual God, the projected/hallucinated God takes command, bypassing the enfeebled and unskilled referee, and launching holy war upon those whose
God differs from tribal specifications.

It does little to no good to appeal to those whose bicameral minds have stolen control; it does more good to appeal to the referee, to rebuild the referee, to construct if need be, a referee from whole cloth. It is possible to teach consciousness, and it is possible to for a teacher of consciousness to 'transmit mind' to an other.

The tradition of the 'transmission of mind' is best preserved and practiced as Zen. The master, who is a teacher of consciousness, may employ the koan in order to disable the regressive reasoning of the student. Sudden awakening occurs when the transmitted (contagioned) 'mind' has taken root and has successfully co-opted the entire hierarchy of consciousness within the student. Suddenly, the whole human organism is slaved or entrained by the imperative of space itself. In this moment, emptiness prevails; in this moment, the receptive has opened to the thrust of Being, and linkage has occurred.

In this moment, there is connection from the very core of the planet, through the root of Being (matter) and refined through the existing protocols of self-organisation, to emerge from the crown, as a beam of ultraviolet 'light'; this light connects with the ultraviolet 'aura' of the planet. A loop of connection has occurred; lower has connected with higher, and the two are one, at last.

The receptive (space) has always more room than there is matter to occupy it; it is up to the human to figure how to make this connection. Fortunately, there is a lineage of teachers of consciousness among us. Mind can be transmitted, and received.

Mind rages around us like a great fire, ready to burn our fables to ash. But we persist in making objects, which are conclusions or 'beliefs'. These too must be incinerated in the core of the sun!

What feeds the core of the Earth, comes from the core of the Sun; and the Sun itself is fed its own information of existence, from the Diehold, which itself reflects Self-organising principle. From the Diehold emanates information of existence; matter which obeys this principle, comes to directly reflect the nature of the Diehold itself.

Temporary, we feel the caress of entropy in the of embrace of emptiness, and know love. We know love which embraces wholly, our failure to carry through with the inevitable transmigration of matter into energy, during our short span. Our crude atomic technologies are a mere shadow of the nuclear metabolism which will someday power us to drink directly from the Sun itself.

* Or you can bypass the Sund and go to the Diehold

Comment by Christiana Duranczyk

Gene - breathing the crucible of fire, stream and space

Dear Gene..

I spent the day in direct relationship with the precision of your words... entrained through the various portals you hold open. Pulsations of lightfire, wateressence and spaceheart. Crucible and breathe.

As I read your commentary on the 'diehold', its holography as an archetypal mold, as well as it's relationship with suffering, I was moved by the homonym... dye. For the dye to 'hold', salt is used, and the fabric is colored forever as such; unless, of course, other 'agents' intervene. I then thought about salt, and the salt produced by the tears of suffering. As if on 'cue' your last lines spoke....

To identity, reality tastes like salt-water; but for the realizer, it is the purest spring

to saltless tears from the font of pure beauty... to relaxing and being absorbed by the space 'outside'..

What is a diehold?
Gene Poole responds to Susan Carlson

Hi Susan,

You asked "what is a diehold"?

That is a fair question. As I wrote my article, I assumed that I would be able to give a weblink to the primary page which explains all this. But, the link now leads only to an empty directory.

Instead, go to this link:


This is the first chapter of the book 'Reality Revealed' by Doug Vogt.

To proceed with reading the book online, you must manually change the URL by replacing the chapter number in your browser location window like this, to go to chapter 2:


Just keep on manually changing the chapter number and you can read or download the entire book, if it is all there. (If you 'save as... source' to a specific folder on your local disk, you will have the whole book to read at your leisure.)

Here is a link to a discussion of the diehold on a list allied to NDS:


Here are some other links which discuss the diehold:

Highly technical:



The term 'diehold' seems to have been coined to describe 'a place (like the hold of a ship) which holds the forms, templates, or 'dies' (a metalworking term) which pattern reality itself.

This would necessarily mean that the diehold is 'outside of reality', and that it 'transmits the information of existence' which organizes (gives rise to) 'all of what is'.

Perhaps you have heard the phrase 'the die is cast' or 'the die has been cast'. This has nothing to do with gambling or dice; instead, it refers to a mold (die) which has been cast (made).

Once the mold is made, everything which comes from it, will have the shape of the mold. 'The die is cast' thus states that a pattern has been laid down, and thus subsequent events will conform to the pattern. This phrase lends itself to assumptions about the future being predictable, once patterns are seen in the present.

We can notice patterns in the present, and we are fond of speculating about origins. Plato put forth a concept of a place or dimension where the 'original forms and essences' are located, and he stated that this place of origins was beyond direct human touch, IE, 'out of reality' as is the diehold.

One of the greatest obsessions of modern science it to 'reverse-engineer' the universe, to be able to put hands on the most elementary controls of existence. Our experiments with atomic bombs and nuclear energy reflect this deep drive to uncover 'the philosopher's stone', or the key to everything.

The leveling effect of 'nondual realization' and 'nondual studies' allows the space and time for the observer to come to realize that the only way to gain control of the universe, is to be outside of it.*

We can gain control of the world-dream by being outside of it; we can gain control of identity by being outside of it. We can relax and abide the flux of phenomena, to eventually 'see' all of this.

At some point along the way, it becomes apparent that the drive to 'understand' emanates from suffering. Understanding in-service-of 'control of the universe' seems to be an understandable, if actually unworkable, motive in response to the realization of mortality and vulnerability. The mortal vision of death is an attempt to peer closely at what cannot be seen, because it (death) is 'outside of this universe' in the realm of the diehold.

The drive to understand is similar to the impulse which drives the salmon to to return to the place of its origin. In a sense, the diehold is the 'spawning ground' of existence. But realize that peering intently at nothing, with the intent to escape death, is to put off the experience of smelling the roses of existence. We are showered with blessings beyond imagining, yet shrug them off in our obsession with death and mortality. We have not only clues, but we ourselves as awareness, are the answer we seek.

It is the troublesome seeking of a vantage point 'outside', which blinds us to our true position. We seek 'objectivity' and seek to overcome frivolity and volatile memory, for purposes which arise wholly from suffering. Our lifestyles are an ongoing confession of suffering, overlayed with a thin coating of glossy and unjustified confidence. Why the disparity between what is and what we assume 'should be'?

Suffering breeds idealism; idealism is compensation for the animal fear of death. Humans who experience the connection I describe in my previous posting, see very clearly that human concerns are generally a frantic expression of lostness and disconnect. And this disconnect is facilitated by the attempt to get beyond death, to escape/migrate/spawn to the diehold, which exists ourside of this universe, and is otherwise known as the eternal Heaven afterlife.

On the other hand, to simply abide 'in the here and now' will reveal reality as no book is capable of. Our door is being consistently 'knocked on', but
our frantic poundings on our own side of the door make it impossible to hear the gentle request for entry which is emanating from 'the other side'.

We are literally awash in communications of 'truth', yet persist in attempts to decode what we assume has been hidden in the folds of time and space and energy and matter. 'Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink'. To identity, reality tastes like salt-water; but for the realizer, it is the purest spring

Gene Poole

(* Note: I am already 'coming from outside of it'.)

Susan Carlson responds to Gene Poole

The light of recognition goes warm... :)

I have not gone to the links yet but I will tell you that without reading what has been written I think we are in the same ball park.

You write:

The term 'diehold' seems to have been coined to describe 'a place (like the hold of a ship) which holds the forms, templates, or 'dies'
(a metalworking term) which pattern reality itself. This would necessarily mean that the diehold is 'outside of reality', and that it 'transmits the information of existence' which organizes (gives rise to) 'all of what is'.
I must say up front that I am *not* a techno-engineering babe. I am of the kinesthetic, mystic experience, visonary sub species. I leave the explaining how it works to the techo mages.

When I first 'woke up' about ten years ago, I began to have a series of 'downloading' or 'chunking' experiences that still happen to this day. I would be 'in state' and feel, hear info being downloaded into me at an almost instantaneous rate. ( I have found this is a common experience among some of my awake female friends.) I wouldn't hear the info per se but I could hear the sound as the object volume size was chunked into me. Later, I would begin to have epiphanies which I think were experiences of
understanding and bringing to surface awareness this info.

One day about 5 or 6 years ago, I was sitting on my couch staring out the picture window, daydreaming. (one of my favorite activities) Out of the blue, as these things are apt to happen, I had an epiphany. This epiphany was this: I am an organizing field of consciousness and also the Universal Field of Consciousness. I am It and part of it. As a creatrix I call together a template with which to 'extrude' universal 'stuff' or energy. This causes the process of manifestion from immaterial to material. The successful manifestation of what I want to create depends on my clarity of intent and the condition of the 'boundary' between I and i. From the I standpoint looking towards i there is no boundary. From the i standpoint looking towards I, the boundary lately is looking like a leaky permeable membrane. ( good news for me)

We can also look at this as creating patterns of the future but I am reserving the right as an I outside of reality to change the patterns that do not serve me. I may be just stroking the little i here...but, I think I am in the ball park with you...I am just looking at the microscopic view rather than the macroscopic.

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