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Nonduality Salon (/\)

In and Out Too Fast to Perceive

by Gene Poole

Only one person really knows how to play ping-pong
Or ride a horse
Or make tea

Only one person can appreciate how food tastes
Or perform mathematical computations correctly
Or read and understand this posting

Only one person at a time, actually
While all have the capacity
It travels between people

A fixed body of perceptions
Shared by all
In a rotational schedule

That is why there is always a champion
Always a loser
And always a chance

The same with 'enlightement'
Spread the word about the best tea
Spread the word about the most excellent enlightenment

Recognize the possibility
So that when it is your turn
You can have it for a moment

Publicize the possibility
Advertise the reality
Because as we know from experience

100 people can drink the best tea as a group
All appreciating the taste seemingly together
This points out the speed of the rotational schedule

So it is not a matter of having and possessing anything
It is a matter of being open to sharing what is
And that is enlightenment.

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