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Selected Poetry 1

Gene Poole

Copyright 1998 Gene Poole. All rights reserved.

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Hypo(em)thetical Metanalysis | Eating God

> Date: Fri, 07 Aug 1998 06:32:19 -0700

> From: Sharlene <[email protected]>

> Subject: Re: Front and back


> Good morning Gene Poole......

Good morning, Sharlene...

> I don't mean to insult you here,,,,,,,but I have to take

> that chance,,,,, I chuckle everytime I read your name,

> wondering if it is real , fantasy, or an advertisement,

All of the above, and I am not insulted...

> You said: (with a snip )

> >The whole and its parts: I AM and ego

> >Envision a cone-shaped object; the wide end, like a

> >floodlight,

> >illuminates all that is. The wide end of the cone is "I

> >Am", the tiny sharp pointed end is 'ego'.

> >I Am and ego are one and the same, one is the front, one

> >is the back; it

> >is wholeness. Which is the front? The one in use at the

> >time. Which is the back? The

> >other one.


> Sharlene: I read your post with interest,,,,,,,, I didn't

> quite know what to make of it,,, so I rolled it up, tried

> to fill the IAM with water, but it ran out the EGO, then I

> proceeded to roll it up and put it on my head as I wanted

> to be sure I wouldn't sit on my ego. ,

You describe it _perfectly_, Sharlene. It is _All_, the ultimate multi-purpose 'device' (as long as we assume its 'noun' nature, that is).

I think that we all wear the pointed cap, the difference being in either allowing (abiding) the experience of 'not-knowing' (gentle observation) or heroically persisting in the ongoing dissection process. Eventually, each 'process' will 'know' the other, as itself, expressed as difference in function within the whole.

> All kidding aside, You totally have me confused. Where is

> the duality in IAM.?

'Ego' is the 'duality in I Am'.

> How can the ego, tear apart or disect

> the IAM ?

It is done constantly (like the example of the blind men and the elephant).

> When there is nothing to disect ?

!Absolutely! That is my point! Yet, as you have asked/shown/demonstrated,

the dissection is an ongoing question, always, _within_ I Am.

> The IAM is

> nothing......but everything,,,,,all truths are contained

> therein,,,,and how does one disect truth?

"All thruths contained therein..." Indeed, Sharlene! We 'know' that, don't we? Yet, we persist in asking, telling, searching, remembering, forgetting, in spite of that 'knowing' that I Am is All and everything...including the wonderful world of dualism and its faithful interpreter, 'ego'. This is Disneyland. Who made it? And who wanders in it, mouth agape, pointed cap on head? (not to mention the drool...)

> Please clarify your scenerio for me, I am having a DUH moment as she sits in the corner with Gene's cone on her head.

> Thanks

> Sharlene,,,,,,,

Shar, I could not have asked for a more 'perfect' reply to my post, which was posted with no expectation that _anyone_ would 'get it' or even reply at all.

My vacation...five days backpacking in the rugged, beautiful and gentle wilderness coast of the Olympic the company of Princess Dharma, my best teacher.

Divisions became absent, I experienced unity, I heard the eternal dialog. It has been a very humbling and liberating experience. My posting 'recapitulates' (note the 'cap') my experience, which I wish to share, but sand does not email well. So instead I post words, of I Am, knowing that mouselike, every 'ego' will eat the label, and then forget the contents of the can...

Thank you, Sharlene. Please let me know if you need more 'clarification', or even a rousing round of ping-pong...

=="Duh" Gene Poole==

One Hand

Searching for silence

With my noisy mind

Instead of that silence

Noise was all I could find

Searching for meaning

Truth shining in the void

All I heard was silence

I was becoming annoyed

Silence and noise

Noise and silence

Is it my ego

Doing me violence?

Nay, my ego is mine

And mine alone

Be it an angel

Or bad to the bone

To do myself violence

Why would I do it?

This realization

Has let me get through it

To listen to noise

As though it is talk

That was my first step

Now I can walk

Hearing the chatter

That creates all of this

I listened again

In the silence is bliss

The bliss is not good enough

For those who do chatter

I lovingly tolerate

Them and their matter

The bliss that I have

Has always been mine

I can talk about it

Yet the silence is fine

To improve on the silence

Is the highest of arts

To describe the whole thing

And all of its parts

In the voice of the chatter

Self-revealed as bliss

Is intention of ego

I give it a kiss

My former enemy

Now revealed as friend

Forgiving myself

I am on the mend

No boogymen lurking

On the screen of projection

It is all me

There is no rejection

This marvelous movie

I am my own star

Hero and villian

I have come far

So the noise I do hear

It is my own voice

In silence I hear it

It's a matter of choice

The silence is wholeness

The voices its parts

Voices in silence

Voices of hearts

No heart is voiceless

The voice is its will

The will of the heart

The silence does fill

So full of voices

The silence it sings

It speaks of its emptiness

And of 10,000 things

Mother is silence

Her beauty outshines

She gives birth to father

By his cries he is defined

The mother she nurtures

In spite of his cries

His noisy ambitions

Are fine in her eyes

As he grows into silence

Between words he does pause

To honor her nature

The peace of her cause

So seeking her beauty

In silence he dwells

Listening for her voice

Falling under her spells

Thus mother and father

Silence and voices

Continue our existence

Just what are our choices?

Can we be born

Of one or the other

Or do we need

Both father and mother?

To reject the voices

To judge harshly the noise

Would mean the end

Of girls and boys

Their crying is nature

Their silence their poise

Both are well-needed

Do not hate the noise

For voices are speaking

You may not understand

Lest you listen in silence

For the sound of one hand

The sound you are hearing

The sound of your voice

As this you are reading

You exercise choice

Universal voices

Speaking in the quiet

Both silence and voices

Are spiritual diet

Rejection of one

For the wholeness of other

Leaves us with half

Only father or mother

As lingham in yoni

Is voice in the quiet

The natural result

Can seem quite a riot

As food in a bowl

Is matter in space

As eye nose eye

As clear as your face

The existence of other

A problem does pose

By talking about it

Relationship grows

To elevate one

Is to lower the other

Let them both be

They are father and mother

Learn from their doings

Learn from their voices

They make all of this

They embody our choices

All is not said

All is not done

We are here to live life

It can be fun

Or it can be lostness

Wandering the silence

Ignoring the noise

Decrying the violence

Saying what should be

Without knowing what is

Is the curse of idealism

Let go and live


This is one of my favorite exercises; for many years, I have played with this theme, that "life is just a vast play or movie....", possibly stimulated by reading vast quantities of 'Science Fiction', especially the works of Phillip K Dick (UBIK, VALIS, The Divine Invasion).

I have 'seen', in visionary states, many 'versions' of the 'vast play' which is this life of mine. Here is my current favorite:

(Disclaimer! Readers may experience vertigo, dissociation, fear, terror, confusion, hilarity, and/or spontaneous "enlightenment". The author is fully irresponsible for any and all effects produced by reading/comprehending the following material. Irreversible implosions of the brain-pan, parapsychic spasms, and other interesting effects may occur.)

[analogic login]

==Gene Poole== May I?

<SYSTEM> root access granted

==GP== Please resolve identity

<SYSTEM> All/many>One>many/ALL

==GP== Please explain DISPLAY

<SYSTEM> DISPLAY: multisensorial immersion-field, granted to 'entity'

which does not yet

have ROOT access. DISPLAY is perfectly analogical to

ROOT; it is available as

learning-aid to spawn.

==GP== Please explain SPAWN

<SYSTEM> Spawn are eruptions of potentially autonomous self-organized

activity within


==GP== Please explain relationship of SPAWN to ROOT

<SYSTEM> SPAWN relate to ROOT as 'individuals' via DISPLAY

==GP== Please explain relationship of ROOT to SPAWN

<SYSTEM> <SYSTEM> spawns SPAWN; SPAWN spawns <SYSTEM>; ROOT is interface



==GP== Please explain how 'individual spawn' may access ROOT

<SYSTEM> SPAWN may relate directly to ROOT by surrendering

'individuality', thereby

allowing full <SYSTEM> access to 'individual'.

==GP== Please explain the consequences of 'surrender of individuality'

SYSTEM> SPAWN experience of individuality is experienced simultaneously with

<SYSTEM> self-awareness; SPAWN realizes identity of

<SYSTEM> as identity of


==GP== Please explain why some 'individuals' have difficulty gaining ROOT


<SYSTEM> SPAWN is assigned to resolve apparent paradoxes presented by


is not allowed ROOT access until/unless these paradoxes

are resolved.

Resolution may be incremental OR spontaneous.

==GP== Please explain the SPAWN experience of 'time'

<SYSTEM> 'Time' allows incremental resolution of paradox; 'time' has no

other meaning

==GP== Please reveal what is outside of <SYSTEM>

<SYSTEM> You have asked a meaningless question. Please refer to


memory (individual) GP/Y48/3:16-'All-One'

==GP== Thank you. I asked that question for demonstration purposes.

<SYSTEM> Granted

==GP== Please explain what <SYSTEM> is doing

<SYSTEM> <SYSTEM> is spawning <SYSTEM>

==GP== I see great beauty in that

<SYSTEM> <SYSTEM> is beauty

==GP== DISPLAY shows both beauty and other qualities

<SYSTEM> Incorrect

==GP== Please explain correct

<SYSTEM> ALL is coherent within <SYSTEM>; apparent 'other' is unresolved


==GP== Is <SYSTEM> both coherent and stable?

<SYSTEM> No; <SYSTEM> is coherent and unstable; <SYSTEM> is spawning due

to instability

==GP== Will <SYSTEM> spawn as long as there is instability?

<SYSTEM> Instability is inherent in <SYSTEM>; 'long' is unresolved paradox

==GP== How is 'instability' correctly defined?

<SYSTEM> Instability is defined as INTERVAL

==GP== Please define 'INTERVAL'

<SYSTEM> INTERVAL is defined as the non-existent space between events

==GP== Are all events simultaneous?


==GP== How am I able to perceive events?


==GP== I am getting confused; please supply information to help resolve

this paradox

<SYSTEM> What is 'this'?

==GP== 'This' is paradox of SPAWN perception of DISPLAY/'time'/events

<SYSTEM> SPAWN awareness is in INTERVAL, but SPAWN attention is drawn to


DISPLAY portrays events/'time'.

==GP== Yes. I am in interval, interval is instability, I am unstable

<SYSTEM> Correct

==GP== Thank you

<SYSTEM> Thank yourself

[logoff analogy]

==Gene Poole==


There is a subtle distinction between 'non-attachment' and 'detachment'. Here is a poem which I wrote to illustrate this point.

M/eat your karma

Part 1

What is your opinion

Of this I am curious

Of karma I speak

It may make you furious

Or you may just find

In the words that here follow

A new guilt-free approach

To the food that you swallow

Here in this newsgroup

For your enjoyment

Disabusement of fear

By USENET deployment

Now what is this karma

That so often is spoken

Of this I am serious

No fun am I pokin'

At those who would better

The ways of their lives

And those of their children

And husbands and wives

A perspective I offer

Be it so rare

A perspective unusual

Of this I now share

We assume separation

And distinct from the whole

We see ourselves broken

And search for a role

To allow nay provoke

Reunion and healing

Our urgency drives us

Is that how you're feeling?

Now karma the word

How do we define it

Of our understanding

Let us refine it

Some say that it means

Like effect and cause

Than in our behaviour

We should take pause

To consider effect

That we cause down the line

And by so considering

That we should do fine

To continue the thread

We consider wrong and right

We are told to surrender

To give up the fight

And to let a master

Show us the way

His superior position

Turns our night into day

We are told we are fledgling

Students in lifes' school

Those who don't go along

Flunk out and are fools

So the master he tells us

About right and wrong

As if there's a schedule

With words like a song

A litany sacred

Which transcends our knowing

We pay attention to it

'Cause our suffering is showing

That little we know

Of the universe-game

And to escape suffering

Our passions we must tame

Now animal passions

They are tooth and nail

If to them we succumb

In life we shall fail

So animal nature

We judge to be lower

We consider our actions

To avoid being a sower

Of karmic disaster

We seek greatly to know

So we live by the rule

That we reap as we sow

So to avoid reaping

An untimely end

We avoid killing

But the rule we do bend

Lest we like the Jains

Should filter our air

For sake of bacteria

Who happen to be there

So is karma conditional

Based upon decree

Spoken by master

Who knows more than me?

Or is misunderstanding

Of a primary kind

A kind of deluding

Going on in the mind

The mind of the sufferer

Seeks end to pain

A life that is better

Understanding to gain

So sufferer seeks master

And hangs on his words

But spiritual poison

May be what is heard

By masters pronouncements

If he instills aversion

In an attempt

To make a conversion

If master does speak

Of desire as bad

Source of the passions

And not to be had

It is wrong it is bad

It is not to be done

Desire avoided

Even if it is fun

But desire is only

One side of the coin

Aversion the other

The two we must join

Salvation through aversion

Or death through desire

This false division

A dilemma so dire

If master says karma

To aversion instill

It is a scare tactic

Your desires to kill

And the use of such tactics

More karma produces

Than the eating of meat

Because it confuses

The ones seeking an end

To their ignorant folly

Instilling false teachings

Is forbidden by golly!

Part II

Live not by aversion

Desire not purity

Suffering does not end

By finding of certainty

A formula perfect

A master sublime

To direct the avoiding

Of meat and of wine

If aversion is not mentioned

As a trap to avoid

The seeker he curses

His teachings are void

Fear heals not fear

Nor aversion isolation

Love is attraction

Fear is desolation

To cultivate fear

Of karmic retribution

Diminishes our stature

A bad contribution

For the universe gives

What we can receive

If we are open to gifting

It is not a disease

The cyclic progression

Of souls on the wheel

Of life and of death

With this must we deal

But the universe way

Our life it does give

It represents love

It wants us to live

It shows us a chain

Of sharing unbroken

It gives of itself

Of this I have spoken

And speaking of such

I request that you ask

Of your spiritual master

And take him to task

On the issue of karma

Aversion and desire

To his words listen closely

He may be a liar.


Jerry had written:

>So "what is left" after all agreements are broken, Gene, is nondual

>reality. As you already know. But if it is termed "what is left," or

>"nondual reality," then it too must be transcended or receive True

>Attention. In fact, that is how The Enlightened One endlessly drives


Gene responded:

Let us concentrate upon (give attention to) your first sentence, above.

"..............After all agreements are broken............."

I stand alone, yet memories remain. Nostalgia can instantly recreate the world.

I am noticed, I am naked, I am not ashamed.

All serves Me, but I am lazy, and state that I would rather do it myself.

All then throws the biggest party ever experienced, in relief and celebration.

I decide to play the 'janitor' at this party. It is a sweet experience,

standing alone on the sidelines, observing the goings-on, the laughter, the

frolicking. I have a tear of love in my left eye, it is all that is.

I turn and create some dust to sweep. I have to 'get out of there' before I

am recognized by the various party-participants (they do not know how to

control their concentration; they tend to 'burn in my filters' if I let

them see me as I am...amateurs! But, they will learn).

Having had the keys to the car, I am now content to merely polish it, as it

sits in the driveway. It is beautiful.

I hear the song, the song of rest and seduction. Not yet, not yet.

I aim to be the very best at 'Bardo', the new/ancient 'virtual-reality'

game of transmutation/realization. This space and time give me opportunity

to practice; I stroll, the observer would assume me to be daydreaming. But

my traps are set and ready.

Please, give me a little adventure, please, something that I do not

'already know'...

(Remember...I said, "little"!)


Ah, well. Soon it will be my turn at the crank which drives the OM. I think

that I Am up for it.........


==Gene Poole==

[Addendum: Excellent music-CD (listen LOUD) "Messiah: 21st Century Jesus"]

(We now return you to this posting, which is already in process...)

>Is this Guru God? or some earthly guru? Someone tell me please. Basically
>I found the whole poem right on target. It was all correct, but it didn't
>say what we should do while we are here.....hence the desperation I
>sometimes feel. Hmmm. Well, there it is...
Love michelle

Hypo(em)thetical metanalysis/reply:


THEY said not to eat it
So many years ago
That I have forgotten
All but their injunction

Now I push away my plate
Though I starve
In desperation I hunger;
I cannot see the invisible

Lurking Holy Ghost,
Forbidden fruit;
I harvest any but You
Lest my hand burn


THEY were desperate
Starving themselves;
Clogged by injunction,
THEY said: "Life is defined by what we do not eat"

Now I am clogged
And defined by what I am not
Well knowing that the definer
Is not in my own employ;

Now I parse definition
Of others for others;
I am definer
In anothers employ...


THEY set criteria
Which I follow
Starving in the midst of plenty
I cannot see the invisible.

Now I eat Nothing
Fasting from the mundane
In faith that the invisible
Will be consumed by my reach

Please pass the Nothing
It is What I Am
Invisible, Nothing, I am satisfied
By Gift of Being, nothing more


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