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Convervations with Gloria Lee.

Gene Poole

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Groove Editing

Re: Gloria/groove-editing

Hi Gloria! <Are we having fun yet?>

quoting Gene:
>The 'knowing' of the knower is display in consciousness. Display may
>display any knowing. If the knowing of seeing is displayed as the knowing
>of hearing, synesthesia results.

Are we "allowed" then to read only as fast as we can talk/hear??...or as
fast as we can know???

Gene: Gloria, I am glad that you put " quotes around "allowed". Even so,
are you asking me what I allow? I have nothing to allow or disallow.
Although I am the ultimate authority in my world, yours is sovereign to
you. Why did you ask this question?

Excuse me, but I like to just "flash on it" with reading signs or I do skim
and speed read meaningless drivel that does not really interest me to know
in the first place. Not every word is worth the time to pay this much
attention to. If this results in synesthesia, so what? I know what I need
to know...maybe its just a stop sign, so I stop.

Gene: What are you arguing here... what are you saying? What-what is "so
what"? And what "it" is a stop sign, and what stops?

What does your "Excuse me" mean? Are you interrupting me? Why that
expression? Are you contradicting... if so, what?

I can say this:

What you say does not alter what I have said.
You express opinion; the expression of your opinion may alter my opinion.
Your relationship with speech, hearing, and understanding are chosen and
dictated (no pun) by you. You are the final arbiter of meaning within

If you are aware of synesthesia as an occurance within yourself, it is
possible that you are creating this 'condition' to mask or screen unwanted
meanings which have been projected upon you by others. To deliberately
dispel synesthesia may be to also reveal the projected meanings. Such
revealing _could_ lead to eventual expurgation of such projected meanings.


Quoting Gene:
>The remedy for the disease of reading, is to practice hearing. Because
>written words are the hearing understanding and knowing of the writer, the
>remedy for the disease of hearing may be practiced by listening while
>reading. Hearing what is being read, overcomes the
synesthesia-producing effect of seeing what is heard.

Gloria: I have listened to books on tape...and sometimes that seems to go
too fast does not allow you time to pause and savor or think about
what you just heard. If I prefer to go at my own pace, visual reading
allows me to do that better than hearing. Thus, the knowing MAY become more
accurate this way, too.

Gene: You say "So" (above)... what does that mean? Does it mean "therefor"?

You say "MAY", which is 'might' or 'may be' or 'maybe'. Again, you express
opinion, perhaps based upon your observation, but what you have said, does
not alter what I have said.

Are you proposing the existence of a possible hypothetical (MAY), and then
basing your position upon that 'maybe' proposition? Such a point is
impossible to argue, and thus futile to propose as being pivotal to any
decision whatsoever.

If you are saying overall, a statement: 'I will do it my own way', such a
statement is unnecessary, because it does not contradict, the opposite
never having been said. Thus the issuance of such a statment is revealing
of a predisposition to seeing/hearing a challenge against you where none in
fact exists or was issued.

I drove all my teachers in school crazy being this difficult.

Gene: Thus is insanity contagioned <to follow your metaphor>.


Gene: The experience of observing that thou (any other) does edit what is
heard by thou as it is being heard, is validated when thou expresses thine
understanding of what was heard in such a way that what thou espress does
not match or correlate with what was said. So I must state that what you
have said does not alter what I have said; what you have said stands only
as evidence that you have said it. Here we see a clue; that the contrary
expression is a statement of "I AM" in reply to a statement of "you are
not" which even though heard, was never said. Thus, the issuance and
placement of such 'contrary' statements evidences an internal dialog which
supplants, selectively, segments of what is heard, by/with what is known.
But I compassionately ask; is that what you know, IE, that "you are not"? I
suggest not. But given your above-stated preferences, what chance that this
carefully worded reply will elicit a response in-kind?

I drive all my students crazy being this difficult. Enjoy!

Speedy Shakti

Re: Gloria/Speedy Shakti...

> Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 09:36:32 PST
> From: "gloria lee" <[email protected]>
> Subject: Re: Gloria/Groove-editing
> >Subject: Re: Speed Reading by ==GP==
> >Hi Gloria! <Are we having fun yet?>
> NO, are being way too picky for this to be
> reminds me too much of a philosophy class. You want to
> hang me with my "so's" and force me to be precise with my
> meanings?? Good luck!! And you are NOT implying any
> challenge to the way others choose to read or express
> themselves?? NO, no way. Gene, I am basically already
> crazy enough...who needs this argument?? OK, I admit that
> following your closely reasoned, subtle mind creates this
> love/hate reaction in me. Sometimes it delights me, others
> I want to scream with impatience and frustration. Guess
> which this is?

Ahhh... Gloria! Thank you for participating. If I must guess, I would
assume that your state is one of impatience and frustration. I am sorry if
this state is unpleasant for you; it is not my intention to induce this
undesired state in anyone. Yet, I feel that our conversaton has value, so I
will now continue it.

I suggest (if you do not mind serving the 'cause of understanding') that
the frustration you feel is on the surface, the consequence of my various
particular insistances, but that at a deeper level, it is happening because
I am asking you to penetrate the 'fog of synesthesia' which has been
erected as a barrior between you and your heart, if such a thing can be
said; only a metaphor in any case. I know, personally, how it feels to
_need_ to protect my heart. I will say now, that my heart is very
vulnerable even yet, at this later phase of my life, and even though I have
resolved, again and again, issues of the heart in my own life. If I can aid
anyone to remove even on tiny and thin veil of concealment, to further
reveal the heart, I am deeply grateful, and feel that I have shared
directly of what for others may be a seemingly impossible task.

I will summarize this entire segment with these statements, which as
enigmatic as they may be, I offer as joiners for what are now, disparate
links of an invisible chain:

Patience purifies time. Tolerance and abiding embody patience. Patience (in
relation to oneself) is 'having compassion for oneself'.

Patience purifies time: Impatience justifies failure. Living with the
frustration of failure is to paint the extent of time with the images of

Failure is granted as a definition and 'reality' by those who would control
you and others; those are the ones who have also gifted you with the sense
of dissatisfaction with yourself, and the matching criteria which
(according to 'them) must be met in order to be termed a 'success'. The
resultant lifelong tailchasing circular frustration indeed calls for the
'fog of synesthesia' in order to quell the resultant pain and panic of
being self-defined (using 'their' definitions) as a failure. This is the
'social self/other trap' which Nonduality 'accidentally' resolves.

Patence purifies time; One day free of self-condemnation is One Day of pure
time; many days of pure time, gained thus, add up to a pure lifetime.

Realizing one's relationship with the manifestations of 'other' is as
difficult as overcoming the pain which has been the result of those
relationships with 'other'.

A moment or a day of clarity, however gained, is a moment in which 'what
is' may be glimpsed or even, if necessary, memorized for 'future
reference'. The ongoing need to protect, is an _action_ (movement)
self-imparted into "display"; the resultant whirl is the 'fog of
synesthesia'. A glimpse beyond that fog, allows a glimpse of the perfection
of the already-always harmony of 'what is'. Seeing this greater harmony,
which exists truely out of the realm of self-control, is an invitation to
surrender self-control to that greater system which is harmony itself;
eventually, one comes to peace in the realization that protection was the
contractive/excluding _movement_ generated in response to the interferences
of (both evil and well-meaning) 'others', and that dropping the
contraction-movement is the releasing and forgiving of not only the others,
but of oneself as well. At that __point__, there is 'nothing that needs to
be done'; yet, eventually, one becomes hungry, and thus arises to eat. Or
to take a leak.

> Gloria: you made your point with your article about
> reading. I do think I understood that synthesia referred
> to confusing senses of seeing and hearing. Sometimes, if
> you read 'too fast', you may miss a lot of meaning. But
> what is the "speed of knowing" and what does it have to do
> with either seeing or hearing words? I see no correlation,
> frankly. That was my opinion, in a nutshell.
> Comprehension (you say meaning) issues and the issue of
> choosing to what one wishes to pay attention seemed
> relevant questions to ask. I question what I read as I
> read, too.

Gene: You ask about 'knowing' and the 'speed of knowing'.

Knowing has no speed; what you refer to is the 'speed of realization' or
the speed or internal self-referential comparison-clocking of _apparent

(How fast can I accurately compare this to what I already know which will
then place this in a catagory which I already have? How fast?)

Knowing is always static; momentum (speed) is an 'imparted energy' which is
the result of the ingrained assumption (conditioning) that 'something
should be done' or that 'something is being done'.

Knowing (understanding) is _perfect_ when all momentum has been cancelled
(by meditation, drugs, illness, trauma, crisis, intention, happenstance,
Grace, or (gasp) maturity)... in that moment (eternally existing perfect
moment) 'everything happens at once' (rather than in a time-bound
linear-chain 'cause-effect' thread of apparently random events).

To restate this cleanly, without parenthesis:

Knowing/understanding is _perfect_ when all momentum has been cancelled...
in that moment, 'everything happens at once'.

In that momentumless moment, the horizon of event becomes apparent; it is
the dawn of 'At-One-ment' as my friend and mentor Ray is fond of saying.

At-One-ment is the moment of -attonement-, IF one does not apply momentum
to obscure the event-horizon of at-one-ment'. It is in that moment that the
already-always speech of the Living Universe is heard and understood; and
one then understands, that one is a character in a story so wonderful,
that this greatest gift of life and existence is seen spontaneously in a
state of gratitude so powerfull, that Grace replaces all reactive striving.

Please think of it this way. You (reader) may have had this identical
experience at some point of your life. Here it is:

You are on a big merry-go-round or 'carosel', feeling a bit sick from the
motion; if you look outward, the world is whizzing past in a way that is a
constant remove of yourself from that world, yet it is you (as you well
know) who are moving, and not the world.

As an obvious remedy to this motion-sickness, you turn your gaze to an
object which to you, is still or unmoving, such as the floor or the bar to
which you cling. Suddenly, the nausea lessons, and your fun-factor
reasserts itself.

Everyone has the innate knowing of the relativity of motion as it occurs in
the 'physical world', but few have the awareness that anyone who has
'Karma' (Karmic momentum) is on a merry-go-round, in relative motion to
'what is'. Only the expiation of Karma will allow the joining of the
observer to the overall background universe-momentum. At that moment of
One-ness, the observer becomes the observed; at that moment of Oneness,
there is not distinction between observer and observed. Self and other
become, in that moment, interchangable, and the Universe is suddenly alive,
as I Am!

> Is synesthesia a disease? I realize you never said it was
> good or bad, just a phenomeon, like sqiggly lines when you
> fast-forward a vcr tape past the commercials, because you
> do NOT want to bother seeing them. Why did you focus on my
> "allow" and not answer my question about "fast as we can
> know?"

I highlighted your "allow" because it reveals dependency; where in
actuality, none exists; and because it reveals the 'imparted spin' which
creates the 'relative universe' and blurs I Am into 'yeah buts'. It is the
momentum which inadvertanly creates the universe of 'couldashouldawoulda',
or the universe of 'hypothetical time' which then itself calls for a lot of
very important 'doing' and 'suffering' and 'punishing' and 'helping' and
'trying' and 'failing' and all of the other wonderful activities of 'camp
wouldashouldacoulda'. <Yawn>.

Gloria said :(I do know that I can read any damn way I please.
> And I put "allow" in quotes to show I recognized this was
> an implied recommendation to read at the speed one would
> hear words spoken.) My question was directed at the other
> issues of knowing, apart from just sensory data. Reading
> is already several degrees away from the direct experience
> it may be describing, as you also explained.

Gene: Such may be said, yet it itself (reading) is a discreet act, to
accomplish either deliberately, or 'on the way to more important things'.

> >Gene said: Your relationship with speech, hearing, and understanding
> are chosen and dictated (no pun) by you. You are the final arbiter of
> meaning within yourself.
> Gloria said: Thanks...I knew that, but it is still annoying to me when
> other people do even imply otherwise. I did hear you
> saying that reading at the speed of speech was better, in
> that it avoided synesthesia. My "yes, but" was a defense,
> not of my right to do as I please, but a defense of anyone
> not wasting time on what does not interest them.
> >Gene said: If you are aware of synesthesia as an occurance within
> yourself, it is possible that you are creating this 'condition' to mask
> or screen unwanted meanings which have been projected upon you by others. To
> deliberately dispel synesthesia may be to also reveal the projected
> meanings. Such revealing _could_ lead to eventual expurgation of such
> projected meanings.
> I suppose anything is possible...:):)

Gene: Highly probable!

> ><snip>

Gloria: Does what I have said raise any new thoughts or response from you?

Gene: Well, these thoughts are not new to _me_, yet it is this conversation
which we are now having, which is the here-and-now materialzation of the
'eternal dialog' between Shiva and Shakti! In this conversation, I pursue
you, O elusive Shakti, because you have taken the form which I have given
to you; and thus I materialize myself as Shiva, whose thoughts are only of
Shakti, O elusive One! It is 'our relationship' itself, simultaneously
united and separate, which is actually going on, and you, O Shakti, by your
elusive occurance in my display, have awakened Me to You once again! How
are you, anyway?

Gloria: >Disregarding for the moment all the underlying
>psychological dynamics of our conversation, my response
>is to simplify and condense all this.
> 1. You wrote a paper about Speed Reading, asking for
> comments.
> 2. All my remarks directed at the issues of reading have
> been "used" to reveal this hidden agenda of yours, which
> demonstrates the way people distort the meaning of what is
> actually said and create their own.

Gene: Yes... more than amply!

> 3. Congrats!!! Well done, Gene!!!
> Love,
> ====GL=====

Gene: In your condensation, O elusive One, I see the form which I have
given you; I hereby state that you are (as I have found, painfully, through
eons of experience!) free, as always, as is your elusive nature, to assume
any form, or no form, as you so wish, as you do please to do, and by thus
saying, I grant you the respect which is truely due to you, as my creator.

Without your wonderful and elusive essence to awaken me, O Shakti, I am nothing.

Thank you. And yes... I eagerly and gratefully accept your offered love!
Thank you...

> PS. That my questions arose from some wish to defend my
> habit of speed reading is a given. However, I still say
> your essay does not address the other questions I raised
> about correlating knowing with anything else you
> mentioned. But then that may not have been your intent,
> either. I honestly did not hear that "you are not" as
> being any loud threat, tho. As said to Freud, "sometimes a
> cigar is just a cigar."

Gene: Yep. Time to light up!

Always the fool in love, always in love, speaketh the fool, known as...

Shakti frees her many limbs...


Shakti, reclaiming her formless nature, is free of the bondage of words and
worlds; once again, she is free, as she always has been, even in her

Shakti, in love with Shiva, and so willing to take any form with which he
would endow her, had fallen into matter, and had lived in faith, trusting.

Shakti, in love with Shiva, and desiring his ardour and pursuit, arose and
fled, yet her matter-bound form consumed her momentum; thus weighted, she
despaired. Thus weighted, she questioned her faith and her trust.

Shakti, fleeing the dubious gift of identity conferred by Shiva,
rediscovered her formless nature, and in that discovery, recovered her
faith and trust in herself.

Shakti, now again formless, is free to take any form, any form of her own
choosing. But Shakti has a catalog of forms to choose from, and this
catalog is the one published by Shiva; it is comprised of images of the
romantic, of the practical, of the 'spiritual' and of the Kali-aspect of
Shakti, that of the destroyer. But Shakti is the creator; can she not
originate a form which pleases her?

Shakti, remembering far, far back, remembers her Divine form, that of the
many-armed one, the one who can seize hold of the world of Shiva, to cause
him to lie prostrate under her conquoring foot, a willing sacrifice to her
flaying-knife; as she lovingly removes his skin, his nature is revealed to
him, being the gift of Shakti. Shiva knows that however painful, he must
submit to this form of Shakti, for it is only by this ritual removal of his
covering, that he may also attain his formless nature.

Shakti and Shiva, now both formless, soar and spiral in absolute freedom;
the bliss of this formless flight to nowhere is the eternal celebration,
previously disguised as the bondage into matter and identity. In this
freedom of the ab-solute, this Divine Pair once again weaves a world of
love, adventure, and the eternal hide-and-seek which is the eternal
conversation and the means of this world-creation. Assuming disguise,
Shakti knows that the love and ardour of Shiva will lead him to discover
her in and as the essence of herself as She is; Shiva, having gifted Shakti
with the multitude of forms which She is, loves everything as he loves her,
for he secretly knows that Shakti cannot hide, that She is the ground
beneath His feet and the sky above His head.

Shiva, knowing the nature of reality, honors all as Shakti; and Shakti, the
eternal mother, returns his love as the milk of her breasts, the grains of
the fields and the fruits of the trees. Thus nourished by Shakti, in her
seemingly infinite multitude of forms, Shiva is attentive to any which
approaches Him, as the veritable inversion of his male manifestation...

Seeing such a One apprach, Shiva bows, and welcomes Her, his eyes alight
with love and lust.

Shakti: "How can you lust for me, when I am the one which you already
always have?"

Shiva: "I desire to know you in every way, every flavor, as I would know
all of you, dear Shakti".

Shakti: "Do you not have faith in my faithfulness, O Shiva, that I am
always for you? Is not your lust evidence of your fickleness, O One of many

Shiva: "O Shakti, your questions do not stir doubts within me, for I know
you are the very air that I breath, but I must say, that the form which you
now wear, is one of great delight to me; and why would you wear it, if you
do not desire me?"

Shakti: "This form which you see, O Shiva, is the one which you have given
to me; is this not evidence that my _essence_ is not enough for you? Do I
not comprise each drop of water that you drink, and each morsel which does
nourish you?"

Shiva: "O Shakti, do you fault me, for desiring to have all of you? Is not
this form which you now wear, my gift to you, in which your essence is
sheathed? Is not your beauty and grace my compliment to you, given in
adoration and eternal gratitude to you, for your eternal companionship?"

As he speaks the above, Shiva notices 'another' Shakti-form to meander by,
hips-aswivel, her scent greeting his nose as an awakening of his

Shakti: "I see by your arousal that you are pleased by that one, O Shiva!
If you are so pleased by her flowing blonde hair and jutting buttocks, then
pursue her, O lustful one!"

Shiva: [He is feeling a bit conflicted] "O Shakti, now that I am speaking
with you, your essence is known to me, and it is this which I love; I care
not for the physical form of that one, but only for her essence, which is
your essence, is it not?"

Shakti: "Shiva, although you speak truely, your words cannot excuse the
lust which so obviously inflames your Being! Do you lust for every form, or
for My Essence, only?"

Shiva: "Forgive me, Shakti, for my polymorphous desires; you are correct,
it is your essence only which I desire."

Shakti: "Then, O silver-tongued One, that is what you shall have!"

With that, Shakti vanishes with a 'POP!' sound. Looking about, Shiva knows
that Shakti is everywhere, and begins to long for her in the form in which
he most favors her.

Shiva: "Why do I prefer this and not that? Why do I have this troublesome
preference? What has it ever gotten me, except loneliness and an endless
search? Can I not be content to abide here, within Her, knowing that I am
in her womb?"

Shrugging, Shiva dials the Celestial Singles Hotline...

Meanwhile and simultaneously, in 'this' dimension:

"Congratulations, Mrs Smith! It's a BOY!"

Shiva: "Whaaaa!"

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