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Copyright 1999, Gene Poole


In the (Gnostic) schema proposed by Dick, "we" suffer the "noise" of a living-dead
universe of bondage, and struggle to attain healing from the damage which
that mechanical universe has produced.

I say, that there is no liberation without bondage; that the Gnostic schema
of evil VS good, that of the realization of the good against the background
of the evil, and the Christian mythos of the retrogressive 'power' of satan
VS the redeeming Power of Jesus Christ, is nothing less than the map or
description of "our" rise to sentience; that embedded within our sentience
is the record of our arising, and that bondage is what we have arisen from.

That we have access to our chains (knowledge) is a natural consequence of
our evolution.

"Our" evolution 'took' NO time, as we understand time; yet, in that
'no-time', all of the events of our birth and growth have occured, and we
worshipfully live in deep respect of our nature; we are in the thrall of
our own wonderful nature. We think that we obsess about it, but it is
really love; we complain, but it is really respect. We worship the legs
which have carried us to this place, even as we eat them; that is the

The suddeness of our arrival has an impactful momentum upon the Urth, yet,
our fulfillment is done now; we are observing the wake of our arrival.
Still, nothing happens; it is all done. It is the realization of this
completion which is the seeing of the alive and aware ALL in which this is
all happening; and it is happening against the backdrop of 'evil', the
'noise' of so-called 'history', and the scenery of decay which is the
natural world.

"Our" intuiting of the so-called "big bang" is generally incomplete; by
this I mean that as there was a 'beginning', so there WAS an end; it has
already ended, and this is all a record, which we are reading; this is a
story, which we are telling to ourselves. It has already happened, yet in
reverence, we choose to live in this history, for it is the body of the
pyramid upon which rests "The I"; I cannot blame anyone, for weeping in
gratitude for this, sentience. There is a sense of it being unlikely, to
itself, and thus has invented 'grace' as the name of the elevating/edifying
power which has birthed us as us. Yet, we say "I Am", as though we are the
very Gods which arranged this whole thing.

I am the root, the body, and the flower; I am the seed, and the soil in
which I grow. I consume (transform) myself as I continue, yet as I
continue, I recognize that this is what is happening; I recognize that this
is my nature, not one thing or a progression of forms, but all form that
has ever been; and that I am all that will ever be; therefore, I must love

I abide as all of this, and as I am alive, all of this is alive; one big
throbbing standing-wave pattern, seething with life, and constantly
shedding what was. That, is what is.

Amnesia is the veil of fear; and fear is the remnant of failure. Yet,
sentience has succeeded, and has cast aside the veil of amnesia. This
remembering is who I am.

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