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Who the Guru Is

Jerry Katz

The Guru is Grace.

The Guru is nothing other than That.

The Guru is not a personality.

The Guru is the Guru despite the personality.

The personality is an attribute for drawing the Devotee.

But the personality can be detrimental to the Devotee.

When Grace is poured onto the Devotee, nothing follows.

Grace is not a feeling. To use business vernacular, there is no "Wow Factor" associated with Grace.

Grace has no mission statement.

Same with the Guru. No mission.

Personality has a mission, a Wow Factor.

The Devotee that assigns significance to personality stands to miss Grace.

Guru minus personality equals Grace.

Guru plus personality equals Grace.

Therefore, "minus personality" and "plus personality" are insignificant.

Or, personality has no significance in the Guru = Grace equation.

To place attention upon personality, positive or negative, is to miss Guru and Grace.

How do you know who the Guru is?

Because the Guru is not known by personality, do not seek a personality.

Any actor can create a personality.

Forget personality. It can be detrimental.

The Guru's personality should be acceptable; even barely acceptable. That's all.

The Guru is the One who brings Grace to you.

The Guru -- Grace -- is Thunder of Truth.

In the presence of the Guru there is only Truth, The Self.

In the presence of the Guru all that is not Truth is replaced by Truth.

Any person or object can be Guru.

Traditionally, the Guru is a person who unceasingly is the Thunder of Truth.

There is no way of knowing-for-sure who the Guru is.

You can know-for-sure that there is the Guru, Grace.

That you can know.

The rest is chance.


Trust the One who allows you to be with your deepest understanding and who, through words or presence, moves you deeper and deeper.

The Guru is the One whose understanding of you annihilates you.

The Guru spends time with you, then you go home.

But you haven't been there, haven't done that.

There's nobody to talk to about it. Not even the Guru.

The Guru leaves you alone to face your life and death.

But the Guru has consumed these.

There is nothing to face.

Grace and the Guru descend upon you and arise within you.

Always consuming life and death and all that is -- the universe.

The Guru is great.

Life without the Guru is stone-like or embryonic.

Life with the Guru is finer than Light.

And thunderous.

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