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Tim Harris

aka Doc Hobbes, Doc holds court on Nonduality Salon email list.

There is no way to resist, manipulate, cheat, change,demonstrate, or contain the unmanifest void (Advaita, Ayin, or Tao) as ‘that’ is the pre-origin of unmanifest nonexistence and cannot be named, seen, described in absolute terms, or grasped by an ‘unyielding’ mind. ** However, it ‘is’ within the reach of ‘those’ who achieve the absoluteness of the consciously aware ‘vehicle’ within this linear experience and are also ‘in and of’ the ‘identity of a self’, as or ‘likened unto’ the other, namely the GREAT I AM.

Thus, all manifest existence is ‘elemental’ and, enlightenment leading to liberation (transcendence) then finally ascension, is the understanding and deepening of conscious awareness towards these elements of that ‘I AM existence’ that here, I shall call ‘God’.

God, or the ‘eternal element of God’ if you prefer, is simply the ‘absolute’ of manifest existence and the ‘first source’ or ‘primal cry’ of the ‘I AM declaration’ thus manifesting existence from the unmanifest (Ayin, Tao, Advaita) to the manifest and setting the course (done so as the realization of the element ‘time’ leading to perpetual motion and infinite direction) of all that ‘would’ and ‘could’ but ‘not necessarily’, as we will soon see, ‘should’ exist.

This ‘first cause’, regardless of whether the ‘God element’ had ‘personality’ (pure ‘pre-self-identified’ consciousness) or was a ‘simple duality’ (pure binary intelligence), is based solely in the nondual ‘unmanifest and manifest’ element of ‘absolute truth’ which exists only as a empty label and one’s understanding of it’s ultimate existence.

Thus, any subsequent alteration by a ‘less than righteous being’ (element of evil) is not possible as all universal concepts, realities, existence, forms, dynamics and principles would also apply within this ‘manifest concept of evil’ and it’s shattered or dual personalities if they even existed.

If this God did not manifest with it’s creation, thus becoming the very ‘nature’ of the unmanifest void, then the ‘God element’ would still remain in the unmanifest and therefore does not exist within form, consciousness, expression or otherwise. Thus, it can have no possible influence on this singular personal reality of linear experience from the moment this is realized.

The manifest God is an all encompassing ‘spirit’ or ‘sense’ or ‘level of consciousness’ that occupies the ‘being’ (past element) and ‘becoming’ (future element) but is not one’s ‘personal’ I AM here/now ‘state’ of purity in this eternally divisible moment.

We are each ‘that’ which is neither the being nor becoming element OR we are a nondual synonymous existence of both being/becoming elements creating a third which, for now, we shall call the ‘absolute state’ which should not be confused as a ‘form’ but rather a level of a ‘conscious existence void of form’ that can not fall back into the argument of duality. (I subscribe to the latter as time is still perceived as moving forward while maintaining memory of people met, places visited and things done and ‘form’ is still evolving from the temporary physical body to the immortal spirit body.)

Another alternate explanation is the use of the word ‘before’ as in ‘God is eternally before you’. Before, simply meaning ‘before’ you existed or, more
precisely, were ‘aware’ of your existence and ‘before’ as in ‘in front of you’. Either way, the God element is inescapable and, most importantly, common to each of the many and is where we find our ‘sameness’.

We all agree to some degree that each of us has the pure potentiality to become the divine through God, Buddha, Jesus, the Christ... and thus, we should see clearly that our ‘true’ arguments are based in the physical or form ‘location’ of God, or God element.

God does NOT exist as an external presence. Rather, God is an internal understanding of consciousness that eliminates the internal argument (dynamic) of duality in each of us that, when fully realized and discarded, places one’s feet ‘firmly’ on the Buddhist concept of the Eightfold Path or The Way in Jesus’ terms. Thus, one’s relationship with God can only be ‘personal’ and can not be ‘labeled, named, or described’ (Tao) to another who has not had this internal realization.

God, therefore does not bless us with money, power, popularity, fame, destruction or containment of our enemies or anything external but, rather, the blessings of God are consciously realized as one moves deeper and closer into the ‘stream’ of nirvana, heaven, Eden, Tao etc... towards God and away from animalistic primitive Man.

Thus, the ‘unenlightened mind’ is in constant ‘conflict’ with the internal ‘being’ element of God (anchor from first manifestation) struggling for identity ‘against’ the lesser I AM (extension from anchor) who is the host and is struggling to ‘become’ yet not realizing a start point. Therefore, the lesser I AM is effectively blinded to the ‘reality’ of their ‘perpetual effect’ on the entire universal balance as it relates to the Dharma or law of cause and effect.

It is ‘! extremely crucial to know !’ that the law of cause and effect is NOT ESCAPABLE or in the control of any ‘person’, ‘God’ ‘life’, ‘form’, ‘consciously ascended being’, or ‘expression manifest’ or unmanifest as, regardless of one’s degree of enlightenment, liberation, depth of conscious
awareness, mental sellout to a subscribed delusion or illusion, or self hypnotic suggestion of self-made compatible environments, the law of cause and effect is absolute and pure in it’s delivery of divine justice.

There are no exceptions to this universal law as this law is not a ‘conscious thing’ that can be ‘broken’ and it is ‘not’ man-made based in preference or
distinction of one from anot her. It is the universal ‘dynamic’ or ‘function’ of universal balance that has no above, below, left, right, center, inside or outside.

Those who say they have escaped this law are merely demonstrating that once one reaches a level of awareness they become fully cognizant of every action they take and they consciously choose the actions that lead closer to the source as opposed to away. It is this recognition that takes you off the wheel of Dharma but does not exclude you from its perpetually
of event. Positive actions (creation or demonstrationof simple goodness, kindness, and tolerance) yield better prosperity and negative destructive actions create perpetual discomfort.

God, can not annihilate an ‘existence’ (I AM) but the law can ‘eliminate’ the form of the I AM. Thus, consistent with one Christian idea of hell being an ‘eternal being’ yet, without form, and unable to influence, communicate or adjust to it’s self or it’s environment and becomes a fixed stationary point ‘in’ existence as is the universe in its container.

Remember the law of natural selection that states: Good seeks to destroy it’s perception of evil. Evil seeks to destroy it’s perception of evil. Neither good nor evil seeks to destroy what it perceives as good. This last good being the highest good, neither this nor that can perceive it.

Therefore, God, as the ‘greater’ I AM element, manifests to ensure universal integrity either as ‘judgment of sin’, as in the Christian view, or ‘self-inflicted and perpetually accumulated negative karma’ that must be burned off over many lives of low level existence coming back to a human form.

Either way one understands that this natural balancing feature points to a ‘damnation’ or to ‘eternal incarnations void of identity of previous existence
and experience, yet carries all previous karma over to the next life’ and both views are consistent with the initial unmanifest to manifest moment where all would be determined including the dynamics or mechanics to ensure universal balance.

In conclusion, God or the God element exists. We are each responsible for our actions and, regardless of our justification of those actions and no matter how many people may agree or support those actions, we are all ‘individually’ subject to the universal law and divine justice of cause and effect which is void of country, state, religion, or false/selfish perceptions of good.

For those that are awakened or believe they are so, be wary. For just as we experience the doubling of blessings as we move closer to the way, so too are the discomforts doubled as we act out of ego (false pride) and selfishness (‘me’ firstness). But, at least in this case, it is comforting to know why things are not going towards the further realization of our own divine right. :o)

**Note: Possibly, this will create eternal speculation (but from ‘here’ I can not see how or why this should matter) as to the precise moment of transition from unmanifest to manifest, as it may be speculated as either a ‘fixed’ moment of shared or common existence in space-time or an ‘individual’ static moment that manifests as ‘each of many’ detaches from this ‘common reality’. (I have not discarded the belief that this life, if lived in an enlightened state (not necessarily liberated) is the final ‘crossroads’ of
duality where an eternal path is consciously selected towards ‘life’ or ‘death,’ neither of which lead to annihilation) Each of many take their own path and detach from any further influence from other.

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