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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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Highlights #100

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Marcia postulated:

The mind is in the whole body.
There is no separation between
the mind and the body. The
"body state" is the "mind
state". A frowning face is a
frowning mind. They don't
say someone is anal for no
reason. :-)

Jerry quoted writer William

" Are you not aware of being
right now? Of course you are.
You are aware of these words.
Is not this very Awareness all
inclusive to you? Have you ever
been outside it? Have you ever
seen a sight that did not come
to you as this very Awareness?
Certainly not. Does not this
Awareness include the mountains,
the oceans, the microcosm and the
macrocosm, the Pleiades and all
the galaxies? This Awareness
really is alone and all to you,
is it not? Honesty, total
honesty, will not allow you to
answer otherwise. The Awareness
that reads this book (page) is
infinite. It is alone. It is
all. It is Divine Awareness, of
Existence. It God's knowledge of
Himself. It is God's knowledge of
being God. It does not belong to

From Jerry's own cyber-pen, this
is the first post he's called a

I can't tell if he or she is a man
or woman. This 'one'. I can't tell
if they are young or old. This one
is walking unhurriedly along an
unstraight path, on the left the
ocean, on the right the woods with
tall trees and squirrels.

This one knew passion at one time.
Some day I will show you the
paintings. But look at this one.
Would you say there is passion or
no passion in this picture?

The path is dark, almost black.
The woods are shady and cool. And
the ocean is hot, reflecting the
whole sun.

I bring you these pictures. I
simply bring them to you.

Here's the second "Painting":

There is somebody, a man or woman,
standing on a big rock overlooking
the ocean. Their arms are spread
out like a stick painting of a man
with his arms spread out straight.
And the horizon in this picture is
not perfect like horizons are. In
this picture, the person's arms are
more perfect than the horizon.
That's strange, but nobody notices
it, so I point it out.

There's a sail boat. It's far
enough away that the man or woman
on the rock can't see the people
clearly, though maybe the people in
the sail boat can see the person on
the rock. The sun's out. It's not
in the painting. Light is
everywhere and even.

There is much blue in this picture
and, overall, it is rather deep.

You cannot tell whether the sail
boat is in motion. You cannot tell
where it is going. You cannot tell
whether it is on a pleasure trip or
the journey of a lifetime.

You know that it's about horizons
and all the possibilities they

...and a third:

Full side view of one who could be
a Native American or may not be,
dressed in a heavy garb of animal
origin. This one is sitting on a
rock overlooking what we do not know.
is mostly rock in the picture and a
generous stip of cloudless blue sky
above. All we know is that everything
is ancient and wise, and the sky is
simple and blue.

There is a meeting here. Perhaps it
is the meeting that is prior to the
meeting of the Elders. We know this
one is looking straight ahead. We
know this one has been here before.
We know that this is the place this
one comes to because it is the place
from which this one has come. In
other words, it is home.

I bring it into this series of
paintings, because, like the others,
one can find one's right place
within it.

Newcomer Mira, aka "Mirror" writes:

Only in resistance, the 'me' is felt.

Only in resistance, the 'me' suffers.

In no resistance, how could 'me'
define itself?

It can't be found.

So who is doing the resisting in the
first place?

...and another on the same topic:

When resistance appears,
it is welcomed,
for it is all included in me.

When a me appears
it is welcomed,
for it is all included in me.

When a you appears, pointing out
stuff, to a me, it is welcomed,
for it is all included in you.
And you are included in me.

Skye describes a an astonishment:

I 've Just woken up 5 minutes ago
from a 1 hr sleep and I'm typing
madly, but at the same time I'm
realising I dont really have to
because I'm never going to forget.
I'm so excited, I've just had a
most amazing experience!!

For the first time in my whole life
I became completely awake!!! in my
dream!!! with all my NORMAL WAKING
CONSCIOUSNESS with all my physical
life memories!!! I mean completely
awake and wow upon wow no matter
how many times I told myself that
"hey I AM AWAKE!!!" I remained in
the dream! I was so thrilled I
started crying! :-))

Then I thought now hold it, hold it,
don't get too excited you know what
they say dont think about the body
or you'll go back into it and waken.
So I thought O.K, I'm far too awake,
if this is not a dream I won't be
able to fly. And you know even as I
lifted off, to my astonishment, in
full waking consciousness, I was a
bit disappointed at the same time,
damn I thought, I would have liked
that free extra room. Tut tut ;-)

Well I'm floating then and my whole
usually immaculate home appears to
be in a state of renovation, there's
people everywhere, some familiar some
strange, everything is a mess!!! And
I'm still completely awake marvelling
at this state of consciousness that
I've been able to retain. I start
floating through my home, all the
while screaming to myself I'm awake,
I'm really lucid as they call it
while I dream! I'm 'actually' awake!

Then I think, quick, nows your
chance, check it out, what's this
stuff's made of and I start touching
and examining all the surfaces, they
seem to be like a kind of painted
plastic even the wood! Every few
seconds I marvel at how I'm doing
this, I start to sob with ecstasy
again as I stroke the dream
substances its so orgasmic, this
realisation, this milestone I've
never broken before, here awake in a
dream! Then slowly very slowly I
become aware I'm in my physical body
my eyes open, no shift in
conscious!!! and I quickly and
calmly go over everything that
happened, then I bolt out of bed and
race to the computer and here it is.

So I get the feeling I'm going to
glimpse the last of my selfish
illusory dream beliefs which will
dissolve along with all my waking
false beliefs.

Crumbs what happens now???

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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