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"Gold plated pills that are bitter at the first contact with the tongue but when chewed and swallowed, become the sweetest nectar beyond imagination."

The Upanishads are considered the most clearly written
statements regarding "That".. The required effort is narrated
unmistakably in the Kathopanishad, the proverbial visit to
Yama: mind-bodies die whether enlightened or not.

No philosophy, breathing technique, meditation, visit to the
'holy men' etc. etc. will change that one iota.

Quite sobering up isn't it? Whether called Love, relentless
enquiry or unconditional surrender (giving up 'having it my
way') it is the only medicine that actually 'works', to face
that... Gold plated pills that are bitter at the first
contact with the tongue but when chewed and swallowed, become
the sweetest nectar beyond imagination.

The only variable, this proverbial visit to Yama can be
delayed... Euphemized, decorated, beautified, put in music
using all harmonic, melodic, etc. scales... That's where "all
the talking" enters too...



For fans of the movie The Matrix:




Who I am is not something you give to me, nor can you take it

Trying to add to myself an experience of myself is ignorance,
no matter how pretty are the colors in which the experience
is advertised.

If you claim that I need you to make something happen for me,
and I believe you -- regardless of whatever fun or bliss I
experience in the process, I have allowed you to reinforce
whatever sense of lack I carry.

Lacking nothing, I seek nothing from you which will improve
my situation. If enlightenment is something to be added to
the situation, it is ignorance. If it is not ignorance, then
it doesn't need to be added.

Straw In A Storm
by Mace Mealer

                Did you think
                you would learn
                you didn't
                already know?
                No grand revelation.
                No mysterious secret.
                No high or low,
                no far,
                no near,
                no inside,
                no outside,
                not even a here
                and now,
                to grasp
                like a straw
                in a storm.

More of Mace Mealer's poetry can be found at:


An excerpt from an excerpt:

Dharma Dialogues with
Catherine Ingram

William Butler Yeats said, "We can make our minds so like
still water that beings gather about us to see their own
images, and so live for a moment with a clearer, perhaps even
with a fiercer life because of our silence."

Just being in the pristine awareness of here and now, you
become as a reflecting pool, and those who gather around tend
see their own images. What has been murky suddenly clears up,
and sometimes in that clearing there is a fierceness. Truth
and love don't always show up

as honey dipped. Sometimes it takes a great courageousness of
heart to allow a stripping away of all that is extra, all
that we have been holding onto for so long.

Haven't you ever had the experience of finding yourself with
someone who is just quietly present and suddenly there is
something like a quake in your being. Some big construct of
beliefs or identification begins cracking up and falling
away. And though it may mean immense change of some sort, you
find that you literally cannot hold onto the false construct
any longer. So you surrender. You surrender into this fierce
clarity. And there is love, there is compassion, there is
your own natural wakeful presence. Are you willing to
surrender to that?

More can be found at:


Zen Stuff

Who would have expected that
Self nature is fundamentally
Complete in itself?
Who would have expected that
Self nature is fundamentally
Who would have expected that
Self nature can create all things?

- Altar Sutra


GLORIA LEE contributes

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an
understanding of ourselves. -- Carl Jung


People come expecting to get saved and they do. Did
God do it? Did the preacher do it?

Now I'm wondering why Dave has you doing his promotion as
well. If he wants people to come see him, why doesn't he tell
us about it himself?

I am also looking for a good PR man hellmayo. Thanks Harsha

And thus begins the process of guru mystification Harsha.
Instead of expressing yourself directly to those you are
trying to reach, you get your followers to promote to your
potential market. They tell their stories of miraculous
adventures and mind-blowing realizations, thereby juicing
those who are looking for a way out of their unhappy lives.
That is your primary market. These are the folks that "need"
you the most, and these are the folks that will hang on your
every word as if it were from God's own mouth.

As Dan so handily points out, you've got to create a need to
fulfill a need. You get your followers to tell everyone how
much better their lives are for having met you as a way to
tell your market that there's something missing in their
lives, and you're the one of the few that can give it to

They come expecting something to happen, and quite often it
does. The same *exact* thing happens at a fundamentalist
revival. People come expecting to get saved and they do. Did
God do it? Did the preacher do it? No. They did it to
themselves. The guru or preacher is just the placebo that
allowed them to believe that something would happen to them.
Bigtime gurus are in the placebo business. People open
*themselves* and they get a glimpse of the Self, and the
bigtime guru takes all the credit (and the cash.)

Hey, that sounds pretty good. How about letting me be your pr
man Harsha? ;)



There are many people that happen to them all kind of
experiences. That doesn't necessarily turn one into an
enlightened being.

One might have the most divine experience,
but as long as the ego is still there we are talking only
about experiences . I don't know you and what you think about
this, but we have three enlightened 'classical' beings, -
Buddha,Jesus,Ramana Maharshi - and there are are more to be
discovered as we enter deeper the scriptures ;

A human may have all kind of experiences,mystical,divine,
energetical..whatever,but that is not enlightenment,



In perusing the Nondual Highlights, I came across some Live
Journal Prattle about gifts.

I read that you went to the NondualitySalon search engine and
typed in the word 'gift', to see what would come up.

It strikes me that this is something like casting tarot. Got
an ill or a question or an impending change? Go to the Search
Engine, set your intention and see what comes up. Cross
reference with internal landscape and external apparencies,
deliberate, act.

Perhaps you could charge for the use of the Search Engine.
People could pay you money for Nondual Points (like the Karma
Credits at in order to pay the Machine for
Insight. The image that comes to mind is that of the
underground city in Metropolis.

Ah, Nondual Points, the currency of the Salon.

I like pointy things. Spiky ones, too. That's beside the
point, I guess. I digress.

Anyway, this is just a roundabout way to see if you're
providing a value-able search engine service just to get us
hooked before you start profiting from our search addictions.


thanks for the 'pr', Nina. When i entered 'funny girl' in the
search engine, your name came up.

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