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Highlights #1016

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     on Yearning list

     What's All the Hubbub?

     Got a little itch to see what the whole bitch was all about,
     so I went for a stroll along the road littered with my God rants,
     that singularly Hafizish female chatter about God's genitals,
     about the dogs mating lilies and the dead being raised, NOT that way!
     What did I see that was strewn about the landscape? A few bended knees,
     a few hidden soul pleas for infinite understanding that God is never,
     God is never, ever offended by me. My Friend will even lend His Mouth!
     Never IS what she says. How the hell could she know what God thinks?!
     Last night after the rafters were raised in sobhet, that silent melding
     of my mind with His, with His MIND with my tiny blazing oven-brain,
     There appeared a wall of Red, of Ruby, of Crimson, of a Bleeding Heart.
     This magnificent Pomegranate-Happening inside my Heart, blew off the lid
     of all my misunderstandings, my weaker ramblings, and God said to me,
     in not so many words, He said, "Mazie, go and stir up some controversy!"
     And I knew what He wanted from me! It was the bodyslams, the HeartBites
     and the Soul-slipping Ins, that's what that fine old Fantasy fed me!
     I was just clipping the twigs earlier, now comes the harsh pruning.
     This is the time to give all the lip you can to God. Complain loudly!
     Rip off His robes, tear out His hair! Slap that Madman silly! And then,
     Go inside and kiss away those painful thrashings and flashings of Mad.
     Oh good God, can't you see how much He wants us to lie down ask for it!
     That old Erotic Casanova has just one thing on His Mind. Gulping You!
     Stop all that useless playing so hard-to-get BS. Just slip God a tongue!
     Just climb up on His lap and do those things that get the Juice flowing.
     Yes, most likely the stonings will commence again, and yes I will be It.
     But God only knows that He told me to say all this Nonsensical jumble.
     I used to sit by the Beloved, all timid and proper, but one night,
     He looked so damned Beautiful I just had to get in His Skivvies, I did!
     And man oh man, you never saw God squeal so happily to see me do this!
     I guess I just want to say that however we want God, He wants us, too.
     Over a barrel, in a temple or in a stable, in a river, in the garden,
     anyplace, everywhere, just pull the Beautiful One close, and Kiss Him!
     Kiss Him! Hold His robes open! Taste His Nothingness Place! Let Him In!


     ROBERT (hrtbeat7)
     on Yearning list

     Taste His Nothingness Place!  Let Him In!

     Are you one of those legendary hearts
     whose footprints trail up to the wind,
     who drink the clouds and
     inhale stars and
     chew whole mountains like soft

     Searching high and wide and low
     I have discovered only mad
     children planting flowers -
     paper flowers in the air.

     At the first few drops of rain
     these days, most fling open
     their umbrellas and go running
     for safe shelter.

     I want to get totally soaked!

     For some days now
     and soft nights too
     I have bided my time
     along the verdant banks of
     these lazy winding rivers.

     Soon I shall
     sky-deep in dawn
     go wading carelessly
     across some cool clear stream.
     I shall be high
     up in the mountains' rushing
     rivered fullness of lucidity
     where sleek-skinned
     flexed and floating
     rainbow-colored trout go
     flashing, impaled
     upon a stream of Light
     before my fresh astonished eyes!

     A primal ecstasy awaits me there –
     far from the denizens of the
     Red Dust towns –
     it is the sound I make
     when the thunder bursts
     down on these ears too long
     accustomed to the busy chatter of
     the mute.

     In the chilled euphoric
     quake of some enormous dawning,
     merged in clearlight morning symmetry of
     brighter than bluegold bursting beauty -
     all glimmering galaxies clutched in sunrise -
     I'll be walked through by the Nameless, and in
     one sudden endless moment I'll be

     on Yearning

     My latest yearning is to live while alive...simple as that.

     What is generally considered as living is a pathetic version of what can be.


     on Million Paths

     "The conflict of teachings is only apparent, and can be resolved if  one
     practices self-surrender to God; this will lead to the Self, to which every
     one must come back in the end, because that is the Truth. The discord
     amongst the creeds can never be got rid of by discussing their merits;
     for discussion is a mental process. The creeds are mental - they exist in
     the mind alone, while the Truth is beyond the mind; therefore the Truth is
     not in the creeds."
     Ramana Maharshi
            MAHA YOGA   or
            The Upanishadic Lore in the Light of the Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana
            By 'Who' (K. Lakshmana Sarma).


     on Harsha Satsangh

      I feel that the resolution of opposites is to acknowledge both,
         and, I feel that resisting them preseves them.

         When opposites are accepted they dissolve.
         When opposites are resisted they persist.
         Opposites are 'qualities' of '________'.
         A 'quality' of '________' is opposites.

         I am not saying that they have to be resolved or resisted - I am
     observing the 'play'.


     on Harsha Satsangh

     It's the only play in town  :-)

     And there is no observer of the play,
       which is not the play itself ...

     on Hafiz 

                                   A Singing Cleaning Woman
                                          A leaf says,
                                  "Sweethearts - don't pick me,
                                      For I am busy doing
                                          God's work.
                                I am lowering my veins and roots
                                           Like ropes
                                    With buckets tied to them
                                      Into the earth's deep
                                       I am drawing water
                                    That I offer like a rose to
                                            The sky.
                                 I am a singing cleaning woman
                                    Dusting all the shelves in
                                            The air
                                     With my elegant green
                                         I have a heart.
                                    I can know happiness like
("The Subject Tonight Is Love" - versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)
     Consciousness Is All list
     (Ed)It seems there is always that which sees and that which is
     seen, simultaneously and without division.

     When it's truly simultaneous and without division,
       there is no seeing.

     Again, more precisely, nothing is seen, nothing is not seen,
       it's not nothing, and it's not something other than nothing
       seen and nothing not seen.

     (Ed)The fact that you perceived
         or conceived of no-thought is further evidence.

     It's just for the sake of discussion, Ed, for the
       sake of pointing to what can't be pointed to.
     We're talking, so of course what we say is conception.
     By definition -- words involve conception.

     I like to talk about what can't be said.
     There is a beauty and openness, that has nothing
       to do with concepts of beauty and openness.
     There is a nothingness that is a perfect peace
       and resolution -- not nothing at all.

     We talk about what can't be said or described
       just for the sake of love, for *knowing* beyond
       words and concept.

     (Ed) Also no-thought is not "nothingness", since nothingness is
          evident or self-evident and thus has no basis for claiming
          existence.  :-)

     There is no claim of existence, nor a claim of nonexistence.

     (Ed) Will the real nothingness please rise. :-)


     This is the real nothingness that has nothing to
       do with the idea of nothingness.

     Although people like to say that everything arises
       within it and from it, that's just misleading talk.

     There is no "within" it, nor is there any space into
       which something could come "from" it.

     The real nothingness is exquisite, the pearl of
       great price, the price being your self,
       including all your thoughts, worlds, and lives.

     A small price.

     on Nonduality Salon
     I wonder how long will this last.
     American missionaries are out here in force trying to 'save' the 'ignorant'
     natives from Hell.
     What is hell?
     After that question the missionaries have already won. They use the fear of
     hell and telling the natives the truth, which is that God is not loving but
     a sadist who likes to fry humans for eternity in hell.

     That and a lot of presents from the rich Americans does the job.

     How do you recognize a new Masai convert? Simple. Normally Masais are
     happy-go-lucky fellows, whereas a new Masai convert has that worried look
     on his face!

     from East Africa
      on Nonduality Salon
     Seems that all movement (responding - see above) is agenda?

     One might think that a coin dropped in a coke machine slot would be
     without agenda, without political attitudes, but trace it through the
     machine, down the esophagus, into the holding tank, into the
     attendant's hands, into the transfer bucket and on to the transfer
     truck, down the highway, back to the financial hub, round the circles
     of holding and transfer, nudging this gear or that in the CocaCola
     Corporation, feeding work, which feeds paychecks, which feeds mouths,
     which might opt for a refreshing beverage along the lines of a coke.

     Agenda moving backwards and forwards in time. Just cause it isn't
     intended doesn't mean it doesn't get fed.

     One might even say that agenda has an intelligence of its own.

     One might even say that you are being operated by agenda.

     Hehe, agenda agenda agenda. That's a great word. Starts to sound like
     someone's name after a while, when it isn't busy declaring "A gender!
     A gender!" with a southern dialect.

      on Nonduality Salon

     Enlightenment Test
     this is a test to see if you're enlightened. Go to the link below and do
     as instructed. Probably most of you have seen this before.

     < >

     After the image disappears, keep focusing as though it is still there.
     Babaji will appear for an instant if you have attained enlightenment.

     If someone other than Babaji appears, let me know. For example, if
     George Costanza appears it means you're still living with your parents
     in Passaic, New Jersey, and you're a jerk.

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