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Highlights Issue #1020

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Today's Highlights Compiled, Edited, and Designed
by Michael Read

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The Blue Marble

A spiritual poetry corner

A Rumi Poem forwarded by Gloria Lee from Mazie Lane

from the  [email protected] "Mazie Lane"

Be That Love, not outside looking for it.

Advice doesn't help lovers!
They're not the kind of mountain stream
you can build a dam across.

An intellectual doesn't know
what the drunk is feeling!

Don't try to figure
what those lost inside love
will do next!

Someone in charge would give up all his power,
if he caught one whiff of the wine-musk
from the room where the lovers
are doing who-knows-what!

One of them tries to dig a hole through a mountain.
One flees from academic honors.
One laughs at famous moustaches!

Life freezes if it doesn't get a taste
of this almond cake.

The stars come up spinning
every night, bewildered in love.
They'd grow tired of that revolving, if they weren't.
They'd say,
"How long do we have to DO this!"

God picks up the reed-flute world and blows.
Each note is a need coming through one of us,
a passion, a longing-pain.
Remember the lips
and let your note be clear.
Don't try to end it.
Be your note.
I'll show you how it's enough.

Go up on the roof at night
in this city of the soul.

Let everyone climb on their roofs
and sing their notes!

Sing loud!



Michale Adamson responds to the 'enlightenment test'

 NondualitySalon "Michael Adamson"
 From my point of view (what else could it possibly be?), the
drawing you stare at and then away from is whatever you project upon it,
just like an overhead projector projects onto a screen whataever the image is
of the transparency placed on it. The bottom line, I think, is that what is
"really" (and always and only) being experienced is one's own
physical and mental responses to what is apparently "out there" being looked at.
In short, all we ever experience is our own organismic functioning. We
experience the supposed world, others, things, and even our own body
in terms of and according to the body itself.
 As a result, it really isn't "Jesus", the "ZigZag" man, etc. per se!
It's our own stuffings objectified so there's never ever valid
reason for thinking one really and truly knows what anything really is...much
less argue about it...and even worse, go to war over it. It's just
various points of view for the stew. Yum yum!

And what has been expressed is simply one more point of view.
Just one of an apparently infinite number possible.
- TenthMan

 From the Illuminata group, Through by Mace Mealer

    Through grasping it cannot be held.
    Through rejecting it cannot be banished
    Though forgotten it remembers.
    Though remembered it defies concept.
    Through pain it discovers compassion.
    Through compassion the inquiry
    of the one
    and the many
    is resolved.

A poem from yours truly (Michael Read)

each one

each life is lived
is a story, a drama
the spinning of a miraculous tale
plotted and dreamed from the living void
you were not
then you were
wet, mottled, squashed
fresh from your home in paradise

welcome welcome my love
welcome to this world of dream and story
welcome welcome my darling
there are tears and laughter ahead
enough, even for thee

From the Library of Congress (USA), the faces of folk,
more expressions of the One.

An excerpt from The Song of the Avadhut

Chapter 3 Verse 46

Renounce, renounce the world of appearance;
Then renounce renunciation as well.
But, whether you renounce or do not renounce,
Enjoy the nectar of your natural state.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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