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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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Issue #1023 Thursday, March 28, 2002

Today's Highlights Compiled, Edited, and Designed
by Jerry Katz

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from Live Journal:

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself
what makes you come alive. And then go and do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come
alive". --Harold Whitman


from Live Journal:

 I continue to be fascinated by the statue out in
the back parking lot of St. Joseph's church. Here's a
tighly cropped image I took the other day. When I go
back and forth from this image to the one further down
the page, I find it hard to believe the figures in the
statue haven't changed their expressions.


from Nonduality Salon list

what do you want?

haven't you noticed how everybody wants something - sure
something precious, rare, fun, and fulfilling - nice
something to let them know they are real - living
everything is played with then dropped - as if

Rock'em Sock'em REALIZATION
Right THIS Way Ladies and Gentlemen!
Sweet dreams and God's own love beams!
Right This WAY Everybody Welcome!

The search for meaning is this old universe got ya down, Spunky?
Are you wracked with guilt, doubt and confusion one moment
only to be blissed out of your gourd the next? And you're feeling
confused about it all. And the bills are due and your lover left you
and all you can really think about is this stoopid religious shit?
And you gotta get ready for company and it's the same old faces
saying the same old dumb things. And the fooking car needs work.
And you want to crawl in bed for a week or two.

Well, Spunky, here's something guaranteed to help you out.
Yes, Spunky, it's New and Improved Dammitall!


Clears the Vision
Improves the Appetite
Frees your Mind
Opens your Heart

Side effects may include but are not limited to:
Cheerfulness, Laughter, Compassion, and the general attitude of Joy

running amok in paradise - michael


from the Nonduality Salon

When you experience or are aware or are conscious of something ... that's
already duality.

So how can non-duality be known? How can non-duality know itself?

Can non-duality exist without duality? If it did that would be 'endgame' as
it would not know itself [if it existed or not] , nor know how to create again?

If it could think or have memory about how it created the Universe than it
would not be non-duality would it?

Non-duality with a potential to create or change would be two wouldn't it?

By definition non-duality is changeless, eternal, etc. In other words it
does not exist!

However 'non-duality' as a foundation layer of duality can exist. Of course
it would not really be non-duality ... however that's 'what is'.

Non-duality and duality exist together in the same way as white light and
its hidden rainbow colors exist together.

contributed by Jan Sultan

Is this reality an illusion? All mystics seem to see it as a dream.

To see this reality as a dream is a part of this dream! This reality
is what it is and you don't need to call it anything. Do you see how much
you live in the mind? There is this constant translation of reality into
mental concepts. Look at reality without concepts. The highest
understanding is not-knowing. The moment you know, you have already missed
the Truth of life. To live without concepts is to live in insecurity. Your
concepts protect your ego-sense of identity. But it is all empty. When you
put your hand inside your interpretation of reality, there is just nothing.
It is like a phantom – it seems real but there is nothing inside of it. Let
go of concepts and learn to live in emptiness. Have the courage to be nobody.
The idea that this reality is an illusion was created to transcend the
outer in order to regain the Inner. But when the Inner is attained, the
negation of the outer should be dropped as well. Indian mysticism
transcended the Outer. Zen transcended the Inner. In Zen, to separate the
inner from the outer is a sign of ignorance. 'Form is emptiness and
emptiness is form,' is a verse in the Heart Sutra. But even this concept
must be transcended! Any idea, even the most profound, is like a rope
binding a donkey to a pole. It is all a form of intellectual bondage.
Freedom lies in the dimension beyond the mind, in the dimension of
not-knowing. That is the true innocence!



     With a little delay , for which I apologize ,
     Wishing You from this much disputed and
     much beautiful, wonderful , unique and
                       beloved Jerusalem
                         LE HAIM !      TO LIFE !

              PASSOVER BLESSING:
               For the Blessing of all
               And the hurt of none,
               For the Joy of all
               And the Woe of none,
               For the Life of all
               And the Death of none.
               --from Union Prayer Book, C.C.A.R. @1960

              AFTER READING TORAH:
               Praised by Thou, O Lord
               Our God, Ruler of the world,
               who hast given us the law
               of truth and hast implanted
               within us everlasting life.
               Praised be Thou, O Lord, Giver
               of the Law.
               --From Union Prayer Book, C.C.A.R. 1960


from HarshaSatsangh list

Here's a guru available to most;
crows, just watch and listen to
the crows.
They'll notice you pretty quick.


Zero is a peculiar number, not really a number at all, only a space holder, a
signifier that here in this column is the
potential for an integer to be though there is none present.

Awareness turned upon itself finds zero where identity or 1
had been mistakenly assumed to be. The awful fact is that 1
is a black box, a functional device, a heretofore secret
encoder that makes sense of reality. Making sense is an essential function, the 1 is
not without its legitimacy, but (and it's a big
but) the 1 device turns on and off.

The not so trivial fact is that multiplying everything by zero
is what is going on all the time, as the present reality ever vanishes.
Multiplying everything by 1 is our human way of establishing history, society,
relationship, and all that.


from Nonduality Salon

The Small Table Of Time And Space
                                    I am a Golden Compass -
                                        Watch me whirl.
                                   To the east and to the west,
                                  To the north and to the south,
                              In all directions I will true your course
                                   Toward laughter and unity.
                            To everywhere I will deliver enlightenment
                                  On the backs of camels, birds
                                      And strong pilgrims.
                                       Into every country
                              I will carry the Holy Names and dance
                                          And dance.
                                    I am a Golden Compass -
                                     Watch me sing and spin
                               Illustrious strands of lyrics and truth.
                                      I am a divine Agent.
                                Your passage to light, your ticket,
                                      May need my stamp.
                               My feet and verse are now ecstatic
                                          And mid-air;
                          Just place your self beneath our leaping arch -
                                  We will sweetly rain upon you.
                                 Watch me whirl into nothingness
                                    Your fears and darkness -
                           Just keep tossing them onto my golden plate.
                           I am a Holy Instrument always tuned by God
                                 I live beyond every dimension.
                               I have been lifted drunk off the floor
                                    In a Magnificent Tavern.
                                Now at my seat upon Divine Love
                           I gaze at Everything with brilliant, clear eyes.
                        I can so easily lean my cheek across this small table
                                       Of time and space
                             And let you touch my beautiful laughing
                                         Wooly beard.
                                  Hafiz is an Emerald Compass.
                            My knowledge will put manna in your purse.
                                 My only duty that now remains
                                          To this world
                                     Is from every direction
                                 To forever serve you wine and
                                      Hafiz is a Golden Skirt
                           The Beloved has lifted off a magnificent floor
                                  And has tied around His waist.
                                      Watch us whirl, whirl,
                       ("The Subject Tonight Is Love" - versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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