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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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Highlights Issue # 1030

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

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by Jerry Katz

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from the Nisargadatta List

"I felt fully satisfied and peaceful and thought that I
could not possibly receive anything more than Maharaj
had told me. I thought of going back to Arunachala the
next day. I mentioned it and asked him for his blessing.
'If you feel like that, then you may go. Do you know
what my blessing is for you? Until you leave your body,
may you have full devotion and surrender to your Guru.'
Maharaj looked at me compassionately. Moved at his
kindness, I started to cry but controlled myself. Even
then a few tears trickled down my cheeks. He smiled and
gave me a piece of fruit. He then got up and taking a
huge pair of cymbals, started to sing devotional songs
in praise of his Guru. I bowed down to him and went to
rest in my room."

"On the Road to Freedom: A Pilgrimage in India, Volume
1" by Swami Paramatmananda Puri Published by, Mata
Amritanandamayi Center San Ramon, California

Note: Swami Paramatmananda met Ammachi a few months
after his encounter with Maharaj.


from Yearning list

Who Knows?

Some time ago, there was a show on educational
television about an obscure tribe in South America. They
were isolated and very little was known about them. The
only member of the tribe interviewed was a tall man with
very long hair dressed in a long light colored robe.

Most of their tribal customs were disappearing, but one
of the most interesting things they did involved child

It seems that when a child was very young, they were
taken to a cave. They were isolated from the tribe and
allowed very little interaction with the other members.
They were supplied with all of their bodily needs and
were never mistreated or neglected. Nothing of the
outside world was seen.

While in the cave, they were incouraged to picture a
world that they would like to live in. When they were
twelve or thirteen a tribal elder would reintroduce them
to the outside.

They emerged into a world of light
shafts........filtered through a thousand
warmth of the sun.........waterfalls.......and streams
full of living creatures......macaws flight......the
perfume of flowers........all enclosed in an infinite
blue expanse.....

And at night.......a million sky-lights............and
the moon......

The rest of their life was spent in an awestruck stupor.

..................................and ..............That
which lies just beyond our illusion of
seperation?.................. ........Who knows?.


In a parallel (perpendicular? maybe anti?) world, all
the creatures are crystalline structures - people,
fishes, birds, animals - fully conscious and aware, all
living and breathing and having their being, adrift in a
clear, infinite spacetimelight holographic continuum.

Communication, for them, is about coming into and going
out of focus, at will - de-lurking. Thus, it is not the
observer that 'sees' another creature, by bringing it
into focus, it is the observed that is 'seen' by coming
into focus. Thus, once in focus, it can be and is seen
by all creatures, including lurkers, invisibly

Creatures communicate while in focus with light, the
omniscient omnipresent, and of course, this
communication is instant, full and absent of ambiguity.

Their language is simple yet complex. Most words simply
do not exist: - Like Teacher/God (what one knows and
shares, all instantly knows); - Like War/Death (you
can't attack another you can't see unless they want you
to see them); - Like, well, all other words which spring
from the TeacherGod Life, eternally at War to the Death.

War/Death the WetBrain, is ruled by Teacher/God the

--------------Heidi Hmmmmmmmmmm



Interactions Between Perceptual and Conceptual Learning


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from See What Is list

The way of a warrior

Ray Kurtzweil:
“Pattern recognition…is the fundamental capability
of the human brain. We can't think fast enough to
logically analyze situations very quickly, so we rely
on our powers of pattern recognition.”

Pattern recognition is the basis of familiarity and continuity.

The term itself posits a process
that evokes embedded patterns as a shorthand
for rapid recognition of what-is
thereby evoking yet more patterns
that are taken to be present reality.

We maintain a rolling summary of conclusions
drawn from experience
cued by sensation,
cloaked in feeling and dreaming.

Every one of us harbors a set of preferences,
born of personal history.

In dualistic terms
one aims for a comprehensive reordering of this inventory
according to a set of priorities proposed by don Juan
as the warrior’s way.

The way of a warrior is characterized by
erasing personal history,
losing self-importance,
taking death as an advisor,
assuming responsibility for one's inner state,
being accessible to power,
being inaccessible to the encumbering thoughts of others,
disrupting the routines of life,
performing every act as one’s last battle on earth,
maintaining an impeccable mood,
clarifying intent,
deriving affirmations from the world around,
acting with abandon,

These are the trimmed predilections of an impeccable warrior,
born of a life of battle
not with others
but with inertial forces of
personal history, routines and self-importance.

~ tomas
(c) 2002 thomas murphy


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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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