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Highlights Issue # 1038

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Today's Highlights Compiled, Edited, and Designed
by Jerry Katz

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from the Guru Ratings list

...this conversation we are having just struck me as
totally comical. two unrealized guys talking about
realization as if we knew what the fuck we were talking
about. very funny. but we fit right in cause i've never
seen any conversations on these lists that were any
different, a bunch of people talking like we have more
going on than just our opinions.


The Girl Who Sells Incense

i see things

like a young mother teaching her child
how to throw stones into the ocean

kids at the skate board park
and how they make gray jackets jump with life

a church with a single car in front of it

or Siobhan

i'd like to write many verses
about what i see

and repeat 'or Siobhan.'

but this poem has to end

i am lost in thoughts

of Siobhan.


from Live Journal

"when you learn to love hell... will be in
heaven." that is one of my favorite sayings from
thaddeus golas' -lazy man's guide to enlightenment- and
i meditated upon that quite a bit today. it was
definitely inspiring and useful.

my day wasn't particularly hellish,in fact there were a
lot of good things about today. nothing big,but plenty
of good little things,like wonderful fresh air not too
cold and not too the sixties. it amazed me to
see people driving who DIDN'T have their windows rolled
down. what,are they crazy? letting all this fresh
pleasant air going to waste?

but for some reason i was grumpy.i was feeling
uncharacteristically MEAN. so it gave me a good excuse
to eat chocolate. after all,i did it for my coworkers
benefit,so they would not feel my wrath! ha.

megan asked jay to do some i ching readings for her,and
i asked him to do some for me too. i was desperately in
need of some hope and the results were hopeful.

the chocolate gave me heartburn and later on this
evening,low blood sugar and fatigue but i also got some
good ideas. it didn't really get me in a great mood like
last time i ate chocolate,but it still was a bit of an
improvement over my mood earlier in the day.

but you know,sometimes i can achieve a spike in my brain
happiness from things i read or a song i listen to,but
there's no guarantee a certain book or song will 'work'.
some days a song or book will and the next day it might

but i'm wondering if being receptive to hell as in
accepting it,makes one more receptive to heaven as well.
i have a sneaking suspicion it does.


coffee and kerouac
started reading 'visions of gerard' by jack kerouac
today. i don't know why,but when i'm feeling very
melancholic,i feel like i have a friend in jack
kerouac,as dopey as that sounds. i feel my temperment is
very similar to his,and we have the same ethnic

i tried to cheer myself up by overeating sugar today,but
it didn't really work. i should have just gone straight
for the chocolate,but i try to go easy on it because of
my weird stomach. man,would i love to have a coffee
high,but coffee is now a no-no. one of these
days,though,i'm going to go crazy and have some anyway.

last week i had an espresso brownie which technically
has very little coffee in it.but the chocolate
definitely gave me a wonderful sense of being about an
hour after i ate it. definitely a high. it was great.


(maybe) it's not up to you

someone posted these lyrics
by bjork and i liked them... I think it's because i try
to hard to fix things sometimes,and i'd do better to be
accepting,at least in some situations,insteading of
always resisting what is...

                                 it's not up to you(from bjork's 'vespertine')

                                 i wake up
                                 and the day feels broken
                                 i tilt my head
                                 i'm trying to get an angle
                                 'cause the evening
                                 i've always longed for
                                 it could still happen
                                 how do i master
                                 the perfect day
                                 six glasses of waterS
                                 seven phonecalls
                                 if you leave it alone
                                 it might just happen
                                 it's not up to you
                                 well, it never really was...
                                 if you wake up
                                 and the day feels a-broken
                                 just lean into the crack
                                 just lean into the crack
                                 and it will t r e m b l e ever so nicely
                                 how it sparkles
                                 down there
                                 i can decide what i give
                                 but it's not up to me
                                 what i get given
                                 unthinkable surprises
                                 about to happen
                                 but what they are
                                 it's not up to you
                                 well, it never really was...
                                 there is too much
                                 to peak
                                 there is too much
                                 p r e s s u r e


from Live Journal

Don't you just hate it when you get the olive medley,
and some pickles and you fix up a plate of them for a
midnight snack, and the BEST olive is not the last one?
Man, this spiritual game better be more reponsive to my

Love, Bodhisattva

ps actually, I still have a pickle to
eat. Maybe that will be the best... yeah, that's IT!!!
pps oh wait, I also have a pitted green olive with hot
peppers all over it... now what?
ppps and so it goes.
pppps I wonder if there's any ice cream in the freezer?

current mood: None, AND other...
current music: The vast silence (okay, ... Herman's Hermits.)


from Live Journal

Personality construct (oxymoron)

i wished to pack you up in a bundle and keep you

download you for future reference

and keep you for ten thousand years

on a super computer somewhere

because i loved you

and wanted you to remain

but when put back together again

your personality construct showed nothing

but blank files

you were nowhere to be found

not in the recordings of your sensing

or in the emulation of your thought patterns

or in the recreation of your flesh

you were nowhere to be found

no separate identity

but everything

nothing i could call mine


behind your face

only love

between your thoughts

only ISness

pure being spreading out as far as the eye can see




Ronin (which a friend once aptly translated as
"Masterless cur dog")

(tokyo image here)



to the sound of humanity

shining without end


are my poem


current music: "Hikari"

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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