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Highlights Issue #1045

Thursday, April 18, 2002

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If Janis Joplin returned
having learned the lesson of liquor,
but not the one of sweets,
she too would probably eat glazed donuts

Oh Lord I could stumble, on the path that transcends
The day death comes knocking, I can't make amends
I'm the slave of my senses, still I treat them like friends
Oh Lord I could stumble, on the path that transcends

I had to do a fast search on the web to get the link donuts – non
Now I know, the hole. Maybe one donut is enough.

Uphanisad misquoted :

"The hole is subtracted from the hole and yet the hole remains."

ZAZEN misquoted :

The center of the donut is a hole, a zero, an empty nothing, through
which the entire universe flows in and flows forth, transformed and

A materialistic non hole focus

"I call the `hole in the donut' syndrome. Just think for a minute how
many people you know who view their lives in terms of `what they
don't have' rather than from the perspective of "what they do have."
These types of folks go through life focusing on the hole of a donut
rather than the donut itself."

Becoming a truth:

"Like almost any city you can name, Bethlehem has grown hugely--in
size as well as population--over the last century. The historic core
is now, compared to the city of today, very much smaller than the
hole of a donut."

Input for fantasy dreams: Our bodies might be the donuts of other

The lumen of the digestive tract is considered outside the body like
the hole of a donut, since it's continuous with the outside of the


from Live Journal

Been reading a book on Jnana-Yoga; it's extremely
illuminating. I was thinking what an amazing man the
author was, then I realised that I wrote that book. So
did you, we are all one consciousness, and so long as
their is one breathing lung in the universe, one
molecule which omits an internal energy we can never
die, we were all created in the first three seconds of
existence astrophysically at the big bang we were all
connected and we all still are yet we don't realise it
(one of the traditional meanings of Maya interpreted
from the Rig Veda, am i right?); and everyone we meet is
us, every breath we breathe is us, every insult we face
is us insulting ourselves, praise is us praising
ourselves, but there is no us only i because there
cannot be more than one omnipresent thing and if it is
omnipresent it cannot be divided so we are not partof
the whole we are the whole because there is nowhere else
for the whole to be except be whole.

And every idea, every conflicting thought, every
"individual" is just an equation, a variable, a process
of math, a way of learning, i am exploring all the
variables and i am everything in the universe all at
once, because everything needs to be explored, every
possible variation of undefined space (and there is a
template for billions and billions and billions of
twists of a standard space defined only by maths and
evolution and a permeating spirit!)

i am everything. i am you.

or am i just a bored teenage girl who has missed the

current mood: curious
current music: peter tosh - reggaemylitis




It's not that teachings are flawed or people are flawed
that prevents people from TheAwakening they, of proper
foundation, seek or desire. It's that teachings do not
contain enough calories to feed the beast, and so the
beast suffers from a severe nutrient- deficit.

You can't really imagine, in advance, how much free
energy it takes to awaken. You can read books all day,
every day, go to evening and week-end seminars every
week, retire from life and sit at your guru's feet on a
regular basis, trying as always to suck every bit of
juice out of all of it, and still, never get anywhere.

Because thought is too weak to do what is necessary, and
thought is the only vehicle through which the necessary
energy is transferred, from human to human, or from you
to you.

You see, you have to have your own enlightening
realizations to ever experience TheAwakening you, with
proper foundation, seek or desire. You have to, in
effect, invent and then teach yourself, the One True
Teaching - you have to sit at your own feet.

Every realization you get on your own is worth a
thousand from someone else, and packs a punch you can
not imagine until you do.


from Guru Ratings list

So, Friday I go help my friend move her business in the
middle of the night (as advised by her lawyer). Packing
up the contents of some drawers, another woman hands me
an ancient looking box of incense, manufactured by
"Srinivas Sugandhalaya" (note the similarity to my
name/email address), Bangalore - 23, it is labelled
"Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Agarbatti" and "For Indian
Market Only - Not For Export". It does not belong to my

Saturday, I attend a satsangh in a room that turns out
to contain a shrine with a large photo of same
afro-styled guru.

That which I reject...?

Su :-)


this gentleman in London is open to meeting other
nondual types in the area.

[email protected]
Your Location=London, England
text=I AM open to the pleasure of meeting open 'others' (smile).


I'm shuffling off the final stage of a cold-like illness
which I caught (which caught me, that should be) on Holy
Saturday. This led me to the question: are smokers
capable of enlightenment? My nose was quite
irritation-ful enough with all those viruses up it, then
some smokey git had to light up! And some other smokey
git. And so on. Very unenlightened behaviour. Any hope
for them?

Smoking is but one of many damaging habits concerning
the mind-body. Not being attached to those habits may be
one of the guidelines to "enlightenment" but when the
"path" gets steeper (nirvana), those habits can become
blocks (eventually, that phase of life will be
recognized). So there is "hope" for chain-smokers too!


On ~Good~ Friday -20 days ago- I visited Chris
Gosselin -a big character on the Pagan scene- in the
"Palliative Care Unit" of St Charles's Hospital; he had
been seriously ill for some months with metastatic lung
cancer. He died the next morning (at least I *got*
there). I'm not indifferent to death - I actively
dislike illness & death. There, how do we spiritualize
that away?

You don't "spiritualize away" anything: the Buddha
taught the way to end suffering which means in a
literary sense, the potential for suffering can
dissolve. When not the slightest pain can be felt, the
issue called "mind-body and its vicissitudes" is
absolutely moot isn't it? The snag, living in such a way
as to "open up" to an illness like cancer could be
called a "block" preventing such dissolution - but when
the component of suffering called "mental turmoil" is
gone already, the pain can be endured with a smile -
without that turmoil, pain is "just" pain. 

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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