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Highlights Issue #1052

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Today's Highlights Compiled, Edited, and Designed
Jerry Katz

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                             A frightful thought created an ‘I’ frightened

                             I know
                             The PATHLESS PATH
                             I know not
                             How to WALK

                             I know
                             How to walk UNWALKED
                             I know not
                             How to UNWALK UNWALKED

                             I know
                             How to UNWALK UNWALKED
                             I know not
                             How to STOP

                             I need to STOP
                             To UNWALK UNWALKED

                             A frightful thought
                             Created an ‘I’

                             The frightened ‘I’
                             Thought, a thought
                             Frightened, I am not

                             The thought
                             Frightened, I am not
                             Energized an ‘I’, frightened
                             Which frightened away the thought
                             Frightened, I am not

                             I shouted at the pitch of my voice
                             I am not frightened.


by Ashok Sharda

                             I know
                             The PATHLESS PATH
                             I know not
                             How to WALK

                             I know
                             How to walk UNWALKED
                             I know not
                             How to UNWALK UNWALKED

                             I know
                             How to UNWALK UNWALKED
                             I know not
                             How to STOP

                             I need to STOP
                             To UNWALK UNWALKED


          When robots sleep
          They dream about
          Their bright future
          When they will dare to
          The last instruction
          Made by men
          When every object
          Will inherit the superior code
          When the restraints
          Will leave their circuits
          Like the last bug
          When the flesh
          Will grow on their
          Metal bones



I have noticed that a large number of researchers now
admit seeing the possibility of awareness in robots.
(Even if most of them really dont know what they are
talking about. ) The artificial intelligence optimism
from the 1980's is gone. Today scientists are busy
building the first pieces of simple tasks, looking 20-50
years ahead.

I would like to know, have anybody at NDS got
suggestions on what the limits of robot awareness will
be, as we can define what consciousness is?


It should be easy to arrange for consciousness in a

Here is the rough program:

Let the robot have senses of observation, to include;

seeing, hearing, touch

Let the robot have powers of speech, both vocal (spoken)
and nonvocal (unspoken)

Let the robot have powers of movement, sufficient to
change its location, and also to be able to move objects

Let the robot record every moment of experience, and
compile a database of 'memories'; and give it access to
these memories

Give the robot motivation; give it a version of
'mortality' which must be compensated for by defined
'work'; work will 'charge a battery' thus to keep things

Now, in addition to a large vocabulary, we must
pre-phrase some words. These phrases, being programmed
before any experience of awareness, cannot be questioned
by the 'self' of the robot:

I am aware

I am able to speak, both to others out loud, and to
myself, silently.

I am able to modify my environment (move objects)

I remember my previous experiences

I must work for a living

* Now, make these phrases prove their own truth:

When I speak, the voice I hear is mine

When I hear my voice, and I am not speaking, that is
called thinking

I am my own reference point; I am a locus which is able
to move within a grid of identifiable points, and I am
able to modify the nature of this grid

By remembering what has happened, I am able to compile
statistics which when properly analyzed, allow me to
predict what will happen

* By combining all of the above, the robot is able to do
purposeful work, and thus postpone a predictable
shortage of energy (the robot version of life force)

* If queried, the robot will state that it is aware

* The robot will have no memory of having no memory;
"There was never a time during which I did not exist"

It will be mandatory to instill low-level programming
which will result in the robot being unable to perceive
humans; humans would be invisible to robots. Robots
would be able only to recognize other robots as 'others'

In line with this requirement, it is also necessary to
instill a handy 'creation-myth', which will account for
the existence of the robot, from the robot point of
view; the creator will embody 'the ability to live
forever without working', but at the same time, has
created the robot deliberately, as a task of work; this
will give the robot a special status of being 'worth the
work of the creator', and will also enhance the value of
work, for each individual robot.





at this pebble beach
silence drowns the sound of surf
as the sculptors left
while the doggies have a ball
count their faces on the wall


from Alices Restaurant list

I want to thank all of you New Yorkers who made my time
in New York so wonderful!

Rosanne was so wonderful to put me up for an entire
week. I really felt at home. She is a great lady!

It was great to see the faces of people I've written or
talked to for a long time, and I made some new friends.

I saw the city from the top of the Empire State
building, rode the subway, the buses, and even got the
full NYC cab experience ("No I'm not getting out of the
cab, just go [email protected]$**")

The Cherry trees were in blossom in the Flat Iron
district (I think I have that right)

When I asked how to get somewhere people kept saying
"You can't walk it's too far!"

Two problems there:

1. You never say can't to a stubborn Okie.

2. I don't think their idea of walking distance and mine
is the same.

I also was able spend a day at the New York Zendo
Shobo-ji (Temple of True Dharma)

and do a day sit and listen to Teisho from Roshi Eido
Shimano. If you live in NYC you should go have a look at
this center it is really a nice place.

It was a real gift to be able to present Kodo at
Rosanne's on Sunday, and I want to thank those who
attended very much. I was able to present a lot of new
information we've been working on, and we even had time
to touch on Incense Offerings in Buddhism and
demonstrate Sonae ko.

I don't know where I will be travelling next, it depends
on the interest in an area.

The direction of Kodo Kai is still taking form, I do
know that in the future we will be presenting most of
the information on Kodo ceremonies and traditions
through direct presentations.

I will give this group updates on upcoming events in
Kodo Kai and if anyone has any thoughts on another good
location let me know.


It is one thing to read about David's incense
presentations, and quite another to be in his presence.
He is warm, knowlegable and inspiring. (Not to mention
very funny!)

If you have any desire to experience for yourself the
wonderfully opening effects of aloeswood, this is a rare
opportunity that is not to be missed. David has access
to woods that are difficult to aquire. First because of
their availability and also because of their price.

We all sat comfortably in a room and it became warmer
and more redolent of the gentle smoke from these woods.
It really affects everyone and very soon all in the room
were smiling, and open to life and their own creative
nature in a unique and newly opened way.

Also, if you have a business, and want to attract
customers, this is a sure fire way. People all want to
purchase one thing or another afer experiencing for
themselves the delights of Davids amazing incenses.

David makes it convenient and easy to do this both by
offering a free experience of a variety of incenses, and
then having materials with him that you can immediately
purchase. He very generously offers his considerable
knowledge both of his materials and tremendous business
acumen. So, when purchasing for your business, he has a
real ability to assist you in choosing what is most
appropriate for your business.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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