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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana Duranczyk, Michael Read, John Metzger

Highlights Issue #1058

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Today's Highlights compiled, edited and designed by Jerry Katz

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Editor's notes:

In Issue #1056, a piece written by Michael Johnson
was mistakenly attributed to Michael Read. It is
re-submitted below:
--Jerry Katz


My Interpretation of Jean Klein's teachings...

What is Life?
A child is begins for the child.
The child sees.
The child smells.
The child tastes.
The child hears.
The child touches things and things touch the child.
The child thinks.

Life is perceptions, body sensations.
Each moment of life for the child is brand new, each situation is fresh.
The child remembers an experience of

Pleasant memories are stored in the child's brain if an experience felt
good to the child.
Painful memories are stored in the child's brain if and experience didn't
feel good to the child.
The child searches for pleasurable experiences and avoids painful experiences.

All experiences are new for the child, yet, many of the child's experiences
appear to be a repeat
of previous remembered experiences. The child's memory completes
experiences for him thereby making his life seem repetitious. There is
memory of similar experiences but there is no repetition.

Life never repeats itself for the child.
Each moment of life is new.
 From birth to death, each moment is new.

The body grows.
The mind grows.
The child grows.

There is an awareness of the body and mind growing.

There is something beyond thought, the source of thought,
that is aware of the child, aware of the body, aware of the mind.

The child is always changing.
The body is always changing.
The mind is always changing.

The body is a vehicle, a tool, an instrument.
The mind is energy, creation, activity.
The child is the mind/body creation.

If the child assumes his identity as the mind/body,
there is a belief in separation.
There is fear.
There is anxiety.
There is stress.
There is manipulation.

If the child remembers his true identity as the Spirit,
the Silence, The Source, The Awareness, of the body/mind
sensations, then the child feels connected to the world.

The body/mind sensations are allowed to come to the child's
attention rather than the child constantly seeking sensations.

The pleasure pain cycle stops.
Life springs up in letting go of desires for life to be something
other than what it each present moment.

Body/mind sensations are perceived and let go.
They are allowed to come
and they are allowed to go.
There is no personal involvement in them.
Life is

The body/mind is connected when
the mind allows the world to be
created moment by moment.

We are all One,
not two.

Duality appears in Non-duality.

Consciousness and it's object thought are One, not two.

Consciousness is what we have in common with all other
objects which appear in our Awareness.






Now if someone knocked on my door and said they wanted
to talk about The Matrix, hell, I'd let them in. The
following site is sponsored by the Jehovah's Witnesses.
I've only scanned it, but there's a good section with
all the Matrix links (all the doors they can knock on)
and even the one at the NDS website. Also a bunch of
Matrix lists, clubs, boards are listed.


from Guru Ratings list

Even though there's no universal agreement on whether
what enlightenment is or even whether it is, it's not
bad to stay sober and remember that enlightenment,
guruhood, powers are all independent from each other.
Just because someone's in the front of the room with a
videocam trained on them and a ring of eager faces all
around doesn't mean they have/are anything special. By
the same token, check out the local gardener or video
sales clerk. One might be very surprised where special
qualities can be found!!



R.K. Sankar's translation from Tamil of Sri Ramana Padha
Pancharathnam, Five jewels (in praise) of the Feet of
Sri Ramana, by Sri Siva Prakasam Pillai -- with daily
affirmations, is available at

"On the eve of Sri Ramana Jayanti" is at

"Grateful Remembrance of Sri Bhagawan on His Mahasamadhi
Day" is at

Sankar sends his translations one verse at a time to the
I AM list.




from Live Journal


ill on a journey
my mind wanders across the moor

Sometimes the lives of past persons blossom up before my
eyes and the person in question feels very very close,
as if it were my own life.

Separation by time and personality is just a lie.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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