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Highlights Issue #1063

Monday, May 6, 2002

Today's Highlights compiled, edited and designed by Jerry Katz

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Today's Highlights revolve around this post by Rashmi:


If the basic truth "consciousness is all there is" is
firmly understood why do i still seek or what do i seek?
i seem to be asking this to myself but there is no
answer. no answer or an answer that seems part of the
functioning too but.......why do i seek?

LISA, quoting HARVEY

Rashmi has touched on a point that I struggle (not
successfully) with often. How do I reconcile myself with

"when we take ourselves to be an independent agent with
the responsibility for what happens in our lives, we are
in a constant process of trying to figure out what is
the best thing for us to do in the never ending
presentation of the circumstances in our lives."

I call this my "Invictus" complex. I cannot seem to
break free from the I am, me, my and mine- have to fix
this to suit me ideology; consequently I am in agonizing

I want out of this whatever it is-how does one stop the
madness and reach "some point" and as you say:

"At some point, as the understanding that things are
just happening and that our sense of doership is an
illusion sinks in a bit, the tenacity of seeking may
possibly lose some of its grip. Anyhow, this is how it
sometimes seems to someone who still is constantly
getting caught up in illusion."

I do understand the concept but why does the heart not


HI Lisa, Rashmi and Harvey,

if you don't like it (seeking and suffering), let it go.
and if it's like a tar baby, let it go persistently and


and when you are no longer getting caught up in illusion
you will see that this viewpoint is pure folly. when you
are no longer caught up in illusion you will not have
these absurd notions about doership and responsibility.
with freedom from the illusion comes more responsibility
than the mind can fathom.


There is no more of less responsibility than there was
before the illusion was shattered.

We're still the same slobs on either side of the

Chop wood, carry water... chop wood, carry water.


Hello Rashmi, Lisa, Diana and Friends,

You are Pure Light.

Light is singular and its expression has a dualistic

The characteristics/qualities of Light appear as polar
opposites of Oneness-Light. You are OneDuality - Light
and its dualistic qualities.

When there is identification with either aspect of the
dulaity, the Light is obstructed. In other words when
'I' identify with what is called the ego or I-entity,
there is a localization, a concretization/barrier
composed of energy/Light that obstructs the Light. In
this situation the 'I-entity' seeks liberation/freedom -
this can never happen because the energy which supports
the 'seeking' is the Light and the 'seeking' only
solidifyies the obstruction of the I-entity that is

And, When there is identification with what is called
'Spirit' 'Divine' or similar labels, then there is a
nonlocalized expression of Light. This appears to be
more desirable than the other and yet it really is just
a variation on the theme - it is still an identification
- a very subtle variation of the I-entity that has the
particular characteristic of disfunctionality.

The reconciliation of opposites is the 'Seeing' - there
is no entity that is 'Seeing' - seeing is there
naturally when the obstruction of the I-entity
dissloves, when 'I' let go - relax.

(this is not a formula - it is not that 'I ' see - it is
the absence of absence where the is the presence of
presence/Light - it is like...when an infant has been
grasping your finger and the infant lets go, there is an
Innocence in the 'letting go' - the infant does not let
go to get something else - the infant simply 'lets go').

When there is a clarity in 'Seeing' The Way to proceed
is obvious. So the challenges/situations of 'Life' are
still there and in the Light which shines when the
obstructions/clouds fall away - The Way is revealed -
this is Enlightenment.

The reconciliation is 'Seeing' the paradox. It is to
'See' the OneDual Trinity of Light + its dualistic
qualities as it shines.

One characteristic of light is localized and it is
called -


the other characteristic of Light is nonlocal and it is
called - Meditation-Open-Intuition-Feminine-Heart...


Light/Love is Its own knowing. It reveals Itself to


"I do understand the concept but why does the heart not
follow?" --Lisa

Each time a tendency is reinforced the deposit of
resistance to breaking that tendency is added to. Just a
thought is a thread that makes the string that is woven
into the fabric of the veil that keeps us from
discriminating between the real and illusion.

This deposit of subliminal traits describes Karma and
not the Real Self which is clear attributelessness. At
any moment every subliminal trait can be dropped because
they are not us. This is proved by the fact that they
accumulate, change, and drop off by themselves without
our knowing about it. We just see the mess they create.

The causes of affliction according to Feuerstein's
translation of Patanjali are: Ignorance, I-am-ness,
attachment to pleasant experience, aversion to sorrowful
experience, and the will to live. They are to be
overcome by meditative absorption. Each is an aspect of
ignorance which has four different ways of manifesting:
dormant [not currently in use], covered [anger covers
fear, apathy covers sorrow etc.], aroused [the current
or active ignorance], and the optimal form of ignorance,


Why do you still seek? Mainly because there are still
concepts and ideas and beliefs being held. Ah yes, great
expectations and predefinitions are common stumbling

When it is time for those concepts and beliefs to drop,
they will. It is a natural process for them to drop. And
they will drop when the seeker is ready.

So, how to 'get' ready? Just be willing to let them go.
It is not as hard as it seems or may seem. The universe
will do its part and freedom will ensue.

peace love and lunch - michael


The desire for emptiness

is full

of seeking.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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