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The Texture of Being
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"We do not need to search in order to find our true Being. We already are it, and the mind which searches for it is the very reason why we cannot find it."
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Nondual Highlights

Issue #1072

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Edited by Michael Read

Highlights Home Page: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm

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The Inner Light
(George Harrison)
Lead Vocal: George Harrison

Without going out of my door
I can know all things on Earth
Without looking out of my window
I could know the ways of Heaven

The farther one travels
The less one knows
The less one really knows

Without going out of your door
You can know all things on Earth
Without looking out of your window
You could know the ways of Heaven

The farther one travels
The less one knows
The less one really knows

Arrive without travelling
See all without looking
Do all without doing

Jan Sultan  

Fearlessness is the prerequisite of a spiritual life.
- Gandhi

[as quoted by Ram Dass in "Still Here"]

  Mazie Lane [a Hafiz poem as posted on several lists]  


Do sad people have in

It seems
They have all built a shrine
To the past

And often go there
And do a strange wail and

What is the beginning of

It is to stop being So religious

Like That.

("The Gift" - trans. by Daniel Ladinsky)



I Hate Incense

A master’s handiwork cannot be measured
But still priests wag their tongues explaining the “Way” and babbling about “Zen.”
This old monk has never cared for false piety
And my nose wrinkles at the dark smell of incense before the Buddha.

A Fisherman

Studying texts and stiff meditation can make you lose your Original Mind.
A solitary tune by a fisherman, though, can be an invaluable treasure.
Dusk rain on the river, the moon peeking in and out of the clouds;
Elegant beyond words, he chants his songs night after night.

  [from the book One Bird, One Stone by Sean Murphy]  

Light and Shadow   Walter Nowick liked to tell his Zen students the tale of a New Year's Eve party where a knock came at the front door and the attendees opened it to admit the guest of honor: Fortune, dressed in all his finery. After all the celebration had died down, however, someone heard a faint scratching sound coming from the back door. They opened it and a scrawny, filthy creature entered the room, bringing the festivities to a standstill.     "Who are you?" someone finally asked.     "Misfortune," croaked the creature, then pointed to the guest of honor, "Where he goes, I follow".

Ramesh Balsekar [from the book Your Head In The Tiger's Mouth]  

You may never be able to see God - or know God - but you can always tickle his creatures and make them laugh!


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