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The Highlights

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Issue #1073, Edited by Jerry Katz

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From Nasrudin Study list:

Nasrudin built at last the ultimate computer. It was
time to ask the machine the ultimate question:

"Will computers be ever able to think like humans?"

The computer processed this request for a long time
running through huge databases never contained by
individual mind.

After seven days well spent, the answer was ready,
printed out neatly on one sheet of paper.

Nasrudin rushed to it and read:

"This reminds me of a story."



Human beings strive for perfection [without much success
 I hasten to add]. We expect our gurus and enlightened
beings to be perfect.

Have we looked at God's handiwork closely? Perhaps
perfection is not natural nor desirable! [Compared to
real flowers, perfumed silk flowers are perfect ... so
how come they don't give the same satisfaction?]

Perhaps Love is more important. If we all were perfect,
for whom could we feel love and compassion? Would we
need each other?

Perhaps not even God is perfect? Before we judge anyone,
before we find fault ... lets us instead follow our
hearts which are moved most by compassion and love.



pointing at the moon
all the talking about it it won't
get you there
whether loving the moon dreaming to be
walking there reading
moonwalking reports none will get
you there


Live Journal

Is there a healthy word for fear?
Can one be confident and fearful at the same time-
is it healthy,
a contradiction?
Can one's path be so clear before them-
they cannot see,
without hesitation?
Can one envision the road-
overlooking sidelines,
in the moment?
Can one's faith in the unseen-
open our eyes,
in truth?


Live Journal

I know who I am.

At least, I know who I was. Right now I smell like
Caesar salad. The anchovy bits.

I grew up lusting after the carnivorous gypsy.

Being clean has had only limited use in the last decade.

The day has totally worn me out. Thoughts are scrambled.
I have to remind myself to take deep breaths as I go. I
can't find my notes from last week.

This day has not quite been a slam dunk.

What I need is a low-light smoke-filled blues club and a
vegetarian who'll accompany me.

I keep forgetting that I'm supposed to be me. I'm the
leader. Me having my particular lifestyle, I have, for
the most part, always desired to live alone. At least,
that's the way I've percieved it. But I end up being a
director of sorts, and I'm still unused to it.

Not that I should complain. If I've people willing to go
along with my admittedly off-center ideas, I've nothing
to complain about at all.

Safe sex with Reality is a must.

current music: Snakes In Paradise - Gypsy in Your Blood





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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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