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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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The Highlights
Thursday, May 23, 2002
Edited by Jerry Katz

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Live Journal

I am more comfortable inhabiting your dreams than any
other place I've visited.


Live Journal

teaching truth is a funny last karma
with no creatures here to teach
and no one to teach it
yet there is no stopping it
the Self Knowing Itself
can't be stopped
never started


Eric Laing / terminal - an american family c.2002


a first person accounting of the continued diminishment
of 'family' (and the personal anguish left in the wake
of two fathers) in a world spiraling toward self-induced
self-righteous consumer (...or spiritual, or political,
or whatever) false satiation.


Hi, Eric,

Thanks for sharing your site. Perhaps because I am an
urban creature, perhaps because I live in this
particular place and age, perhaps because I have spent
my time thinking about architecture and cities, perhaps
because I have spent time in the places you photograph,
I get it. But those are the easy answeres, eh?

Really, I get it because those things you photograph are
in me. I have direct access to them. They are a part of
the personal myth.

I didn't always recognize those things as part of the
myth. It took years of wandering around dangerous crap
holes taking photographs for others before I realized I
didn't need to leave home to find those places.

So now, when the independent bookstore across the street
takes to playing piped-in classical music on the
sidewalk to ward off the street musicians and drummers
and punks and hippies and the dog- toting degenerates
and winos and homeless men asking for money, that music
goes straight to my ears, taking up place in my head. Do
I take it personally? Yes, a little. I sure know what
"they" feel like. It hurts, you know, to have a part of
you run off, even if it tags the building you live in
every day. It hurts, too, to have one part of you
warring with the other. Each part killing the other, as
in that bookstore is struggling to make money because
fewer and fewer customers want to come face to face
with what they might recognize as themselves.

And what I have noticed is that, now, no one, not even
the pensionists and the good folks and the shining
models of social responsibility hang out in front of
this bookstore. A shame...

Maybe this means I understand what your love and divorce
is about.

I may not be familiar with the story you speak of. Is
this the little prince that lives on the planet? The
French story? If so, I'll look it up again.



'You' and/or 'I' is the movement away from Now. Neither
'you' nor 'I' can ever know Now because to chase after
it, is to chase 'AFTER' it.

When 'you' and 'I' are absent (or as I have stated
before - when there is the absence of absence) Now
reveals Itself.

Now is Singular - like everything else its qualities are
Definite and Infinite. The Definite quality is movement
which is described with the concept Time. The Infinite
quality is Stillness - this can never be thought yet it
can be felt as in 'Being Stillness'.

Time moves and yet it is always Now. Identification with
Thought and Perception is Time. When there is no entity
(no I-entity) thinking and/or feeling there is no time -
this is Now and thinking/feeling occur as necessary in
the situation.

Nothing happens Now.



nothing is gained by enlightenment
the event needs few precursors
neither kundalini nor enlightenment
need arrive in a certain order
kundalini is a phenomenon unto itself
as is breathing
awaking to one's true nature
is a natural, spontaneous and intuitive
event unto itself
requiring only an open mind and an open heart
in this state all beliefs and concepts
are naturally dropped
and there is peace
and the laughter
of finding what seemed lost,
was in your pocket,
all the time

Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression Home

Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

Search over 5000 pages on Nonduality: