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Highlights #110

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Today I had one of the most pleasant afternoons I've had in
a long time. Andrew (from the Nonduality Salon, and who does
this digest) and I ate lunch at a Korean restaurant, enjoyed
crazy decorative noodles, tender vegetarian tempura, tea,
delicate colorful sushi, bright and spicy kimchee, perfect
rice, there were even tablecloths on the table. Let's just
say I got the better half of a t-shirt for meal deal.

Apres dining we took a pleasant stroll through the Victorian
style Public Gardens.

We talked about everything, and found we share similar
values. I enjoyed learning about him. The only time the
conversation got hung up was when Andrew was talking about
Karma and I really couldn't follow what he was saying. I
was sweatin', thinking, if it were email I could
conveniently ignore him and move on to Tim's post.

And with gorgeous Korean foods mingling in my belly, and
visions of flowers in my eyes, impressions of a beautiful
person filling the heart space in my chest, and thoughts of
coming together again, online and off, we took our leave.


I am all things and no-thing. I am not the object, but the
material from which the object is made, which is
spirit-stuff. There are no 'others' to teach. I (you) can
remove ignorance from my(your)self. I am that which I am.

With Love, Tim
_________________________________________________________________ there anything "prior" to realization?
Let's talk of what we know rather than what we read
somewhere. Reality always IS, and there is no "prior".
Reality is not something to be reached as the culmination of
seeking or striving. Reality/realization is just the
seeking and striving, and dropping the seeking/striving.
Illusion is the manifesting of reality, not the opposite of


Hello everyone!

I've just joined this lovely salon and wanted to say hello
to you all.
I'd like to share a perspective on "nonduality" by inviting
you to read an recent article, "Reflections on Nondualism
and Self-Inquiry," which is posted on my web site:

Just click on the SELF-INQUIRY main section, then click on
Articles, and then click the article title.

I look forward to visiting this Salon regularly.

With highest regards to one and all,


It goes without saying that this vast mystery of silence
lives as everyone's only brain, voice, heart. Enlightenment
is completely ordinary, fully available to anyone any time;
we're born enlightened, and we can never lose that, no
matter how much we screw things up.


We're together in a roller coaster car, screaming our way
down a black hole leading to real dissolution.


Yes. And on the way, we pass through many holographic
images of brick walls, monsters, gods and goddesses, gurus,
each one designed to elicit a bigger scream than the last.

As our car approaches each image, we compare it to the other
images, rate it, file the memory, and then react.
Eventually, all of those images become similar in nature
(they are images) and thus uninteresting.

Eventually, one takes the entire file of indexed images and
places it in an inactive file; this allows emptiness to

Now it is the screaming itself which is interesting; one may
recall one's own screaming at similar times on this ride.
One may empathize with the screamers, while experiencing

Screaming in emptiness; the holographic universe, an image
itself, composed of remembered and indexed impressions, kept
active by the reactions of the screamers, who present to
each-other their own versions of the holographic images of
desire and aversion, indexed per world-dream value criteria.

Someone may detect the underlying breathing which empowers
the screamers; someone may relax and enjoy breathing. One
may breath with the universe; this is the ultimate

==Gene Poole==


I've seen each one of these 32 techniques attempted by
friends of mine. Here are the practices, along with the
explanations of why they were undertaken by the seekers.
The items are wonderfully inconsistent with each other, and
range from the wacky to the "Wow, sounds deep!"

32 Forms of Sadhana That Do Not Produce Enlightenment
The 32 things on this list are often wonderful, helpful,
healthful and fulfilling for certain aspects of life. But
sometimes they have been employed directly or indirectly as
Sadhana or spiritual practice in order to achieve
enlightenment for those who believe in enlightenment. The
list is not consistent, as it reflects the efforts of
different people at different times, etc. Unfortunately,
each item on this list fails to bring about enlightenment.

1. Yell at the top of your lungs for 17 minutes a day, even
if you are not angry. This releases aggressions even if you
don't feel aggressive, and brings you closer to the Self.

2. Wear Birkenstocks. Never wear Prada or Gucci, as the
designs are fashionable, which emphasizes the illusion of
appearance -- this is unspiritual. Health, comfort, utility
and the new age simplicity of Birkenstocks are a step in the
right direction away from attachment to the body and towards
higher things.

3. If you are ever in the Self, stay with it. Rehearse if
you have to. You'll get closer next time. The goal is to
stay with the Self uninterruptedly.

4. Try never to desire anything. If you want something,
don't want it. Desire is the number 1 thing responsible for

5. Never use the word "I"; instead, say "This form." This
reduces the tendency for the "I-thought" to arise, which
keeps you in bondage.

5. Whenever you hear "I" in conversation, ask "WHO?!" This
helps others to free themselves from the "I-thought," while
reinforcing the practice in yourself.

6. Wake up at 4am, and never sleep or catnap if the sun is
out. The dawn of day is the most spiritual part, and
hastens your enlightnment, especially if you meditate then
and say your mantra 12,000 times before 9am.

7. Smile all the time, even when you stub your toe.
Everything is perfect, and always smiling will help
re-program you to understand this.

8. When unpleasant things happen, say that everything is an
illusion, but when pleasant things happen, say that
everything is perfect.

9. When unpleasant things happen, say that everything is

10. The Self is quiet and mild, the embodiment of Silence
in all its forms. Therefore, eat food from Silence -- Eat
only mild, sattvic, vegan foods. Also off the list: sugar,
salt, peppers, dairy, wheat, spelt, kamut, beans, dairy,
onions, garlic, vegetable substitutes for bacon, anything
blue, and any rice except south Indian Basmati rice aged for
over one year but that has not been on the shelves of a
U.S. retail establishment for over 32 days.

11. Cultivate an appreciation of quiet, refined,
sophisticated art and music, because it comes directly from
the Self without the defilements of the mind, intellect,
emotions - classical music is the best. Sometimes, quiet
jazz is acceptable, but only ballads. No tempo faster than
72 beats per minute, and no drums except in crescendos.
When there is no electricity or high-quality stereo
available, slow bhajans are recommended.

12. Wear "consciousness clothes." White represents this
the best. Sometimes purple, pastels or earth-tones are
acceptable. Never wear black, which comes from the
anti-Self. Never wear bright colors which are an attachment
to the physical plane (but Indian saris and indigenous
textiles from Central America are OK).

13. To reduce the bondage to the body and emphasis on the
illusion of physical appearance, do this: For men, grow a
beard; for women, never shave any part of the body. Do not
bathe more than once a week in the winter, 3 times a week in
the summer.

14. Learn a spiritual language such as Sanskrit or Tibetan,
because the divinity of pure spirit is accessible only in
these languages. In a pinch, Japanese or Hebrew will do.
Never, ever learn German or Polish.

15. Never go outside except when necessary. If you live in
the city, order in from the grocery store. Never go to

16. Never use air conditioning at home even though you're

17. Ignore the body, except for basic maintenance.
Athletics promote attachment to the body.

18. You never judge of course, but you can't help noticing
that people with a suntan or muscle tone are unspiritual.

19. Never drink anything but water. Other liquids enhance
attachment to the senses, which delays enlightenment.

20. Take hatha yoga, which will allow you to control your
body and mind, getting you closer to Spirit. Ignore the
increased muscle tone and physical feelings of well-being -
these are based on the lower chakras, which must be cleared
and transcended before enlightenment can be reached.

21. If you live in a city or town of over 16,000 people,
then move, because there's less Consciousness in cities.

22. Never have sex, even if you're married. Enough said.

23. If you are heterosexual, try to cultivate sexual
attraction to the same sex.
Heterosexuality is a preference, based on attachment to

24. If you are homosexual, try to cultivate sexual
attraction to the opposite sex.
Homosexuality is a preference, based on attachment to

25. Throw away all your jewelry, preferably into a fire.

26. Donate lots of your money to the guru, thus shedding

27. Try to not wear clothes, especially at spiritual
retreats. That attachment thing again.

28. Never use makeup. It veils your true essence, and
betrays an attachment to the body.

29. Shave your head. Tattoo the name of your guru on your
scalp. This shows your true surrender to all, and makes it
a public proclamation.

30. Never go to the movies, watch TV or read fiction.

31. Never desire or expect or think about enlightenment.
All desire is delusion and attachment. No desire is
spiritual, even the desire for enlightenement.

32. Desire enlightenment and think about it more than
anything else. For only this earnestness will carry you
through to the end.

--contribute by Greg

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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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