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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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Chocolate Mousse

#1100 - Monday, June10, 2002 - Editor: Jerry - Home:


Quoting Ken Wilber:

With typical translation, the self (or subject) is given
a new way to think about the world (or objects); but
with radical transformation, the self itself is
inquired into, looked into, grabbed by its throat, and
literally throttled to death. [Transformative
spirituality] does not legitimate the world, it breaks
the world; it does not console the world, it shatters
it. And it does not render the self content, it renders
it undone.


PETROS from Petros Truth

When the "Mind of God," the higher and unspeakable
wisdom that follows a deepening of awakening, descends
to make its habitation within one's mind and body, its
effect is not only purifying but radiant. It purifies,
as if spontaneously, the physical/psychic structure of
various obstacles that had previously frustrated the
ego-I, and also radiates outward into its environment,
having an effect upon others, to the degree that they
are sensitive to it.


from See What Is list

I prefer to "observe" pain, not sit with it.


Observation takes you "outside" the pain.

Yes, there is pain, but I am not the pain.

The body is full of tension, fear, and contractions.

The body must be allowed to express itself.

I am not the body.

The mind is full of fear and delusion.

The mind must be allowed to express itself.

I am not the mind.

When pain comes, open the door and
welcome it in. Don't try to stop it.
Allow it to come into your space,
and allow it to go.
Don't fight, don't resist, don't get into
mental debates with it.
The mind has had eons to perfect it's game.
You can't beat the mind at it's own game.
Stop Trying.

You can observe the pain which in reality
is only Tension in the body caused by swirling
thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Step outside the swirling thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Ground yourself in the present moment.
Look around your space.

What do you see? My computer, my coffee cup.
What are you smelling? My morning coffee.
What are you tasting? My morning coffee.
What sounds do you hear? Computer humming.
What are you touching? My keyboard keys, the floor, my chair.

The mind is like a sorcerer who has cast a spell.
You have to do something to break that spell.
Don't even think you can outthink him! Impossible.
He tricks you into going to the past.
He gets you to BLAME other people, places or things.
He urges you to blame your mother, your father, your siblings,
your friends, your teachers, society.
He says you will be lonely if you don't fawn before others.
He says you are better than others.
He says you are no good.
He says you will never be any good.
He is like a thief in the night.
He comes to steal your peace.
He gives you a compliment only to replace it with guilt or fear.
Don't believe a word he says, he is the master of lies.
Believe what you can see, smell, taste, hear, and touch in the
eternal present moment.

There are two types of thought,
psychological and functional.

Functional thought is used by the body as a tool.
It creates energy for the body to move from point a to point b
or not move at all. It is only a tool and it uses memory as a tool,
which is all it is. Memories come up in the present moment when
needed by Consciousness. They come and they go.

Psychological thought is based in FEAR!
It constantly swings back and forth
between the past and the future.
It seeks pleasure and avoids pain.
It blames other people, places and things for it's pain.
It is judgmental, critical and unforgiving.
It will do anything it can to not feel pain.
It feels pain because it believes itself to be separate
from the rest of the world.
It is constantly seeking itself by going into relationships
with people, places and things in the hope of becoming
It is frustrated because even after it's desires are met,
it is still not happy, not content, not peaceful.
It continues to chase desires and continues to be unfulfilled!

What it really seeks is desire-less-ness.
The ultimate desire is desire-less-ness.

To be happy, content and at peace with:

who you are,
what you have,
where you are, and
when you are there,

and to stop wondering

why you are where you are.

How do we get to that place of peace?


Meditation is allowing the body/mind sensations
to come to our attention.

Silent Observation.


No Judgement!


No Critisism!

No Classification!

No Labeling!

Just Stopping and Observing.

Thoughts are like clouds,
they come and go.

Feelings are like waves,
they rise and they fall.

I am not thoughts,
I am not feelings,
I am not emotions.


Have A Blessed Sunday,

~ ~ Michael



coffee ricotta mousse

1 pound ricotta cheese
1/2 cup confectioners sugar
2 tablespoons instant coffe granules
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 tablespoon brandy (optional)

Whip all ingredients together until smooth and evenly colored.
Serve immediately in individual desert cups. May be made
a day or two ahead and refrigerated.

from: Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home

ciao - michael



Interesting 2 hours about Kerouac,repeated Friday

The cspan show revolves around this event of Kerouac's
work being grouped with Whitman, Emerson, and Thoreau.
John Sampas and other friends are guests on the show.


thanks, john. This looks very good. They will archive
the show and it can be watched at a later date. Also, I
enjoyed the Kerouac links. I let one of the Kerouac link
pages know about our page at



I have become interested in intentional community living
and am wondering if anyone has heard of any that are of
a non-dual ... um ... origin? Sebastian


start your search here:

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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